What I plan to do with Baby Number 2

What I plan to do with Baby Number 2

Hi there!

Baby number two is getting closer to making his arrival.  I’ve still got two months left, hopefully no more, but I’m feeling anxious to meet our little guy!  As we approach that arrival date, I’ve begun thinking about things we did with The Love Nugget and what I want to do with our newest member to our family.

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Second Trimester Must Haves

Second Trimester Must Haves

Okay so I’ve been saying that this pregnancy is going by so slowly but I just realized in three weeks I’ll be in my third trimester!  I have a feeling this final trimester will go by pretty fast since those three months are already looking busy.  Between traveling, birthdays, baby showers, parties etc. we’re busy most of April and May which leaves just a few weeks in June then bam!  Little dude arrives!  Hopefully not two week late like the Love Nugget 🙂

Anyway, since I’m nearing the end of the second trimester I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been enjoyed in my second trimester.  Enjoy!


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What I’m doing to make this pregnancy work

What I’m doing to make this pregnancy work

In case you missed it, we’re pregnant!


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Fertility Update

Fertility Update

Many of you may be wondering what’s been going on with all our fertility stuff.  The last time I blogged about it I had shared that we were taking some time to just be us.  Mostly, to just be me.  To not be stressing about getting pregnant, or eating the right foods, taking the right supplements, etc.  Which we did.  I’ve had a few months of feeling more like myself than I’ve felt in a long time.


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Two Week Wait is Over and…

I’m not pregnant 🙁

If  you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read about it here, and here.  Basically we went through infertility treatments and a week ago I was patiently waiting out my two week wait.

I’ll be honest, I thought I was 100% pregnant.  My breasts were sore (sorry TMI), I was nauseous, I was fatigued and I was starving.  All signs I had experienced in my prior pregnancies (1 viable 4 miscarried).  Then one day I woke up and I felt normal.  Just like with my past miscarriages, all my symptoms were gone and almost immediately I started spotting.  Lightly at first so when I spoke with the nurse she said to wait to take my at home test for another day (all this started happening the day before my two week wait was over).   While she sounded hopeful, deep down I knew what was happening.

That night I lost it.  I honestly thought I was miscarrying again and felt so mad at myself that I lost another one.  I spent the evening in my bed, crying and feeling sorry for myself.

Then I thought about the positive.  Yes there is a positive.

When we went in for our final appointment before we would do timed conception they were concerned because I had several large follicles.  The more follicles you have enlarged the higher your chance of multiples.  Since I was going out of town for Blogfest, we had to prolong the Trigger shot and timed conception a few days which increased my risk even more.

While we desperately want a baby, that’s all we want.  ONE baby.  Of course I know my chances of having multiples is higher by going that route.  However, when you hear the nurse say, “Let’s hope there’s no more than three in there.”  You get a little panicky.  Which is how I was feeling.

So when I began my period a few days after the spotting started I knew I hadn’t been pregnant and I honestly felt a bit relieved.

For one, I hadn’t experienced another miscarrige.  That’s HUGE for me!

For two, we weren’t pregnant with multiples!  Maybe a bit selfish on my part but even the doctor admitted that the way we had to go about doing things wasn’t routine.  Since I was going out of town they had less time to monitor me and my follicles.  So if and when I decided to go for round two I know they will have more control over my risks of multiples

Finally, I was a little excited because I started my cycle!  This was the first time I’ve had an actual period (on my own) in well over a year.  So to know that I could possibly track my own ovulation was pretty exciting.

So, where do we go from here?

It’s no secret I wasn’t thrilled about going the infertility treatment route.  I HATED putting the hormones/drugs into my body and really struggled with doing so.  I definitely experienced negative side effects and for over a month felt depressed, sad, and unhappy.  Yes, if we were to have gotten pregnant it all would have been worth it.  However, is this the route I want to go to get pregnant?  No.  Do I think I could possibly get pregnant on my own?  Yes, I do think so but I might need a little assistance to carry to term.   Part of what they did to assist me in getting pregnant was to thicken my uterine lining and get helped to get my hormones a little more balanced with estrogen and progesterone.  So part of my thought process right now is to try to go about doing things the old fashioned way, then supplement with progesterone and blood thinners (due to my MTHFR) once we do get pregnant.  I say “my thought process” because I haven’t yet met with my doctor to see what he thinks.

I am taking a month off though and just letting things be for a little bit.  First off  the nurse told me that I had so many enlarged follicles that there could still be a chance of having multiples if I were to get pregnant right now.  She even mentioned that they might skip a cycle or two due to that if we did decide to do another round.  Second I just want some time to breathe and work on me a little bit.  For the past two + years nearly everything has been about getting and staying pregnant.  I’m constantly worried about my cycle, what I’m eating, what exercises I’m doing, am I stressed, am I sleeping enough, am I taking enough supplements on and on and on…

Yes, I desperately want a baby and preferably before The Love Nugget starts college 😉  However, I know that taking care of me is equally – if not more important – than just working on a baby.  If I’m not 100% healthy in mind and body, will my baby be?  Or will I be during my pregnancy?   So for now I’m just chillin’.  Literally.  I’m enjoying exercising again.  (Don’t worry, keeping it mellow).  I’m planning a few fun things with friends, camping, and other adventures in the next month or so to just relax and enjoy life as it is now.  While we are definitely not giving up, I just need a little time to get back to being me.

So there you have it.  My two week update.  I had really hoped to be sharing much more positive news with you all but just know that we are happy and moving forward 🙂

Fertility Boosting Smoothie!

In case you missed it, I shared a ton of fertility boosting and foods that are great for the two week wait the yesterday.  Many people probably don’t think much about the food their eating before or while trying to concieve but your diet can play a major role in not only your chances of conceiving but also your babies development.  So it’s very important to start thinking about your diet and what foods are best during conception time before you even begin trying.

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Best foods for Fertility and the Two Week Wait

Best foods for Fertility and the Two Week Wait

Last week I posted about some natural ways I’m trying to boost my chance of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  I mentioned I’d be following up that post with a few more detailed ones on diet, supplements and fitness.  So as promised here’s the first of the series starting with the best, the food! 


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How I’m Nurturing My Body During the Two Week Wait

How I’m Nurturing My Body During the Two Week Wait

I posted the other day about what infertility treatment we were going through.   Deciding to go this route was a very difficult decision for me.  I tried everything that I could to carry a baby naturally but unfortunately my hormones were so shot (and I didn’t want to wait years to repair them), that we opted to seek out medical assistance.

Even though we are  undergoing infertility treatments, I’m still trying to assist my body by doing a few natural things.  Especially as I patiently endure this LONG two-week wait.

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Different Types of IUI Treatments and which one we chose to do?

Different Types of IUI Treatments and which one we chose to do?

As most of you know we’ve been seeing a fertility specialist that has been working with us to conceive another baby.  Since I’ve been able to get pregnant in the past I didn’t have to do IVF or even an IUI but instead timed conception.  Before I get into where we are at in our journey, I thought I’d answer a few questions I’ve been getting about the process.

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Did I Ruin my Hormones?

Did I Ruin my Hormones?

There’s one question I’ve been asked the most during all my fertility struggles.  “Did you have a hard time getting pregnant with The Love Nugget.”  Nope.  We were pregnant within two months of trying.  So then the obvious question is why is it such a struggle this time?

Well,  I truly believe that the mess I’m in with my fertility is due to a major hormonal imbalance.  One that is most likely due to a plethora of things some of which were in my control some of which were not.

To really understand this, I think I have to go way back to the beginning of my health journey.  A journey that’s had many ups and downs and is still a major work in progress.  So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a long one! [Read more…]

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