Monster Snack and Halloween Door Hanger (From the Archives)

Monster Snack and Halloween Door Hanger (From the Archives)

It’s Halloween week!  Not only that but it’s a full moon tonight.   Oh I feel for teachers right now!  A full moon and Halloween week?  No fun!  The only plus side for them is that everyone has Sunday to recuperate after Halloween.  AND its daylight savings so we get an extra hour of sleep.  I’m sure teachers everywhere are singing their praises for that!


Anyway, since it’s almost Halloween I thought I’d share a post I did last year with a fun kids snack idea and super easy craft.  Just in case you need a little something extra to decorate your front door with 🙂

First, a monster snack!

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Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Hi friends!

I’m pulling one from the archives today since it’s February which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I still have my magnet that he made for me and LOVE it!  I think we’ll do this one again this year and mail them to Grandparents.  Simple but cute way to say I love you!

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Pumpkin Masters Carving Fun!

Pumpkin Masters Carving Fun!

Who remembers carving pumpkins when they were little?  Was it easy?  Hard?  Were you grossed out by the “Guts”?  Did you make pumpkin seeds after?

I have so many memories of carving pumpkins.  Which I guess means I probably really enjoyed it!  Even so, I remember it being somewhat difficult and time consuming.  It took forever to use a spoon and clean out all the insides.  Then using a sharp kitchen knife (yeah, real safe right!?!) we would cut out the basic triangle eyes, nose and jagged mouth.  As we got older we got more creative but it was still a process that took a LONG time.  Fun, but so much work!

These days, Pumpkin Masters is making it so much easier to create a masterpiece in less than an hour.  Well, there are some that take more but the kits I have to share with you today definitely make the pumpkin carving task much easier but still fun!


The package I received had a few different carving kits included.  A Surface Carving Kit, A Decorating Punch Kit, and a Kids Carving Kit.  Which was perfect for The Love Nugget!

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Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Did you know that this Sunday is Grandparent’s Day?

I was blessed with some very special Grandparents and am now seeing how special our parents are as Grandparent’s to The Love Nugget. He LOVES spending time with them all while we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, it’s so special to watch them being the amazing Grandparents that they are.

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Keeping a toddler entertained on hot summer days

Keeping a toddler entertained on hot summer days

There were quite a few days this summer where the temperatures were well over 100 degrees.  Which mean even with a large shaded patio, we couldn’t spend too much time outside.  It’s crazy how fast The Love Nugget’s little body heats up and besides the fact that he could easily over heat, I’m not a fan of being sweaty and puffy within minutes of exiting the house.  So needless to say we spent several days inside which with an active toddler, can be a bit challenging.

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Toddler Tuesday – Spilt Milk

Toddler Tuesday – Spilt Milk

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragic tornado that swept through Oklahoma yesterday.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through and am hugging my loved ones a little tighter today.  

This week for Toddler Tuesday, I’ve got a fun story/craft that The Love Nugget thoroughly enjoyed!

 photo toddler1_zpsb5f10c9a.jpg

We visit the library every so often to attend story times, music classes, check out books or just to play.  The town we live in has a great public library with TONS of books and resources for mom, kids, or whoever!  It also has an awesome park that has a toddler side and a big kid side which I LOVE!!!

Anyways, we like to check out book bags that are filled with themed items such as books, puppets, flash cards, and story boards.


Although The Love Nugget isn’t really a fan of the puppet ones…  Such a scaredy cat sometimes!

We recently picked one up with felt board stories.  Now if you’re not familiar with felt stories, basically it’s a board covered in felt then pictures with velcro on the backs of them are typically laminated and used to show events in a corresponding story.  When I taught preschool we used them quite often and they are a great way for kids to connect pictures with words rather than the usual books they read.

If you don’t have a library that carries felt board stories, they are sold at many learning stores like Learning Express or on Amazon.

So, like I said, we checked one out the other week and The Love Nugget was immediately enthralled by this new way to listen to a story.

DSC_0996 (500x331)

One story in particular was perfect to pair with a simple craft which is always such a great way to extend a story and help little ones to build comprehension.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk is a story about white fluffy clouds that look like different real life things.  Spilt milk, a flower, a bunny, etc.  We  enjoyed reading the book, then reading it again using the felt board.

DSC_1007 (500x331)

After we finished the story, The Love Nugget continued to play with the felt and match the pictures in the book to the felt pieces.  This kept him busy for quite some time 🙂

DSC_0994 (500x331)

Then we decided to make our own spilt milk pictures.  All we needed was some black paper and white paint.   I let The Love Nugget squeeze out a little white paint,


then we pressed a second black sheet of paper on top of the white paint and smeared it around.

DSC_1013 (500x331)

You could also fold it in half which we did for one picture but wanted some that were not symmetrical as they turned out when folded.

When we were finished, I asked The Love Nugget what he thought his pictures looked like.  Here’s what he said,


This was such a fun and simple craft that you could extend in many ways!


A Crafty Day

A Crafty Day

Happy weekend all!

Anything fun planned?  We are home, relaxing this morning which is nice.  Maybe some gym time with the hubby today, park with the family, and a few errands planned.  Tomorrow I’m taking a photography class in the morning which I’m somewhat looking forward to.  It will be nice to learn about the functions on my camera (that I’ve had for a year now), but it’s from 8:00 to 1:00 which takes up my whole morning.  Oh well!

The Love Nugget is still fighting a little cough but seems to be feeling just fine!  Despite the cough, I took him to his first gymnastics class yesterday.  We were supposed to start the week before but we went to the doctor instead.  He had a great time but was not a fan of following the rules.  He didn’t want to sit in the circle, didn’t want to do the parachute, and didn’t want to sing the song.  I think it’s good I enrolled him because he needs to learn how to follow the rules and listen to others.

After gymnastics we made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for a few crafting supplies.  While there, I decided I was in a crafting mood and grabbed some stuff to make a few Valentines decorations.

 photo 2

The wreath was super easy to make.  I wrapped burlap (a thick burlap ribbon) around a basic wreath.  They didn’t have foam ones so I had to get a straw one which was a mess!  I purchased the flowers as they were, made a bow out of cute ribbon, then took two wooden hearts and glued some cute scrapbook paper to them.  Voila!  Super simple, cute and cheap!

The banner was even easier with my Circuit.  Cut out burlap triangles then used my circuit to cut out the letters.  Strung it up using black ribbon and called it good!  I’m going to hang it over our mantle with a few other Vday touches that I’m working on.  Photo to come soon!

While I was crafting away, the Love Nugget was refusing to nap. Not sure what his deal was since he was exhausted and usually likes to nap. However, he played happily in his crib for a awhile then in his room while I worked upstairs.

It was such a nice afternoon yesterday.  It’s been freezing in the mornings but warming up to 60’s in the afternoon.  The hubby came home early so we could go check out a park close by our house.  By the time we got there the sun was starting to set so it was getting a little cold but it was gorgeous!

photo 7

The Love Nugget was amazed at all the geese and ducks and the White Coyote ran around like he owned the place.

 photo 3

 We’ll definitely be going back, hopefully today for a picnic 🙂

photo 5

photo 4

We got home around 5:30 and immediately fed the Love Nugget his dinner.  Well, his no napping caught up to him because before we knew it, he had passed out in his chair.  So early to bed for him!

photo 20 (500x500)

The hubby and I enjoyed a glass or wine (or two) while making dinner, and chatting.  I didn’t snap a picture but it was really good!  Baked salmon with a dill balsamic dressing I received from my foodie pen pal, along with some sautéed kale and mushrooms.  Yum!  After dinner we watched a movie we had recorded a few weeks ago.  It was called Just Go With It and wasn’t expecting to like it since I’m not a huge fan of Adam Sandler movies but it was really funny!

Poster of Just Go With It

We thought the Love Nugget would be waking up super early since he went to bed at 6:00 and usually doesn’t go to sleep until 7:00.  However, he slept until 7:00 which meant we did as well.  Yay!

Off to make some breakfast then head to the gym for a Saturday workout!  Thinking some Cross fit today…

Have a great weekend!


  • What are your plans for the weekend? 
  • Have  you seen Just Go With It?  What did you think? 
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