What I Ate Wednesday – Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie!

What I Ate Wednesday – Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie!

Good morning friends and happy hump day!  Ummm… did you know that the first day of Spring is next week?  How is this possible already?  I know that many of you are dealing with freezing temperatures and snow still but we’ve barely had any rainfall this year.  Which means there’s been no snow in the mountains and will most likely put us in a drought again this year.  Not good but it’s hard to complain when we’ve been enjoying sunny, 75 degree weather!

Sorry I’m not sorry 😉

Although I wish I could say we’ve been enjoying it more but unfortunately The Hubby and Love Nugget have been feeling a bit under the weather so have taken to “resting”.  The only thing worse than being sick yourself is having a sick family.  Especially when one of those family members (cough, cough, hubby), can be a little bit of a grown up baby 😉  Hopefully he’s on the mend and we’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

With the warmer weather I have been enjoying my fair share of smoothies again.

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