Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Good morning friends!

The few friends I have left reading this blog ūüėȬ† I know, blog posts are few and far between lately but like I said, I’d like to start posting more so here I am!

First, a little life update.¬† We had a rough start to the year with lots of sickies through January and the beginning of February.¬† If someone was getting better, someone else was getting sick ūüôĀ¬† We spent a small fortune at Simply Nutrition through the month on natural cold medicines and were at the doctor at least once for each kid.¬† It was fun!¬† BUT, luckily we are all on the mend and just in time for a family vacation too!

The Love Nugget is our happy little traveler so he’s SUPER excited about our upcoming trip which includes a plane ride.¬† Our Little Muffin (AKA Monster), is not as great of a traveler.

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Holiday Hustle Accountability Group

Holiday Hustle Accountability Group

This time of year can bet CRAZY!!!!!¬† We get busy, there’s less time to workout, there’s more temptations, etc.¬† Which is why the average amount of weight gained over the holiday season is 7 pounds!!!! Can you believe that?¬† This is why “lose weight” or “get in shape” are two of hte most popular New Years resolutions.¬† This year I’m vowing NOT to be one of those people setting that resolution.¬† This year I’m vowing NOT to stress about gaining weight over the holidays.¬† This year I’m vowing NOT to go to parties and avoid enjoying foods or beverages that I really want to enjoy.¬† I’m going to enjoy them without feeling guilty and without over doing it.

Want to join me?¬† This year I’m hosting an accountability group called Holiday Hustle, that will assist you in getting through the holidays without being that statistic.

This online group will include,
~ a private Facebook group
~ daily tips and motivation
~ healthy holiday recipe ideas
~ fun at home or travel workouts
~ lots of support, accountability, fun and prizes! 

The cost of this bootcamp is just $40, kicks off November 27th and runs through January 2nd.

If you’re intersted in joining you can register by submitting your payment through the link below.¬† You’ll receive a followup email sent to your paypal email address once your registered and will then be added to that private FB group.¬† I’m so excited to help you feel confident and successful as we go through the hectic holiday season!

Please make sure to send me your contact email if different from your paypal address.  Looking forward to having you join!

Keep your Fitness Fresh with Cottonelle

Keep your Fitness Fresh with Cottonelle

I’m now almost 34 weeks pregnant and nearing the end. ¬†If you’ve been pregnant before you know that with the third trimester comes some unpleasant side effects. ¬† Fatigue, heartburn, the return of nausea, back pain, stretch marks, varicose veins and the constant urge to pee are just a few. ¬†Some of which I’ve experienced and luckily, some of which I have not. ¬†One that has hit me hard though and has made for some annoying situations has been the constant urge to urinate along with the occasional leaky bladder.

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Exercise During Pregnancy and a Lower Body Pregnancy Workout

Exercise During Pregnancy and a Lower Body Pregnancy Workout

As most of you know I’ve continued to workout throughout my pregnancy as often as I can. ¬†My first trimester it was a little rough since I felt like vomiting all day long (and most days I did). ¬†However, I would still try to squeeze in some form of physical activity when I felt up for it. ¬†My second trimester I felt much better and was excited to get back into a more normal exercise routine. ¬†However, around 18 weeks I was told I had placenta previa and had to cut back on my exercise to avoid any chance of bleeding or complications. ¬† I still continued to stay active and modified my workouts as needed. ¬†Now in my third trimester, with my placenta previa cleared up, I’m enjoying being able to jog and do a little more with my fitness. ¬†Although I’ll admit it’s getting harder as I continue to get larger.

Regardless of what trimester I was in, I’ve continued to focus on a few specifics to benefit me during and after pregnancy.

Stretching – While I haven’t been great about incorporating yoga every week, I have tried to make sure to do some form of daily stretching. ¬†This is something that surprisingly has gotten a lot harder in the past few weeks. ¬†The belly is in the way and it’s almost a workout to try to bend over or reach for my toes! ¬†Ha!

Arms – Not only do I want to keep my arms strong so I’m not wearing long sleeves all summer long. ¬†Keeping your arm strength up during pregnancy will help you once the baby arrives. ¬†If you’ve had a baby, you know how tired and sore your arms can get from holding your little bundle of joy all day long. ¬†So maintaining good arms strength should be top on your list during pregnancy and I’ve definitely tried to keep it up there on mine!

Pelvic floor – Most women know they are supposed to keep their pelvic floor but most women also don’t really do this. ¬†I’m one of them! ¬†I’ve definitely been trying to focus more on pelvic floor exercises through this pregnancy since this is my second child and I want to be able to jump rope or do jumping jacks again at some point ūüėČ ¬†Actually, with my pelvic floor work through this pregnancy, I’ve still been able to do some jumping without any leaking which is always a plus! ¬†Best pelvic floor exercise is kegals!

Core – Even though many pregnant women think they shouldn’t exercise their core during pregnancy, it’s actually essential to keep your core strong while carrying a baby! ¬†Doing so can help your sense of control during delivery and alleviate pressure on your back from your baby during pregnancy. It also helps to support proper posture during pregnancy and helps you recover quickly after delivery. ¬†Even though I’ve received some criticism for doing things like planks or other core exercises as some people think they are linked to diastis recti, I’ve continued to go ahead with these exercises as many resources encourage doing so for the above mentioned reasons.

Cardio – Cardio is great during pregnancy if you’ve already been including it before you were pregnant and it’s done at a safe level. ¬†Including it can help to relieve aches and pains, keep your weight under control, and decrease your chance of varicose veins. ¬†This one has been a little trickier since there was a large time span I couldn’t do a ton of running or more cardio¬†forms of exercise when I had placenta previa. ¬†During this time I focused more on rowing, walking, bike riding and modifying certain cardio moves (jumping jacks, burpees, mt. climbers etc) to still get my heart pumping safely. ¬†Once my placenta previa cleared I jumped back on the treadmill and started jogging a little more. ¬†Now I run about 2-3 miles a few times a week and really enjoy it. ¬†I might be slow, but it feels good to get in a little cardio in the form of short jogs.

Legs – This has been a big one for me throughout this pregnancy. ¬†Strengthening your legs during pregnancy has many benefits. ¬†Lower body strength exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor, keep your glutes strong to decrease back pain, keep blood flow pumping through your legs decreasing your chance of varicose veins and prepares you for labor. ¬†You definitely need strong legs for pushing! ¬†So I’ve been focusing a lot on keeping up with my leg exercises durning the past 7 months. ¬†Here’s a great lower body workout I did last week that left me just the right amount of sore ūüôā ¬†If there is such a thing!


I added in a 400 meter jog in between each set and completed 4 rounds using 15 lb dumbbells.


Of course if you’re pregnant (or new to exercise) you should always check with your doctor before starting anything new.

If you are exercising while pregnant, it’s extremely important to make sure you,

  1. Check with your doctor
  2.  Warm up before starting
  3. Take breaks during your workout
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Make sure to not overheat, exercise in a cool room or with a fan nearby
  6. STOP if you feel dizzy, light headed, any pain, or overheated
  7. Cool down post workout

Most importantly, know that everyone is different. ¬†I’ve kept up my exercise routine throughout my pregnancy doing certain things some non-pregnant women don’t do because I was exercising a lot before I got pregnant. ¬†So know that what someone else is able to do during pregnancy, you might not be able to do. ¬†LISTEN to YOUR BODY! ¬†The most important thing is growing a healthy baby ūüôā


Blogfest Day 1 Information  and Fun!

Blogfest Day 1 Information  and Fun!

Before I get into how the event is going, I thought it would be good to explain what exactly Blogfest is for those of you that have no idea. Blogfest was started by my fit Approach/Sweatpink friends Jamie and Alyse. 

I remember back in 2013 when I had the pleasure of road tripping to Portland with these lovely ladies discussing the works of Blogfest and the wonderful ideas they were brainstorming. So to see their ideas come to life last year for the first Blogfest was pretty cool!  So what is it?

Blogfest is a two day conference where bloggers can come to learn about blogging while enjoying some fitness as well. The extra perk is that it’s in conjunction with the biggest fitness expo in the world, Idea World Fitness Convention. As a Blogfest attendee you are able to explore and shop the expo as well as attend any of the awesome fitness courses offered.

I’m lucky again to attend this year with two awesome sponsors, About Time and Crystal deodorant. Even without sponsors I would have attended for the plethora of information, workouts and fun that I’ll be experiencing over the next few days. Speaking of that, let’s talk about how the event is going so far.

The conference began bright and early Tursday morning at the Los Angeles convention center.  I grabbed some fruit to from the hotel breakfast buffet then caught an uber with Gina and Jessica to the event.

¬†We arrived just in time to hear the always wonderful, Katy Widrick share all about Increasing readership and marketing a message to the masses ¬† She’s an amazing public speaker and always leads a very informative presentation

A few few big takeaways from her talk were;

  • Do more of what you enjoy
  • Embrace technology trends
  • Keep design simple
  • Target and engage

Following Katie were Jamie and Alyse with Mind Blowing blogging tips. They gave us an abundance of information such as tips to making more powerful content, blog tools, and awesome apps.

After a tweet break we headed to the Opening Ceremonies to hear some awesome motivational speakers.

An NCAA wrestling champion who overcame numerous struggles being born with one leg. Then the keynote speaker, Brendon Buchard, who’s life and death moment has led him to alter the way he lead his life and become a New York Times Best selling author. Inspiring, motivational and moving to say the least!

After that we were fed lunch by Nestle which I have to admit was surprising in multiple ways. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and have to admit I was surprised to see them place several fresh plates at our table family style that were pretty good.

I was also surprised to see them bringing out plated lunches with microwav, Lean Cuisine on them. Not really my thing so I skipped and had some of the freshly made salads 😊

They also brought out a fresh fruit salad and gluten-free dark chocolate cookie. Pretty good!

After lunch my lovely friend Bobbi and I popped into an Idea session on Circuit training. It was so much fun!

We skipped out a little early to make it to Kasey Arena’s talk on Instagram. Another very informative talk with tips on how to reach brands and engage more followers.

A tweet break with Merrithew fitness followed where we were given fun hand weights and got to try them out in a mini workout.

Bobbi and I popped into the expo to chat with some vendors,

Then I walked back to the hotel to get ready for the party!

We stayed and mingled for a bit then headed to Katsuya around the corner for sushi.

Yum! We shared a few small plates then I had avocado and fresh crab wrapped inside sashimi halibut.

So good! ¬†I didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:00 then it was lights out! Exhausted but such a fun day!

Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

I know some people¬†are against working out when they go on vacation. ¬†I am not one of those people. ¬†I’m a morning person and typically awake before the rest of my traveling companions so if I like to do something productive while everyone still sleeps. ¬†Productive and enjoyable for me. Exercise!

I love getting to explore new gyms, fitness centers or towns on foot while getting in some good fitness time.

As you know we recently took a little vacation to Hawaii and the fitness room was one of the first things I checked out upon arriving.

trip collage 2


Fitness center and pool at our condo [Read more…]

My Workouts Lately + One For You!

My Workouts Lately + One For You!

Happy Friday all!

Who’s doing the Friday dance? ¬†If you’re doing the Whole 30 like me you’re probably not too excited for the weekend. ¬†Weekends are hard when you are limited on food and beverage choices. ¬†Friends invite you to come over for dinner and you have to decline because you don’t want to be that horrible picky friend who can’t eat any of their cooking. ¬†Or you have the chance to go out for a date night but your options are so limited because everywhere cooks with canola oil (including many Whole Foods items) along with many other no foods. ¬†You are dying for a nice glass of wine as you curl up with your honey to watch a movie at home but that’s a no, no too.


Yeah, weekends aren’t the best during the 30 days. ¬†However, they are well worth it and if you started early this month like me you are in the home stretch! [Read more…]

Marvelous last weekend before Christmas!

Marvelous last weekend before Christmas!

I’m a little sad that I’m titling my post this way. ¬†The LAST weekend before Christmas? ¬†Already? ¬†I just love this month so much that I hate to see it go but am excited for what the new year has to offer ūüôā

Anyway, we were home this past weekend and enjoyed some family time so I’m joining Katie to share all about it for Marvelous in my Monday!

MiMM [Read more…]

Paleo Fuel for Runners

Paleo Fuel for Runners

As most of you know I’ve been training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon which happens to be next weekend. Woo hoo!
Most of you also know that I eat as close to paleo as possible. No grains, legumes, diary, soy, sugar or processed foods. in the past when I trained for half marathons I still ate very clean but I also ate some processed foods, some grains and some dairy. So my fueling procedure was a little bit different back then than it is now.

I’ve touched on paleo for athletes before but wanted to go into a lithe more depth about some great paleo foods specifically for running. Which have been helping me to get through my long runs as well as recover after ūüôā

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Have fun and get fit with fitmob!

Have fun and get fit with fitmob!

You know what I’m loving right now?

This huge fitness craze that’s sweeping our country. ¬†Yes, working out has always been fun and popular but lately I’m seeing more and more creative ways to get your fitness on. ¬†I think that helps reach more people out there than just those gym buffs, runners or cardio junkies. ¬†People who maybe don’t like running much are joining cross fit. ¬†People who love to get hit their max effort with cardio/HIIT training are joining gyms like Orange Theory. ¬†And people who don’t want to join a gym but still want that small group workout environment are jumping on board the latest fitness craze, fitmob.

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