Friday Favorites #19

Friday Favorites #19

Happy Friday!

I’ve had a funky week.  The Love Nugget has had a cold and rather than being down and out, he’s seemed to have more energy than I can handle.  Or maybe I’ve just had less energy this week… Everyday I’ve woken up and gone to bed with a headache which has made it a tough week to say the least.  Yesterday was national wine day and for the first time in this pregnancy I was majorly craving a nice glass of vino.  Instead I had a small glass of kombucha and parked it on the couch with my feet up.  Thankfully tonight The Love Nugget has a date night at school so we are going to a movie.  It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a movie that wasn’t a kids movie so looking forward to that 🙂

On another note, to boost my mood and maybe some of yours, I’m joining Heather for some Friday Favorites!

Favorite Workout – I did this one day last week before one of my classes and loved it!  Trying to get used to the slower paced workouts still but really enjoying being able to stay somewhat active through pregnancy 🙂

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A Healthy Mint Chip Protein Milk Shake

A Healthy Mint Chip Protein Milk Shake

When we were in Disneyland The Love Nugget had his first milk shake from Ghirardelli Chocolate and Soda Fountain.  I know, first milkshake?  We just don’t really eat stuff like that and tend to make smoothies at home so he hadn’t had one. Of course he enjoyed it.  So much that I didn’t even get to snap a picture because it was gone before we knew it!

Upon returning home I wanted to show him that we can have a healthier version of an ice cream treat that’s just as enjoyable.  Luckily I had just received a large package of a delicious protein treat that’s much healthier than your average frozen yogurt.

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Changing my Fitness to Accomodate Placenta Previa

Changing my Fitness to Accomodate Placenta Previa

Hi there!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!

You may have seen that a few weeks ago I was told I have a slight pregnancy issue called Placenta Previa.  This is a condition that occurs in about 1 and 200 pregnancies where the baby’s placenta partially or totally covers the opening in the mother’s cervix.  Having placenta previa puts you at risk for vaginal bleeding before or during labor.  In most cases, placenta previa fixes itself by 28 weeks allowing for the baby to pass through the cervix during the delivery.  In some cases, when the placenta is completely covering the cervix, a normal delivery is not an option and a C-section is needed.  In my case, the placenta is not fully covering the cervix so the doctors seem pretty confident that it will eventually move up and I’ll be able to have a natural birth.

When diagnosed with placenta previa most women are told to allow pelvic rest (no sex), and reduce activity level.  If you have any bleeding you must call your doctor right away and could be put on bed rest depending on the severity of the bleeding.

As I said above luckily my case isn’t severe and should correct itself by 28 weeks if not sooner.  Which is good news for me!  The unfortunate side of things is that I have to watch my activity level.  Which anyone who knows me, knows this is hard.  As hard as it might be I’m obviously going to do ANYTHING to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.  So I’ve been taking doctors orders and keeping things very low impact for the time being.

Here’s how I’ve decreased my activity level since learning about my placenta previa.

  1. Cut out any running I was doing.  Instead I’m doing lots of treadmill walking, hill walking, and outside walking.
  2. Rowing more at a moderate pace.  We have rowers at Burn I.T. so sometimes before class I’ll hop on and get in a few hundred meters of light rowing.
  3. Light weights.  Before I got pregnant I was mostly using 20lb + dumbbells for my workouts and 35lb kb.  Once I found out I was pregnant I cut back to 10,15 and sometimes 20’s for lower body.  Now I’m only using 8 and 10lb dumbbells if any at all.
  4. Yoga – I enjoy yoga but don’t do it enough.  With the 21 day fix I was incorporating both yoga and pilates at least once a week which has been a nice active recovery.  Now that I’m cutting back on my activity level I’m doing even more yoga and pilates than I was before.  Yoga often at Veera and pilates at home with my fix and plyo dvd’s 🙂

While decreasing my workouts hasn’t necessarily been the most fun, especially since I’m coaching others through workouts I’d LOVE to be doing, I know it’s definitely important for the safety of myself and the baby.  So I’m taking doctors orders and slowing down.  Plus like most things that come my way I try to look at it like a challenge.  Setting goals to do more of things I normally wouldn’t do like walking and yoga.  I’ve also had fun creating more mellow workouts that can be done with light weights or no weights at all but still get my heart rate up a little bit.  Like this lower intensity workout I did at the gym the other day.

low impact

Here are the workout moves,

Walking Lunges 


Goblet Squat 

Curl + Press

Alternating Fire Hydrant 

Plank Knee to Elbow

A great workout that you can easily take up or down notch 🙂


  • Have you ever had to modify workouts for health reasons?  
  • How did you do so?  
  • What’s your favorite low impact workout?
Pregnancy Rant.  Sorry in advance

Pregnancy Rant. Sorry in advance

Okay so I know I just posted the other day about placing judgment and but I have to go on a little rant for a minute.  Have you guys heard of Coco Austin?  She’s married to Ice-T who has a leading roll on Law and Order.

[NO Germany, Austria] Las Vegas, NV - Reality couple Ice-T and Coco show off their love as they host the New Year Party at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. AKM-GSI December 31, 2012 [NO Germany, Austria] To License These Photos, Please Contact : Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 423-9397 or Keith Stockwell (310) 261-8649 (323) 325-8055 [Read more…]

Last Christmas as a family of Three

Last Christmas as a family of Three

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We sure did!
I have to admit it’s a bit strange to think that this was our last Christmas as a family of three.  I think that’s why this little guy got a little more spoiled than usual.

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Nordstrom’s Fall Clearance Sale!

I love a good sale.  Especially one that’s happening at my favorite store.  Nordstrom!  Right now they are having their Fall Clearance Sale with top brands up to 40% off.  Of course I’ve been browsing online and in the store searching for some good finds.  Here’s a few things I’ve been eyeing for myself and the family.  Might as well get some Christmas shopping done!

I spend most of my time in workout apparal so it’s no wonder I’m always searching for it on sale.  It just so happens that there is a TON of great deals on fitness clothing during Nordy’s Fall Clearance sale. Zella live in legging, Nike pull overs, Free runs and so much more!

Who doesn’t love shoes and accessories?  Especially when they are on clearance 🙂

We’ve been having some cooler temperatures and rain which makes me want to buy all the sweaters and jeans I can get my hands on.  So finding them on sale makes that much easier 😉

The Hubby is not the most stylish guy and HATES spending a lot of money on clothes.  However, over the years he’s gotten better but I tend to do most his shopping.  So I always keep my eyes out for good deals on nice mens clothing.  Like those pictured above.  Joe’s jeans, new TOMS, maybe a new watch?   Great Christmas gifts!

It’s sometimes hard to find good clothes for The Love Nugget.  There are always TONS of options for girls but for boys, it’s slim pickin’.  Then when I do find good outfits, they are so expensive!  For a 4 year old who is going to run out an play in the dirt, expensive doesn’t work.  So I tend to hunt for deals and these are some good ones!

The Fall Clearance sale is going on through November 15th so hurry and grab some good deals for yourself or get some early shopping done 🙂

How we Handle Halloween and all the Candy!

Hey there!

I was going through some old posts the other day and came across this one from two years ago.  This was basically The Love Nugget’s first real Halloween where we took him trick-or-treating.  I remember being anxious about how I was going to handle all the sugar that came along with this holiday but also feeling successful after it was over and everything went as planned.  We’ve held firm with following these steps when it comes to Halloween and now that he is 4 1/2, there is no battle, no arguing, he understands how Halloween will go and is still SO excited about everything that comes along with it.

I thought I’d re-share this post with a few updates added 🙂

Did you know that Americans purchase over 600 million pounds of candy?  That’s 158 TRILLION candy corns!  Talk about sugar overload!  Out of that 600 million, 90 million pounds of it is chocolate topping the only 48 million that is purchased before Valentines Day.   Even though Americas may be trying to cut back and budget more these days, we still spend $44 a year on Halloween Candy alone.  I personally think that is a lot and am happy I’m not contributing much to that statistic this year!

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Legs for Days Workout

Legs for Days Workout

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  I was tired from the long weekend and catching up on household things.  And DVR shows 🙂  It was actually kind of cold yesterday so I curled up on the couch while The Love Nugget napped and watched a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy instead of doing anything productive.  Sometimes those days are just needed 🙂


We did do a few fun things besides just lying around too.  We went for an afternoon bike ride to search for “spooky houses.”

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A Fun Wedding Weekend

A Fun Wedding Weekend

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We finally enjoyed some fall-like weather here but were out-of-town at a wedding all weekend so didn’t do too much fall related activities.

Speaking of that wedding…  Oh boy did we have fun!

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Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Awareness Month

This month is a month for creating awareness for several great causes.  The one we hear most about is breast cancer awareness but did you know that this month is also domestic violence awareness month?

Also, one that’s near and dear to my heart,

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