Five ways to prepare your Toddler for Kindergarten

Five ways to prepare your Toddler for Kindergarten

I’m a big advocate for early childhood education.  As a former teacher, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits that it has.  Children who have attended pre-school tend to be more social, participate more in classroom discussion, have better fine motor skills and are often slightly ahead academically.  However, attending pre-school isn’t always an option for everyone.  To help to ensure children are still prepared for Kindergarten, there are some simple things that can be done at home with them.

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“Snack” to School Party with CARaisins!

“Snack” to School Party with CARaisins!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf California Raisins.


Hey there!

Who has kids going back to school?   I’m happy to join the back to school crowd with The Love Nugget beginning preschool this year.

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Don’t be Late!  5 tips on how to get the kids to School on Time.

Don’t be Late! 5 tips on how to get the kids to School on Time.

I have to admit this time of year I always get a little jealous of all the teachers setting up their classrooms and getting ready to begin another year of school.  I miss those first days of school when the kids come in all shiny and new, eager to start a year of learning.  It tends to wear off after a few weeks but those few weeks were always my favorite part of the school year.

I do remember how many students (and parents) would take a few days or sometimes weeks to get into the morning routine of getting to school on time.  Almost daily kids would come wandering in after the final bell all disheveled and in some cases in tears because they were rushed out the door in hopes of making it on time.  A joyful experience I’m sure for both parents and kids 😉

Now that I’m home with my own little guy who just started preschool, I’m getting a first hand look at the “fun” that comes when your mornings go from waking up, eating breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee, checking emails to rushing around looking for lost shoes and backpacks.

So to help you avoid those crazy mornings, here’s a few tips to help get those kids out the door on time.

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Things to teach your child before they start school

Things to teach your child before they start school

When I was teaching, I remember so many children didn’t have basic, common sense skills you would think they should have.  Granted I was teaching in a low income, high English as a second language area.  However, on average most kids entered school without certain skills that could benefit them not only in the classroom but in everyday life.

So to make sure your child enters school prepared, here’s a list of skills to teach your child before they start school.


  1.  How to push in their chair – For safety reasons this ones huge!  Not just so that other kids aren’t tripping over their chairs, but for the teacher!  Those little chairs are dangerous and cause come serious chin bruises.  Trust me, I know!
  2.  How and where to throw away their own garbage – You’d be shocked how many kids not only leave their garbage on the ground but would actually bring it to me to throw away for them.  Or if you asked them to pick up a piece of trash that wasn’t actually theirs, they refused!  Teaching kids that it’s important to keep our surroundings clean by picking up trash is a skill that will help them in many ways.
  3.  How to use a fork – For one so that they aren’t using their dirty hands (yes no matter how hard you try to teach them to keep them clean they’ll be dirty 90% of the time) but so that they build fine motor skills.
  4. Problem solving skills – Yes, they may be a little too young to solve all their problems on their own but I guarantee you that they can solve some.  Like what to do if they lose their pencil or bump into a friend and knock them down.   Teaching them basic problem solving skills before entering school can help them be more independent and less likely to have issues with behavior or discipline.
  5. How to cut with scissors – this one goes along with the fine motor skills.  Practicing cutting not only helps them to learn how to cut, but develops their fine motor skills which will in turn help them with holding  a writing utensil.
  6. What their parents names are – A lot of parents teach their kids what street they live on and some students even enter Kindegarten knowing their home phone number.  However, it’s amazing how many enter school without the knowledge of what their parents names are.
  7. Good old fashioned manners – This one always amazed me.  Maybe parents think their kids won’t pick up on the concept of saying please and thank you at a young age but guess what… They do!  Teach them LOTS of manners and start at a young age by modeling these behaviors to them.  When they are a baby and they sneeze, say bless you.  When they are a toddler and you bump into them, say excuse me.  When they are learning to eat dinner with you, teach them to chew with their mouth closed and ask to be excused when finished.  These simple but often forgotten concepts will help them to be a more kind, polite, and considerate individual earlier on.   It will also help them to develop empathy which is an emotion that many children struggle with.

Some might seem obvious and some might not but they are all simple skills we can begin instilling before they enter school.  Skills that will help them in so many ways!

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The Love Nugget’s First Day of School

The Love Nugget’s First Day of School

Hi friends!
Did you know that The Love Nugget started preschool yesterday?

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