Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Valentine’s Day Magnet (From the Archives)

Hi friends!

I’m pulling one from the archives today since it’s February which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I still have my magnet that he made for me and LOVE it!  I think we’ll do this one again this year and mail them to Grandparents.  Simple but cute way to say I love you!

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Minted Art Prints, Baby Announcements, Party Invites and More!

As I write this I’m sitting on my couch in front of the fire, tea in hand and blanket covering my lap listening to the rain drops on my window.  Ahhh…. As much as I’ve been longing for spring lately, the sounds of a rainstorm can be so comforting.

I’d love to say that since we’re stuck indoors today that I’m getting a ton of work done but I’m not.  Instead I’m doing some online shopping.  That’s a good rainy day activity right!?!   Actually, it’s really a good anytime activity 😉

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Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Toddler Tuesday – Grandparent’s Day Craft

Did you know that this Sunday is Grandparent’s Day?

I was blessed with some very special Grandparents and am now seeing how special our parents are as Grandparent’s to The Love Nugget. He LOVES spending time with them all while we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, it’s so special to watch them being the amazing Grandparents that they are.

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Keeping a toddler entertained on hot summer days

Keeping a toddler entertained on hot summer days

There were quite a few days this summer where the temperatures were well over 100 degrees.  Which mean even with a large shaded patio, we couldn’t spend too much time outside.  It’s crazy how fast The Love Nugget’s little body heats up and besides the fact that he could easily over heat, I’m not a fan of being sweaty and puffy within minutes of exiting the house.  So needless to say we spent several days inside which with an active toddler, can be a bit challenging.

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Toddler Tuesday – Craft and Vocabulary Building Activity

I don’t think I’ve gotten sick this much in such a short time span since my first year of teaching.  Since New Years I’ve been sick off and on.  Well, our whole house has actually.  It could be just a bad cold/flu season.  It could be that we are being exposed to lots of germs at gymnastics or any of the other germ infested kid places I take the Love Nugget.   Or it could be that my body is telling me I need to slow down and rest a little more.  Hmmm…  Maybe it’s just a combination of it all!  I will be trying to rest a little more than I did with my last bought with a cold since it lasted for 3 weeks!  Well, resting as much as possible with an almost 2 year old, ha!

Today for toddler Tuesday I’ve got two fun and easy activities to share with you. One that is great for building vocabulary and one that is perfect for Easter which is in less than two weeks!  Crazy!

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Toddler Tuesday, The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Toddler Tuesday, The Very Hungry Caterpillar

When I was teaching elementary school, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was always one of my favorites.  Even though my second graders were a little too old for the story, I still kept it in my library and snuck it in whenever I had the chance.  It’s the perfect book for younger age children because of the bright, vibrant colors and easy to follow test.  The Love Nugget LOVES this story right now and asks to read it quite often.  So of coarse, the teacher in me, had to pair the story with a craft because… it’s just to cute!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Handprint Craft

Supplies needed:

  • canvas or rectangular thick white paper
  • Washable paint in green, red, brown and yellow
  • paintbrushes
  • wet towel or wipes for easy clean up 🙂


Step 1 –

Read the story to your little one.


Make sure to point out the caterpillar on each page discussing the colors, the legs, what it’s eating, etc.  I actually read the story once then went back through and re-read it without stopping as much.

Step 2 –

The easiest way I’ve found to do handprints is with your little one on your lap painting the paint on their hands with a paintbrush.  The Love Nugget has done his fair share of handprints already so he’s gotten good at keeping his hand open and letting me direct him.


Step 3 –

Print as many green and brown hands for the body as you would like then finish with a red head.  For the head, paint their palm red and two fingers brown.


Step 4 –

Once the head is dry, paint the nose, yellow and green eyes on.

Step 5 –

Sign and date it for your little one so they can look back at it as they grow older.  Attach ribbon to the back to hang if you’d like 🙂


This was pretty simple and The Love Nugget was so excited to paint then see his final product.  He knew what it was right away and kept saying, “dadapider.”  Or caterpillar in adult English 🙂

That’s it for today!  We’ve got a busy day ahead of us so I’m off!

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