Top Recipe Posts of 2014!

Top Recipe Posts of 2014!

Happy New Years Eve!

The holidays were literally a blur this year so the fact that it’s almost New Years is quite crazy really.  I’m looking forward to a New Year though for sure!

It’s fun to take a look back at the year especially some of the delicious eats I’ve shared!  Here’s my top 10 recipe posts from 2014!

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Kids in the Kitchen #2 – Zucchini Pizza!

Kids in the Kitchen #2 – Zucchini Pizza!

What kid doesn’t love pizza right!?!

It becomes even better when you get to add your own personal touches.  Which is why it’s an awesome meal to make at home with your kids and why I’m featuring it today for my Kid’s in the Kitchen series!

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WIAW – Whole30 Meal prepping addition

WIAW – Whole30 Meal prepping addition

Morning friends!

I’m two days into the Whole30 and feeling good!

So far it’s not too bad since it’s not that far off from how I was already eating bu yesterday was a little tough.  I had a super early appointment then a lunch at a local farm hosted by Placer Grown and a later than usual outing for The Hubby’s flag football game.  I stayed strong and skipped on the wine, bread, dressing and fresh local feta cheese but that left me with a plate of arugula, a few pomegranates and pear slices.  Hmmm… needless to say I was a little hungry when we got home but luckily I had prepped a ton of Whole30 foods on Sunday so some quick, pre-mixed tuna salad was a lifesaver!

Speaking of Sunday food prep, I hear a lot of people who have completed the Whole30 saying meal planning and food prep was key to their success. Since I’ve had a lot of interest in how things are going and just an overall interest in the Whole30, I thought I’d share with you all that I prepped for the week.

Peas and Crayons

So not really a What I Ate Wednesday but What I Food Prepped Sunday 🙂 Still, since it’s food related, I’m linking up with Jenn at Pea’s and Crayons.

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