Fear Free Childbirth and Growth Spurt!

Fear Free Childbirth and Growth Spurt!

Hi there!

How is your week going?  I must say I’m happy it’s already Wednesday.  Only three more days left in the week for another week down.  We’re obviously on the count down to baby arriving.  It’s funny with The Love Nugget I was so nervous those last few weeks and honestly a bit stressed about how everything would go.  I think a lot of it was that it was my first and a lot was that I was also leaving my class for the final month of the school year to someone else.  After spending a year helping them grow it was hard to let them go.

This time I’m feeling a lot less stressed about labor itself.  Even though it’s been so long and I never went into labor on my own.  As I’ve mentioned before, I was induced at 42 weeks and after getting pitocin went from a 0-10 with pain in 20 minutes.  I got my epidural soon after then a few hours later The Love Nugget was born.

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