A Healthy Mint Chip Protein Milk Shake

A Healthy Mint Chip Protein Milk Shake

When we were in Disneyland The Love Nugget had his first milk shake from Ghirardelli Chocolate and Soda Fountain.  I know, first milkshake?  We just don’t really eat stuff like that and tend to make smoothies at home so he hadn’t had one. Of course he enjoyed it.  So much that I didn’t even get to snap a picture because it was gone before we knew it!

Upon returning home I wanted to show him that we can have a healthier version of an ice cream treat that’s just as enjoyable.  Luckily I had just received a large package of a delicious protein treat that’s much healthier than your average frozen yogurt.

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Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Last week, our weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Cooler temperatures, light rain, crisp breeze…. It finally felt like fall!

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Friday Musings + Protein Ice Cream!

Friday Musings + Protein Ice Cream!

Hey friends!
Man I’ve had a busy week!  Between returning from Blend and getting ready for The Love Nugget’s birthday party on Saturday my week has been crazy!  All good though and looking forward to celebrating our little guy tomorrow!  Not really little anymore though.

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WIAW – I scream for Ice cream!

WIAW – I scream for Ice cream!

With summertime comes ice cream!

(via Quotes Worth Repeating / THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ICE CREAM // fine art by twoforjoypaper)


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WIAW The Last Paleo Edition

WIAW The Last Paleo Edition

Well, maybe not the last.  I’m actually enjoying eating Paleo more than I thought I would.  I feel really good and it hasn’t been all that difficult for me.  I’ll give a full recap after Thursday when I’m through with the actual 30 day challenge but who knows, maybe I’ll keep going?

Before I continue I wanted to thank Jenn at Peas and Crayon’s for hosting another day of What I Ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

Thanks Jenn!

I was actually not very good at snapping photos yesterday.  So instead I thought I’d share a few tasty Paleo eats I’ve been enjoying lately.

Breakfasts have been pretty easy to do Paleo.  At least I think so.  I’ve enjoyed lots of Sweet Breakfasts Scrambles like this Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Scramble topped with Almond Butter.


I made my own batch of Paleo Granola so I could enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts, smoothie in a bowl with granola!


I’ve also enjoyed scrambled egg whites with chicken sausage or egg whites, spinach and avocados.  All protein packed!

DSC_0560 (500x331)

Lunches have often been leftovers from dinner the night before plus a few other quick thrown together meals.  That’s how it goes around here with a toddler!

 photo 4 (500x500)

Roasted Veggies

DSC_0562 (500x331)

Turkey Roll ups with Avocado

DSC_0526 (500x331)

Grilled chicken salad lettuce wrap

Snacks have been a little harder.  I’ve eaten a ton of nuts!

DSC_0531 (331x500)

Raw nuts with unsweetened cherries and dried figs.

I know, their good for you but also very high in fat and calories so I need to work on my Paleo snacks.  I’ve also been enjoying lots of fresh veggies,

Sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon (cooked in the crockpot), then topped with almond butter,

photo 1 (500x500)

Avocados with a little sea salt,

photo 2 (500x500)

Turkey Jerky and Satsuma mandarins.

DSC_0529 (500x331)

Dinners have been delicious!  I honestly don’t think I’ve made a Paleo meal that we haven’t loved yet!

A few of our favorites have been,

Paleo Turkey Chili,


Coconut Flour Petraole Sole with Citrus Fruit Salsa,


Mini Paleo Tureky Meatloafs,


and this paleo pizza.


Of coarse, with my sweet tooth, I had to have desserts!


Avocado Chocolate Pudding


Paleo Brownie Bites (these are amazing!)

ice cream1

Chocolate Covered Cherry Banana Ice Cream

ap (500x500)

Apples with almond butter and cinnamon, my favorite!

You can see I’ve been eating pretty good!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I’ll be hosting a link up party on Tuesdays called Toddler Tuesday!  Join in if you have anything fun going on with the kiddos in your life (yours, your nieces/nephews, friends kids).

Oh, and I’m still trying to reach my goal of getting 200 Facebook likes by February 13th!  We’ve still got a ways to go so please spread the love and share my page!


  • What were some of your favorite eats from yesterday? 
  • Have you ever cut out a certain food group completely? (Dairy, Gluten, Sugar)
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