Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Good morning friends!

The few friends I have left reading this blog 😉  I know, blog posts are few and far between lately but like I said, I’d like to start posting more so here I am!

First, a little life update.  We had a rough start to the year with lots of sickies through January and the beginning of February.  If someone was getting better, someone else was getting sick 🙁  We spent a small fortune at Simply Nutrition through the month on natural cold medicines and were at the doctor at least once for each kid.  It was fun!  BUT, luckily we are all on the mend and just in time for a family vacation too!

The Love Nugget is our happy little traveler so he’s SUPER excited about our upcoming trip which includes a plane ride.  Our Little Muffin (AKA Monster), is not as great of a traveler.

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