Stay Healthy with Mega Foods Winter Wellness Pack

Stay Healthy with Mega Foods Winter Wellness Pack

Every year at least someone in our family gets sick.   I say at least but it’s usually all of us at some point during cold and flu season.  I’m not a huge fan of the flu vaccine especially when pregnant so we try to keep ourselves healthy through other ways.   While we don’t always manage to completely steer clear of illness’, we do manage to keep our days spent in bed or on the couch sick to a minimum.

Here’s Five Ways You can stay healthy during the winter too!

  1. Get extra sleep – Realistically, we should be going to sleep when the sun sets and wake up when it rises.  Yeah that doesn’t really happen does it!?!  However, we can aim to get some extra sleep by making a goal to get into bed just 30 minutes earlier than our normal bedtime.  Before you know it, that extra 30 minutes will be routine and you can aim to add a few more minutes to make an even earlier bedtime.
  2. Exercise – Even if it’s just 15 minutes of walking outdoors any form of exercise is better than none.  Not only will it give you more energy but it’s shown that maintaining an active lifestyle helps to keep your immune system up!
  3. Eat clean – Seems like this should be an easy one for some reason during the winter we tend to slack off on eating balanced meals.  We should aim to fill our plate with LOTS of veggies, protein, some fruits and healthy carbs.  Oh and don’t forget those fats!  Most important are the fruits and veggies which are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to help you combat winter sickness.
  4. Stay social – Don’t be like a bear during the winter and hibernate.  Sure you’ll be reducing your risk to germs by staying indoors but you’ll be missing out on fun dates with friends that will keep your spirits up.
  5. Take supplements – Even if you think you’re getting all the nutrients you need from your foods chances are you aren’t!  This is why you should first, ask your doctor for a full blood work up to see what areas you’re lacking in.  Then second, stock up on healthy, clean supplements to keep your immune system up and body healthy.

One of my favorite brands is MegaFood.  They use a three step approach to providing the real food supplements to the consumers.

  1. First they get real food straight from organic sustainable farms.
  2. The food and ingredients are tested 3 times to make sure it meets the purity standards.
  3. Then they mill, puree, and optimize nutrient content, then dehydrate ingredients to make the best products for our health.

Image courtesy of MegaFood

MegaFood has a plethora of supplements that are great for overall health but a few specifics that are especially great during cold and flu season.


Daily C-protect nutrient booster powder, complex C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Dream Release are all great for keeping your immune system up during the winter months.

Mega Foods has offered to send one lucky reader a Mega Food Winter Wellness Prize Pack to help keep you healthy this winter!

One reader will win,

  • 1 bottle of Daily C-protect, complex C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Dream Release.
  • Blender Bottle for creating smoothies wtih teh booster powders
  • DIY Calendula oil to be used to soothe and protect your skin this winter.
  • A MegaFood coupon

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How we Combat Sickness with our 3 year old

How we Combat Sickness with our 3 year old

It’s funny how kids can get sick and continue to go on with their day, playing, talking, running around like nothing.  When an adult gets sick (in particular a grown man and I know I’m not alone on this one), they act like the world is ending!  Can’t get off the couch, can’t get out of bed, can’t do any chores…. I know many women, especially moms,  will agree that the world definitely does not end when we get sick.  Am I right?

Anyway, luckily The Hubby and I are not sick right now.  In fact (knocking on wood as I type) I haven’t been sick in ages!  I chalk it up to all the greens, high quality foods, bone broth, fish oil and supplements I take.  Or I’m just lucky 🙂

The Love Nugget is not so lucky right now.  He’s caught a bit of a cold.  Bound to happen this time of year when he’s being exposed to all sorts of germs at school, the gym, and places we go to play.  I could keep him in a bubble during cold and flu season and try to avoid getting sick but what fun is that?  Plus, we have a good routine down to battle that sickness when it does happen which shortens the duration and makes things more manageable.

I thought I’d share with you how we battle sickness in our house with The Love Nugget.

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