WIAW – Quick and Easy Meals with Tessemaes

WIAW – Quick and Easy Meals with Tessemaes

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Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!

Life with a newborn has been an adjustment from the way life used to be.  On most days before Little Squish, I was able to make us a full breakfast, pack snacks to go do whatever we needed to do, come home to make a full lunch, and then cook a full dinner most nights.

Now most my time is spent holding the baby, nursing the baby, and changing the baby.  What time I’m not spending on those things, I’m trying to spend on The Love Nugget.  Which leaves me with very little time to cook meals like I used to.  So now more than ever meal prep is so essential for me.  I’ve been making sure to spend a little time over the weekends to prep some food for the week.  It helps SO much when I have something I can quickly grab and eat immediately or re-heat and eat.

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Get Back on Track with the 21 Day Fix plus a Free Cookbook!

Get Back on Track with the 21 Day Fix plus a Free Cookbook!

Hi guys!

Hope you’re having a great day!  I can’t even believe we are almost through July.  I’m actually pretty excited because that means we’re a little closer to my favorite season, Fall!  I know we’re still a ways away but with these 100+ degree temps it’s hard not to daydream about cooler temps 🙂

Anyway. I just wanted to pop in to tell you about my nutrition lately.  The past few weeks I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and it’s been so helpful.  I was eating way too many lactation treats or just treats in general… So I decided to start following the plan to make sure I was getting enough proteins and veggies.  I definitely wasn’t and have noticed since I’ve been following this plan I feel SO much better.

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Little Squish is 1 Month Old!

Little Squish is 1 Month Old!

Okay so I was feeling like the past few weeks have been going by slow but then I realized that it’s already been a month since we welcomed our Little Squish into the world!

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Breastfeeding ups and downs

Breastfeeding ups and downs

Hi there!

Sorry for the absence again.  It’s definitely much more challenging finding time to blog these days with a newborn that doesn’t want to be put down…

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What I Ate Wednesday – Oat Mama Bars

What I Ate Wednesday – Oat Mama Bars

Good morning!

I know I’m so hit and miss with posting these days.  I’m definitely finding it harder to actually sit down to blog lately.  When I do get to sit, I’m usually nursing or holding Little Squish (the nickname he’s earned because he squishes up into a ball and squishes his face up) so I can’t do much typing.  As he gets bigger and we get more into a routine I’m hoping that changes…  For now I’m just soaking up all those cuddling moments 🙂

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A Belated Nursery Reveal

A Belated Nursery Reveal

Somehow over the past few months, I’ve forgotten to share pictures of our nursery.  Oops!  I had honestly planned on doing so once we were finished with things then when that happened, I just plain forgot.  Pregnancy brain followed by new mom brain 😉  So I’m just now finally getting around to sharing those with you all as well as some details.

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the nursery.

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Becoming a Mom of Two

Becoming a Mom of Two

I always knew I wanted to have two kids.  I never thought they would be five years apart in age but things don’t always workout as we planned.  Even though we didn’t plan it this way, I figured it would ultimately be easier since The Love Nugget would be older and more independent.

Easy, doesn’t really describe the transition we’ve had from one to two kids….

It hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t been as easy as I had hoped it would be.  From the moment The Love Nugget laid eyes on his little brother, he’s been stand offish.  To put it nicely.  He hasn’t held him has barely touched him and hasn’t really wanted to be near him.  Or me for that matter.  When he came to the hospital, he wouldn’t sit on the bed with me let alone with me holding the baby.   We had to bribe him just to sit near me to take a picture.

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My Labor and Delivery Story

My Labor and Delivery Story

Hi friends!

In case you missed it, we welcomed our new little guy into the world last Thursday!  We are pretty in love with him and just soaking it all up.  Even the sleepless nights.  I forgot how much fun those are…  Overall things are going pretty good and like most people said, the second one is a lot easier.  Labor included.  Which is what I thought I’d share with you all today.  This little guys birth story!

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Welcome Little Squish!

Welcome Little Squish!

He’s finally here!


Jax William was born on Thursday at 12:11pm weighing 8 pounds and measuring 20 inches long.  We are all doing great and loving every second of our new life with him in it.


I’ll be sharing his birth story as well as how The Love Nugget is doing this week so stay tuned!

Pregnancy Update Weeks 37-40

Pregnancy Update Weeks 37-40

I thought he’d be here by now for sure!  So did my doctor.  BUT, he’s not… As I shared here, The Love Nugget was two weeks late.  During those two weeks I waited patiently and tried some of the “natural” inducing labor tricks.  Red Raspberry tea, walking, sex, etc.  Nothing worked. I ended up being induced and while it wasn’t ideal, he still arrived, healthy and happy.


Love Nugget at just a week old 🙂 

Now, here I am, at 40 weeks and feeling like things are going the same… At my last check up my doctor was able to sweep my membranes but my cervix is very high and posterior which is what happened with The Love Nugget.  It’s also very stubborn which just makes me feel like nothing is going to progress again as it did with him.


40 weeks 

Anyway, I figure I’d give you all my normal pregnancy update then share our plans for the next few days…

How are you feeling?  Horrible!  I’ve been in a lot of pain the past few weeks but it’s intensified this last week.  My pelvic bone literally feels like it’s ripping into two.  I can’t roll over in bed without excruciating pain and when I stand from the couch or chair I have to walk hunched over, holding on to counters, tables etc. until the pain somewhat subsides.  It doesn’t feel that bad when I’m standing or moving around but as soon as I stop and sit down it’s throbbing, aching, and horrible when I try to get up.  I typically have a pretty high pain tolerance.  Even my doctor commented on it as she stripped my membranes and I barely flinched.  BUT this has been horrible.

Are you exercising?  Walking and some pregnancy yoga is about all I can handle these days.  The pain is again pretty excruciating so it’s kept me from being able to do much more than that….  I am walking for 20-45 minutes a day, bouncing on my stability ball, and doing yoga about 2 times a week.  

Are you sleeping good?  Nope… I typically wake up around 2:00am, fall back asleep for a little bit, then am up again by 4:00am.  I try to nap during the day but that’s been getting harder too as it’s just painful to lay down.

Do you have any food cravings?  As the weather heats up I find myself craving more smoothies, ice cream, and froyo.  One thing I constantly have stocked in my freezer are frozen grapes.  Can’t get enough of those babies!

Any aversions?  Often times food in general just doesn’t sound good.  Other than ice cream or frozen grapes.  Mexican food never sounds good nor does Thai food or anything spicy.  Which is a bummer since spicy is supposed to induce labor 🙁

Are you missing anything? 

Yep, being able to tie my shoes, bend over and pick something up from the floor, exercise, roll over in bed without pain and just feeling normal.

Anything you are looking forward to?

Holding our new little guy in my arms!

What’s your plan? 

As I said I’ve been in quite a bit of pain this past week especially.  This plus the stubborn cervix has had me pretty frustrated with my body.  Even though I had really hoped to deliver this baby naturally, I’ve always said that I was open to doing whatever needed to be done.  With  my first son I felt fine, felt I was able to be patient and waited until as long as I could.  This time around I feel horrible, and am definitely not as patient.  People keep saying to just wait and let my body do what it’s going to do.  BUT what I don’t think most people realize is that we’ve been patient for over three years and through four pregnancy losses.  Patience is definitely not my virtue right now.

That plus hearing that my cervix is again stubborn and that I could be in the same situation (two weeks late) as I was with The Love Nugget, has led me to just schedule an induction.  We were actually scheduled to go in yesterday but the hospital was full….  So they pushed me today, I called at 4:00am to check if there was room, they told us to come on in then called back 30 minutes later telling me to call at 8:00…  So we wait.  I’d love for my body to do it’s thing and go into labor on it’s own but I’m not holding out hope.   Yesterday, I spent most the day walking around, climbing our stairs two at a time, doing squats at the top then jogging down and bouncing on the exercise ball.  I’ve been on that damn exercise ball so much that even The Love Nugget said, “Man mom you really like that ball.”  Actually I hate it!  I went for two long walks, ate spicy food (which I hate), pineapple as usual and even tried the sex thing again as uncomfortable as it was.  All those things did was leave me feeling worse today.  Now I have severe sciatic pain on top of the pelvic pressure and pain.

The other issue is that we have no family close by that can watch The Love Nugget.  My mom, who lives 3 hours away, is here to watch him this week and my MIL, who lives 2 1/2 hours away, is coming this weekend.  So pushing things back is causing issues with childcare as well.  I know it’s a bit selfish and unrealistic to some to plan an induction.  AND to be honest, it wasn’t anywhere in the cards for me up until my doctor suggested it due to the posterior cervix and pain I was having.  With that said now that we’ve arranged schedules, planned for things and set our mind to it, having it pushed back is frustrating.I know I shouldn’t be complaining but to say I’m a bit frustrated would be an understatement…  With that said, I’m very much aware that he won’t be in there forever.  He’s going to be here at some point and yes, we’re just trying to be patient.  Anyway, just wanted to fill you all in on where we stand and how we are doing.  Hopefully within a few days you’ll be seeing a “Welcome Baby” post 🙂




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