Gift ideas for Kids

Gift ideas for Kids

I’m back for another round up of some great ideas for kiddos! ¬†While I only have one boy, I have two nieces and lots of friends with girls so see my fair share of what girls like to play with.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.31.19 PM

So here’s a little round up with some great gifts for girls and boys ūüôā [Read more…]

Merrithew Fitness Giveaway!!!

Merrithew Fitness Giveaway!!!

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a great Monday! ¬†Ours was filled with the usual Monday fun lately. ¬†Since we’ve had a few busy weekends, Monday’s have been my day to catch up on errands and get the house organized for the week. ¬†Yesterday was grocery shopping and laundry. ¬†Which I still feel like I’m finishing up from our camping trip a few weeks ago!

We also found some down time for crafts and play.

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Smooth Traveling with a 3 year old

Smooth Traveling with a 3 year old

You guys I don’t know if I told you how good¬†our traveling experience was with The Love Nugget. ¬†Of course we knew it was going to be easier than traveling with a much younger child but had heard horror stories about traveling with kids. ¬†Tantrums on the plane, screaming in the airport, accidents in public, we had heard it all and were having nightmares about all the horrible things that could happen. ¬†Luckily, none of those things did and actually The Love Nugget was so great we received numerous compliments on how well-behaved he was. ¬†Someone even said, “Wow, you guys must fly all the time!” ¬†Nope, first time ūüôā


Was it pure luck?  Nope.  I made sure to be overly prepared in order to ensure our trip went smoothly.

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Raising good eaters

Raising good eaters

I was having a conversation with a fellow mom the other day about her desire to lose weight and eat healthier. ¬†She was telling me how she tried to make the better choices when it came to food but struggled because her husband doesn’t eat the same way. ¬†She also mentioned how she wants her son to eat good foods but was guilty of going through the drive through at McDonalds and giving him some of her french fries. ¬†It made me think of this video;

One that would be good for ALL parents to watch.  It shows how our feeding habits, even from a very early age, can have a lasting effect on our children.  Which is why we are pretty careful about the food we feed our son.

Does this mean he doesn’t get any treats ever?


Big Bowl of Chocolate Avocado Pudding (recipe coming soon!)

No, of course not.

We just try to instill very healthy eating habits by modeling good food choices and by offering good, clean food 90% of the time.  Even when we offer a treat it tends to be one made with natural or organic sweeteners.

One reason I’m¬†big on this because as a teacher I saw first hand how kids are affected by the food they eat. ¬†I hear all the time, “Oh, sugar doesn’t make kids hyper, that is a myth.” ¬†I disagree. ¬†Spend a day in a classroom with 25 eight year olds when there is any type of sugar consumed and chances are you’ll change your mind. ¬†Yes, some kids don’t react as much to sugar. ¬†However, the majority of children when given the stimulant (and that’s what sugar is) will show some change in behavior. ¬†Wether it be a slight increase in hyperactivity, a focusing change or a sudden crash in activity level, these changes definitely occur in children. ¬†My son included.

I know very well that parenting is tough. ¬†For the first 6 months of The Love Nugget’s life he screamed and I’ll admit that there was more than one day I asked The Hubby if we could send him back! ¬†It was rough. ¬†And there have been many other rough times since then. ¬†Times when he throws a fit because he wants to watch T.V. ¬†Times where he screams at the dinner table because he doesn’t want to taste his cauliflower. ¬†Times where he begs non-stop for popsicles or ice cream. ¬†With all of those times I have thought about caving. ¬†Just giving him the damn popsicle even though it was an hour before dinner. ¬†Letting him watch T.V. regardless of the fact that we told him he lost that privilege earlier in the day. ¬†Or even excusing him from the dinner table without tasting each food on his plate (our number one rule at meals).

However, The Hubby and I both believe in following through with the rules and guidelines we set for him. ¬†More often than not he gets over his screaming tantrum pretty quickly when he realizes we aren’t going to cave. ¬† We also aim to be good role models with our eating habits. ¬†Before we even had kids we ate pretty clean and now that we have The Love Nugget we eat even healthier.

I truly believe that modeling is the first way to teach our kids which is why we are so big on eating healthy almost all of the time not just some of the time.

I think it’s something we as parents should all be trying our best to do in order to keep our children healthy and to stop the obesity epidemic from continuing in our country.

Jamie Oliver is amazing. ¬†Watch ūüôā


  • What are your thoughts on food and kids? ¬†
  • Do you¬†believe sugar makes kids hyperactive? ¬†
Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Hi friends!

I’m pulling one from the archives today since it’s February which means it’s almost¬†Valentine’s Day! ¬†I still have my magnet that he made for me and LOVE it! ¬†I think we’ll do this one again this year and mail them to Grandparents. ¬†Simple but cute way to say I love you!

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Thursday Things…

Thursday Things…

Hi guys!

Hope you are all having a great week.  Almost Friday!  Woo hoo!

Today I was feeling a bit all over the place so I’m here with a random, Thursday Things post for y’all. ¬†A bit of this and a bit of that ¬†ūüôā

1. I’ve been teaching more solo classes at The Studio the past few weeks which has been fun. ¬†Monday I taught a cardio and weights class but there were only a few people there that day so it was a bit slow. ¬†Tuesday I taught the 6:00 am cardio and strength class and it was great! ¬†I’m a morning person so don’t mind getting up early to help others get in a good workout. ¬†Plus I got to workout a bit too so it was all around awesome!

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Just one of those days…

Just one of those days…

Yesterday was one of those days where this kid was not my best friend.

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Kids in the Kitchen #4 – Ants on a Log

Kids in the Kitchen #4 – Ants on a Log

Hey there!

I’m a little behind on these Kids in the Kitchen posts just because we’ve been so busy lately! ¬†That and The Love Nugget has been more interested in playing outside than being in the kitchen.

He’s such¬†an outdoorsy boy!

Today’s Kids in the Kitchen is one that is simple and probably one you’ve made before. ¬†If you haven’t though, it’s a great way to get your kids to eat celery and sneak in some healthy fat from nut butter ūüôā

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Five Superfood for Kids!

Five Superfood for Kids!

Since kids can’t buy their own food, we have control over what they are eating. ¬†If they could they’d be purchasing goldfish and chocolate milk from Costco but luckily we are in charge of their food. ¬†Which means we have full control over the nutrients they are getting on a daily basis. ¬†Sure they might scream and cry for crackers or cookies but ultimately we are the ones who make the decision for what goes on their plate. ¬†So knowing what foods are going to pack the most nutrients is important.

Here’s a list of the top Superfoods to feed your little ones to ensure they are getting proper nutrients!

Eggs –¬†

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Don’t be Late!  5 tips on how to get the kids to School on Time.

Don’t be Late! 5 tips on how to get the kids to School on Time.

I have to admit this time of year I always get a little jealous of all the teachers setting up their classrooms and getting ready to begin another year of school.  I miss those first days of school when the kids come in all shiny and new, eager to start a year of learning.  It tends to wear off after a few weeks but those few weeks were always my favorite part of the school year.

I do remember how many students (and parents) would take a few days or sometimes weeks to get into the morning routine of getting to school on time. ¬†Almost daily kids would come wandering in after the final bell all disheveled and in some cases in tears because they were rushed out the door in hopes of making it on time. ¬†A joyful experience¬†I’m sure for both parents and kids ūüėČ

Now that I’m home with my own little guy who just started preschool, I’m getting a first hand look at the “fun” that comes when your mornings go from waking up, eating breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee, checking emails to rushing around looking for lost shoes and backpacks.

So to help you avoid those crazy mornings, here’s a few tips to help get those kids out the door on time.

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