Holiday Hustle Accountability Group

Holiday Hustle Accountability Group

This time of year can bet CRAZY!!!!!  We get busy, there’s less time to workout, there’s more temptations, etc.  Which is why the average amount of weight gained over the holiday season is 7 pounds!!!! Can you believe that?  This is why “lose weight” or “get in shape” are two of hte most popular New Years resolutions.  This year I’m vowing NOT to be one of those people setting that resolution.  This year I’m vowing NOT to stress about gaining weight over the holidays.  This year I’m vowing NOT to go to parties and avoid enjoying foods or beverages that I really want to enjoy.  I’m going to enjoy them without feeling guilty and without over doing it.

Want to join me?  This year I’m hosting an accountability group called Holiday Hustle, that will assist you in getting through the holidays without being that statistic.

This online group will include,
~ a private Facebook group
~ daily tips and motivation
~ healthy holiday recipe ideas
~ fun at home or travel workouts
~ lots of support, accountability, fun and prizes! 

The cost of this bootcamp is just $40, kicks off November 27th and runs through January 2nd.

If you’re intersted in joining you can register by submitting your payment through the link below.  You’ll receive a followup email sent to your paypal email address once your registered and will then be added to that private FB group.  I’m so excited to help you feel confident and successful as we go through the hectic holiday season!

Please make sure to send me your contact email if different from your paypal address.  Looking forward to having you join!

Fitness Friday is back!

Good morning and happy Friday to you all!

I took a break from Fitness Friday to try and steer my focus off of fitness while I tried to cut back on my exercising for health reasons.  If you missed it you can read more about why here but basically, Aunt Flow hasn’t been to visit in several months and I’m assuming, over exercising is the reason.  I know some of you are probably thinking, “Why do you want her back?”  Well, I don’t think it’s natural and normal to just stop having a cycle altogether.  So I’m working on little things I might be able to do to help bring her back.

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