Pink or Blue????

Pink or Blue????

The number one questions lately.  Is it a boy or a girl?

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What I’m doing to make this pregnancy work

What I’m doing to make this pregnancy work

In case you missed it, we’re pregnant!


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Weeks 9 – 12 (Written on December 5th)

Okay so I know that it’s been years since I’ve been pregnant but I definitely don’t remember the first trimester being this tough with The Love Nugget.  I remember some nausea, headaches, and fatigue but this one is definitely much more intense.  Anyway, I’ll just get right into this update.

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Gingerbread Houses and Pregnancy Update #2

Gingerbread Houses and Pregnancy Update #2

Ooops!  THis post was supposed to be published a few days ago…  So if it seems a little off that’s why!  Pregnancy brain 😉

One week until Christmas!   I’m just about done shopping but now I need to figure out what we’re going to have for dinners, brunches, etc.  I think we’re hosting at least one dinner and one brunch so it’s time to get planning!  AND baking.  I usually love to bake at Christmas but haven’t been as into it this year.  I did make a batch of this Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge yesterday for an upcoming cookie exchange this week.

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Pregnancy weeks 5 – 8 (November 13th)

Pregnancy weeks 5 – 8 (November 13th)

So a lot of people do weekly updates throughout their pregnancy with their weight gain, cravings, aversions, etc.   I though about following suite but always feel like they are a bit redundant.  So I’ve decided to do things a little different and chunk weeks together.  Still giving a bit of an update because some people (including myself) do find these pregnancy posts interesting.  Even though I didn’t share with everyone I was pregnant until recently I began documenting my pregnancy several weeks back.  So here’s the first of several updates to come!


(8 weeks)

Weeks 5-8 

How are you feeling?  Right around 5 weeks I started to feel really sick.  Like no food sounded good and then when I was able to eat it just ended up coming back up 🙁  No fun.  The nausea would last most the day but somedays around 4:30 or 5:00 it would subside enough for me to get in a workout and eat dinner.  Around 7 weeks I went to my weekly acupuncture appointment and she treated me for morning sickness.  No joke I walked out of there feeling like a different person.  I felt so much better and was suddenly starving.  I’ve still continued to feel better most the time but still have some bouts of sickness with overall nausea throughout the day.  Just not nearly as bad as it was 🙂

Are you exercising?  I of course immediately cut back on my fitness level.  I’ve been so nervous about having another miscarriage that I’ve been taking it pretty easy.  Plus for the first few weeks I was pretty sick so didn’t have the energy to do too much.  I did ask my doctor, several nurses, my acupuncturist and anyone else who had some sort of medical background what their thoughts were on me exercising during pregnancy.  All said that as long as I wasn’t over doing it and was listening to my body I should be fine and that there is no scientific evidence of exercise being linked to miscarriage.  Even still, being high risk I’ve been keeping it pretty mellow.  When I am feeling better I do 21 day fix workouts at a moderate pace, workouts at Afterburn (again at a moderate pace) and Piyo workouts.  I find that most the time when I do workout I feel much better which is always a plus 🙂

Are you sleeping good?  I’m tired all the time but don’t sleep as much as I’d like to.  I tend to be in bed by 8:30ish and out before 9:00 but almost every night wake up around 4:00 then toss and turn until I either have to get up to go teach or fall back asleep for an hour or so.  My back and hips have been aching which contributes to the tossing and turning.  Luckily The Love Nugget has been good about resting and most days actually falling asleep for a little nap in the afternoons.  Which means I’m able to rest or nap as well 🙂

Do you have any food cravings?  Pregnancy cravings are real folks!  Most my normal go to foods sound so horrible and instead I’ve been craving foods I don’t normally eat like pizza and crackers.  I was even in Whole Foods one day and walked down the chip aisle and spied a bag of salt and vinegar chips. First of all I NEVER eat chips let alone salt and vinegar.  I suddenly HAD to have them and ripped right into them as I loaded my groceries into the car.  So weird!  I’m still trying to eat very clean and gluten-free.  With MTHFR the number one food they tell you to cut out is gluten so I’m trying to stick with that even though suddenly all I want is crackers and bread.  I don’t typically eat gluten-free foods but did buy some Udi’s Bread and Glutino crackers to get me through those days when I was so sick I couldn’t stomach much.


Pizza at 9:00am??? 

Some other cravings include;

Eggs with hot sauce

green olives


cheese and crackers

Gluten-free pizza


How about food aversions?  EVERYTHING!  Seriously what might be good one day I’m gagging over the next day.  I’ve had a hard time getting in any veggies or fruit and even struggle to drink smoothies.

A few major aversions include;




most sweets

coffee or any warm beverage


Are you missing anything?   Feeling good and working out like normal.  But I know it’s all worth it so in all honesty, not really missing much 🙂

What I’m looking forward to:  Sharing the good news with our family and friends!

That’s it!  Remember that this post was drafted several weeks ago so stay tuned for more up to date pregnancy posts soon!


  • If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant recently, what were some of your immediate symptoms?  
  • How soon did you know you were pregnant?  


Gift Guide for Pregnancy

Gift Guide for Pregnancy

Okay this one isn’t probably the most common gift guide but one that some people (guys in general) with pregnant women in their lives may find helpful.  Like mine 😉

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Holiday Fun and Pregnancy Update #1

Holiday Fun and Pregnancy Update #1

Good morning friends!

How was your weekend?  Do anything festive?  Holiday party?  Christmas shopping?  We did a little bit of everything.  Some Christmas shopping, festive movies and two holiday parties.  Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so hot.  Last week I had been feeling so much better and thought I was past the first trimester hump.  Thursday I had a little headache and it just continued on through Sunday.  It was at it’s peak each night in the midst of each party.  So I didn’t get a chance to enjoy both nights as much as I would have liked to.   Regardless they were still fun!

Friday evening we had a little holiday party at Afterburn.  We left at 9:00 but I heard the party went on well into the early morning hours.  It was a good one!

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5 Reasons I openly share about my Miscarriages

5 Reasons I openly share about my Miscarriages

When we got pregnant with The Love Nugget we waited the recommended 12 weeks before announcing it to friends and family.  Mainly because that’s what we were told you were supposed to do in case something happened before that 12 weeks.  I always thought, if something happened I wouldn’t want to have to explain to everyone over, and over again.   That we would deal with it privately and keep our misfortunes to ourselves.

Then I started reading blogs and eventually started writing little thing I’ve got going on here.  My life became more public and I became a more open person.  Not because I necessarily wanted to put most my life out there, but because I feel it’s important in this blogging world to be real.  I’m not placing myself in celebrity status by any means but in a way, reading blogs is similar to watching celebrities on T.V.  Often times we think what we see is what’s real.  We are all well aware that what we see on T.V. is not always what’s real.  The same goes with bloggers.  Does that mean I think everyone should share their deepest darkest secrets on their blog?  No!  In fact every blogger has a different approach to what they want to disclose on their blog.  Which is completely fine.  For me I’ve always tried to be real and share the good, the bad and the ugly.

So when we suffered our first miscarriage I decided to keep it real and share my misfortune with you all.  I know some people might not choose to do the same but for me us it’s worked.  Here’s why…

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Searching for the Silver Lining…

Disclaimer – I’m not sure this post will have much direction to it.  It might be unorganized, it might have grammatical errors and I don’t know where it will end up but I do know one thing for sure.  It will be real.  And after all, isn’t that what one really looks for in a good blogger?

I recently shared with you all about some fertility issues I was experiencing.  If you missed it, you can read all about it here. In the past several months I’ve done many different things to better my chances of getting pregnant.

  • My doctor as well as many others told me to workout less, so I cut back on my exercise frequency and intensity.
  • I read I should eat more fat, so I increased my healthy fat intake and even added in some red meat.
  • People told me I should cut out certain foods such as gluten, dairy, processed foods, sugar etc. so I became even stricter with my Paleo diet.
  • I read and heard many people tell me that maybe I should gain a few pounds as it was possible my body needed more fat, so I did.

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