My Workouts Lately + One For You!

My Workouts Lately + One For You!

Happy Friday all!

Who’s doing the Friday dance?  If you’re doing the Whole 30 like me you’re probably not too excited for the weekend.  Weekends are hard when you are limited on food and beverage choices.  Friends invite you to come over for dinner and you have to decline because you don’t want to be that horrible picky friend who can’t eat any of their cooking.  Or you have the chance to go out for a date night but your options are so limited because everywhere cooks with canola oil (including many Whole Foods items) along with many other no foods.  You are dying for a nice glass of wine as you curl up with your honey to watch a movie at home but that’s a no, no too.


Yeah, weekends aren’t the best during the 30 days.  However, they are well worth it and if you started early this month like me you are in the home stretch! [Read more…]

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