Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. As always, all opinions are my own.

As you know I just finished the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.


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Marvelous Nike Women’s Half Marathon weekend!

Marvelous Nike Women’s Half Marathon weekend!

I finished the Nike Women’s Half Marathon yesterday!

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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!

I’m in a random sort of mood today so random is what y’all get!   Just because it’s Friday I’ll keep it to a minimum of five random things for today.  You know, Five on Friday!

First, I’m pretty excited for this weekend.  For one I get to have some girl time and for two it’s the Nike Women’s Half Marathon!

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Paleo Fuel for Runners

Paleo Fuel for Runners

As most of you know I’ve been training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon which happens to be next weekend. Woo hoo!
Most of you also know that I eat as close to paleo as possible. No grains, legumes, diary, soy, sugar or processed foods. in the past when I trained for half marathons I still ate very clean but I also ate some processed foods, some grains and some dairy. So my fueling procedure was a little bit different back then than it is now.

I’ve touched on paleo for athletes before but wanted to go into a lithe more depth about some great paleo foods specifically for running. Which have been helping me to get through my long runs as well as recover after 🙂

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WIAW – Post Running Fuel from Whole Foods

WIAW – Post Running Fuel from Whole Foods

Good morning and happy hump day!

It’s crazy how much faster the week goes now that The Love Nugget is in school. Which by the way he is still loving and doing great at 🙂

The hard part about him starting school has been the little wrench it’s thrown in our schedule. Before I was able to go to the gym for Crossfit a few days a week at 8:30. They only offer a few classes each day with the two mornings times being at 5:30 am then 8:30 am. Since The Hubby typically goes to his Crossfit box for the 5:30 am class I was going to the 8:30am class. The evenings just don’t work as we are usually busy and I have to get dinner done etc. Anyway, The Love Nugget’s school starts at 8:45 which means I’m not able to make the 8:30 class. I was planning to go Mon, Wed, or Friday but we’ve had something going on pretty much every day during the 8:30 time slot. So I’ve been doing at home workouts, gym workouts (minus cross fit) and of course, running!

In preparation for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon of course 🙂

If you missed it, I shared with you all how I have the opportunity to run the Nike half in San Francisco with Whole Foods.  An opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I’ve been very careful about not overdoing it and fueling my body properly before and after my runs.

Yesterday the hubby was home so I took advantage and headed outdoors for an early morning long run.

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Fitness Friday – Nike Women’s Half Marathon Winner!

Fitness Friday – Nike Women’s Half Marathon Winner!

Good morning and happy Friday!

Woo hoo!

For those of you who’s kids just started anther year of school congrats on making it through the first week 🙂 Or if you just began yourself, congrats!

The Love Nugget definitely enjoyed his first few days of school.  I think he’s going to have a great year in preschool and I’m excited for all the fun events and parties.   Total classroom mom over here 🙂

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked fitness with you all so I thought today would be the perfect day.

As most of you know I’ve suffered two miscarriages (if you missed it you can read about them here and here) and have struggled with fertility for over a year now.  Which has led me to forcing myself to gain weight and cut back on my exercise.  There was a time when I was running + weight lifting + cycling + boot camp + HIIT training at least 6 days a week sometimes twice a day.  Not to mention counting calories like crazy.

The first thing I cut back on was my running as I felt that this was the main reason I was having sporadic menstrual cycles.  Unfortunately this didn’t fix the problem and I was forced to cut back even more with my exercise routine.

I joined a Crossfit gym and started going to that a few days a week along with a day of cycle and a few days of HIIT or other cross training.  Sometimes yoga was thrown in there along with some walking.

Since then I’ve been forced to cut back even more as my cycle continues to be sporadic and I suffered a back injury.  I’m constantly trying to find what’s going to work for me and how to adjust my plan to better my health.  As I mentioned the other day I’m seeing a naturopath that I think will help me to understand a bit more about what might be going on.  Until I have my follow up appointment with him I’m just continuing to take it easy and trying to maintain a low stress level.

Recently I started adding in a bit more running in place of cross fit and cycling.  I was loving it.  Just getting out in the fresh air or even mindless running on the treadmill felt amazing!  Nothing too intense just a few days a week of short runs.  I had forgotten how enjoyable it was to just hit the pavement and go.

Then an opportunity came my way that I couldn’t pass up.  The Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  Something I’ve always wanted to do and after much contemplating and discussion with The Hubby I decided to “just do it.”


Not only am I able to register for an already closed race that is pretty difficult to get into, but Whole Foods is sponsoring me for this race.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


Here’s the deal though, I’m taking it at an easy pace.  I’m doing this race for fun.  Not to get a new PR.  Not to beat anyone else.  Just to go and experience an event that has been deemed one of the best runs in the country.   Yes, I’m training but nothing compared to how I’ve trained for races in the past.   I’m not even sure I’ll be running over 10 miles during training as I’m just planning on taking it nice and easy.  No stressing about pace.  No worries about time.  No freaking out over missed days.  Just for pure fun 🙂

Here’s a look at this past weeks fitness.  I will be adding in some cross training as well but had set a goal to take an entire week off from anything except running in order to finally heal my back.  Running has actually felt pretty good and I think I’ll be 100% by Monday!

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Ran 45 minutes steady 9:40 pace

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles outside not paying attention to my time or pace.

Thursday – Interval and hill work on the treadmill.

Friday – Spin class

Saturday – Might include a run but I’ll be out of town so it’s up the air and that’s okay 🙂

As you can see it was pretty mellow.  Obviously San Francisco has quite a few hills and since there isn’t many around my area I’m doing most my hill training on the treadmill.  Which I know will be nothing like the real deal but gotta do what I can!

Now, on to the most important part of this post.  The winner of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon entries and Whole Foods gift cards!

Congrats to Monica Brown!

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You’re going to have a blast!  Make sure to check in for my training posts with some recipes to help fuel and refuel your runs.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


  • Have you ever run a half marathon?  Full marathon?  
  • What was your longest training run?

Ready to get “Pretty Muddy?”

Remember last summer when The Hubby and I ran our first mud run together?

6D6T5015 (500x333)

We had a blast but I have to admit I wasn’t sure I’d ever want to participate in another mud run.  It was fun and all but I wanted something with a little more obstacles and a little more challenging.  I decided if I were to do another one I would want it to be with a group as more of a fun team activity.

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Fitness Friday – Theme Races

Fitness Friday – Theme Races

Happy Friday!

Ready for the weekend?  I sure am!  Luckily I woke up feeling 100% normal again!  Woo hoo!  Started my day with an awesome early morning gym workout.  There’s something about getting to go to the gym by myself, early when it’s fairly empty that excites me.  Most mornings The Hubby leaves early for Crossfit so I only get one day to go solo.  Which is fine but I look forward to my early Friday workouts 🙂 Speaking of the hubby and Crossfit… He took a nice little fall off the box yesterday and ended up at the ER getting stitches in his shin.   I swear I have the most accident prone husband who also enjoys pushing himself to the max so we have had our fair share of trips to the ER in the 9 years we’ve been together!  Luckily, he’s one tough cookie 🙂

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Challenge Check in and PRO Compression Socks

Challenge Check in and PRO Compression Socks

Happy Friday!

Congrats to those of you who made it through your first week of the Summer Ready Challenge!

One week down and two more to go!  Not to bad right!?!  Did you get in any other exercise this week on top of the challenge?

I know I didn’t mention much about weekend workouts but my thought was to leave it up to you.  Saturday and Sunday are included on the spreadsheet and I encourage you to continue with your challenge exercises throughout the weekend.  However, if you’re muscles are fatigued, your tired, worn down or like you need a rest, do so!   Maybe take a nice long nap instead or try a yoga class in place of the challenge exercises.  Totally up to you!

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Fitness Friday – My first Crossfit Class!

Fitness Friday – My first Crossfit Class!

Ahhh… Friday has arrived and we are going to have a beautiful weekend of warm spring weather!   So excited!

This week has included lots of fun!  Here’s just a few favorites 🙂

friday favs

(From top left, The Love Nugget washing his fruits and veggies, play time at the park with a friend, smooches on our walk, ladybug fun with a friend 🙂

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