Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Did you know that this Sunday is Grandparent’s Day?

I was blessed with some very special Grandparents and am now seeing how special our parents are as Grandparent’s to The Love Nugget. He LOVES spending time with them all while we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, it’s so special to watch them being the amazing Grandparents that they are.

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Toddler Tuesday – Spilt Milk

Toddler Tuesday – Spilt Milk

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragic tornado that swept through Oklahoma yesterday.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through and am hugging my loved ones a little tighter today.  

This week for Toddler Tuesday, I’ve got a fun story/craft that The Love Nugget thoroughly enjoyed!

 photo toddler1_zpsb5f10c9a.jpg

We visit the library every so often to attend story times, music classes, check out books or just to play.  The town we live in has a great public library with TONS of books and resources for mom, kids, or whoever!  It also has an awesome park that has a toddler side and a big kid side which I LOVE!!!

Anyways, we like to check out book bags that are filled with themed items such as books, puppets, flash cards, and story boards.


Although The Love Nugget isn’t really a fan of the puppet ones…  Such a scaredy cat sometimes!

We recently picked one up with felt board stories.  Now if you’re not familiar with felt stories, basically it’s a board covered in felt then pictures with velcro on the backs of them are typically laminated and used to show events in a corresponding story.  When I taught preschool we used them quite often and they are a great way for kids to connect pictures with words rather than the usual books they read.

If you don’t have a library that carries felt board stories, they are sold at many learning stores like Learning Express or on Amazon.

So, like I said, we checked one out the other week and The Love Nugget was immediately enthralled by this new way to listen to a story.

DSC_0996 (500x331)

One story in particular was perfect to pair with a simple craft which is always such a great way to extend a story and help little ones to build comprehension.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk is a story about white fluffy clouds that look like different real life things.  Spilt milk, a flower, a bunny, etc.  We  enjoyed reading the book, then reading it again using the felt board.

DSC_1007 (500x331)

After we finished the story, The Love Nugget continued to play with the felt and match the pictures in the book to the felt pieces.  This kept him busy for quite some time 🙂

DSC_0994 (500x331)

Then we decided to make our own spilt milk pictures.  All we needed was some black paper and white paint.   I let The Love Nugget squeeze out a little white paint,


then we pressed a second black sheet of paper on top of the white paint and smeared it around.

DSC_1013 (500x331)

You could also fold it in half which we did for one picture but wanted some that were not symmetrical as they turned out when folded.

When we were finished, I asked The Love Nugget what he thought his pictures looked like.  Here’s what he said,


This was such a fun and simple craft that you could extend in many ways!


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