Fear Free Childbirth and Growth Spurt!

Fear Free Childbirth and Growth Spurt!

Hi there!

How is your week going?  I must say I’m happy it’s already Wednesday.  Only three more days left in the week for another week down.  We’re obviously on the count down to baby arriving.  It’s funny with The Love Nugget I was so nervous those last few weeks and honestly a bit stressed about how everything would go.  I think a lot of it was that it was my first and a lot was that I was also leaving my class for the final month of the school year to someone else.  After spending a year helping them grow it was hard to let them go.

This time I’m feeling a lot less stressed about labor itself.  Even though it’s been so long and I never went into labor on my own.  As I’ve mentioned before, I was induced at 42 weeks and after getting pitocin went from a 0-10 with pain in 20 minutes.  I got my epidural soon after then a few hours later The Love Nugget was born.

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Sunday Check in

Sunday Check in

Hi friends!

I don’t usually post on a Sunday but I finally have a few minutes to sit down so figured I’d share a post this evening.  It’s been such a busy day for a weekend.  Mainly because the Love Nugget has been so intense lately!  “Mom where are we going today.”  At 6:00am…

“Mom I’m hungry what’s for breakfast.”  At 6:10…

“Mom what do you want to do know.”  Immediately after breakfast then after every single thing we did.  All.  Day.  Long.  He’s been like this for the past week/weekend and I’m literally drained.  Saturday evening he was jumping around the kitchen like he ate a cup of sugar.  I told him to go outside to burn off some of his energy.  A few minutes later we look out the window and he’s literally doing jumping jacks on top of his sandbox.  He yells at us, “I’m exercising to burn off some of my energy!”  It didn’t work….

The Hubby and I were discussing what could possibly going.  He’s been eating really healthy, sleeping great, getting lots of play time but just has a ton of energy.  All we could come up with is that he’s SOOOO ready to go back to school.  Thank goodness he starts tomorrow!

Other than trying to keep him busy the past few days, we had a pretty mellow weekend.

Dinner al fresco,


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Weekly Paleo Meal Plan and our Grocery Budget

Weekly Paleo Meal Plan and our Grocery Budget

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a weekly meal plan with you all not because I haven’t’ been doing them but because I’ve just been a slacker at posting them.   But, I remembered this week!  I also remembered that I’ve received a few questions from readers about how much we spend on our groceries.  So I figured today would be a great day to tackle that question as well 🙂

Each week is a bit different when it comes to grocery shopping.  I typically go to Costco about twice a month and vary between Whole Foods, Sprouts, the Farmers Market, The Nugget and Trader Joe’s each week.  When I sit down to plan out my meals I check out the weekly deals as Sprouts and The Nugget.  If there are some good sales that go with meal ideas I have then I plan around those.  If not, I tend to shop at Whole Foods.

I should tell you that we split a 40 pound box of grass-fed beef ($245 total) and a 1/4 of a pasture raised pig ($325 total) from Alpine Ranch this past fall.  We also were gifted a bunch of elk meat so we save money at the store by not having to purchase meat each week.

Now, here’s our meal plan for next week.



Snack ideas



Grapefruit, egg, turkey

Salmon Sushi Rolls

apple and nut butter

Chucker Nuggets with parsnip and carrot fries


Spinach, Eggs, Bacon and plantain bread 

Chicken, broccoli and avocado

Carrot Sticks and Quick Guacamole

Fish Tacos with mango avocado salsa and cabbage slaw


Paleo Mint Choco Chip Smoothie

Turkey Burger and veggies

Jerky and macadamia nuts

Shepards Pie with salad


Smoked Salmon and Avocado Scramble Out

Hard boiled egg

Left Overs


Grapefruit, hard boiled eggs and raw nuts

Sardines, avocado and spinach

Apple and nut butter

Coconut Basil Chicken with Coconut lime Cauliflower rice







Out to brunch

Wing it

Carrots sticks and jerky

Elk Steaks with Apple Bacon Kale Salad and grilled Sweet Potatoes

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Whole 30 week Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Meal Plan

Whole 30 week Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Meal Plan

We’re on the home stretch!  One more week and a few days.  Piece of cake!

This past week I had a few hurdles again.  I’ll share a little more about them next week but I thought about just giving up.  I even had a glass of wine last night.  The Hubby quit yesterday and was having a beer and after a last weeks health news I really wanted  glass of wine.  So I had one.  Then thought, maybe I should just quit.   Until I realized I’ve been feeling better than I’ve felt in several months.  I have more energy, my body isn’t as sore after workouts, I feel less bloated, my sugar cravings are greatly reduced and Aunt Flo came back (sorry TMI) after an 8 month hiatus.  That is the number one reason why I chose to do The Whole 30 in the first place.  The previous time I did the Whole 30, my period returned after several months away.  So that was a huge goal I was working toward this time around and low and behold it worked!

I believe there may have been a few other contributing factors including seed cycling which I’ll get more into in a later post.  However, is it just a coincidence that both times I did the Whole 30 I regained my period?  I don’t think so.  I think it has to do with the focus on real foods, detoxification, high fats and low sugar.  Even in the natural form too much sweeteners can be detrimental to health and I was definitely pushing it with the Paleo treats around the Holidays…

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Whole 30 (#2) Week 2 recap and Week 3 Meal Plan

Whole 30 (#2) Week 2 recap and Week 3 Meal Plan

Good morning!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend so far.  With the weekend comes meal planning, food prep and recapping another week of the Whole 30!

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Whole 30 (#2) Week One Recap and Week 2 Meal Plan

Whole 30 (#2) Week One Recap and Week 2 Meal Plan

Technically Week one is over tomorrow but I figured I’d share today in case you need some meal ideas 🙂

As most of you know I did a full 30 days of the Whole 30 back in October 2013.    Since then I’ve given it a go a few times but was never fully committed.  I would tell myself I’d do it but that I could still have wine.  Or give myself free passes which just didn’t work out well.  This time I’m 100% committed (except for one day which I’ll talk about below).  I know that at the end of the 30 days (it will actually be 25 days for us which I’ll get into below) I will feel better, hopefully shed a few of the extra pounds I’ve got going on and (fingers crossed) get my cycle back on track.  Which is exactly what happened when I finished the first time.   I think with this program (and many things in life) if you’re not truly committed your more likely to fail.   With my head fully in it this time I notice everything is so much easier!

Although I’ll admit the snack monster is still coming out not nearly as bad as it once was.  I’ve also had some sugar cravings here and there but typically nothing a mug of rooibos, cup of kombucha or spoonful of coconut butter can’t fix!  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably been seeing my meal posts but just the same I’m sharing them all today 🙂

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Getting out of my food rut weekly meal plan!

Getting out of my food rut weekly meal plan!

I’ve been in a bit of a food rut lately.  I think the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s plus teaching a few nights a week at the Studio has decreased my lack of motivation to cook much.  That and I think I just cooking like spring/summer foods more than fall/winter.


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Sunday Meal Plan and prep

Sunday Meal Plan and prep

Good morning friends!

First things first, in case you missed it, I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Athleta!  Make sure you check out this post with the details on how to enter 🙂

Today I just wanted to drop in real quick to share our weekly meal plan and prepping ideas.  My goal with my clean it up eating plan is to eat super clean during the week and if I have a splurge (like a glass of wine last night) on the weekend I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  With half marathon training and Studio training I just don’t feel like I can dive head first into the complete Whole30 right now but might do it full force in a few weeks.  For now I’m sticking with it as close as I can but not killing myself if I have to drink a protein shake or have a glass of wine on the weekend 🙂

Anyway, here’s a look at this weeks clean eating meal plan and prep list.

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Sunday Meal Planning

Sunday Meal Planning

Good morning!
We’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend with friends in my hometown. Busy as it usually is when we go visit but fun!

I’ll share all about it tomorrow for MIMM. Today I just wanted to pop in to share our eats for this week and link up with Laura for weekly meal planning!

I haven’t joined in for awhile but really need to get back into being more consistent with my meal plan. I do fairly good when it comes to dinners but breakfasts and lunches haven’t been so great. When I have something planned I eat a better meal. When I don’t I end up snacking through lunch and sometime breakfast half the time. So along with dinners I’m sharing some plans I have for those two meals and snacks as well. [Read more…]

Week 3 Meal Plan and Paleo Challenge Prize Reveal!

Happy Friday!

First off thank you for all the super sweet comments on yesterdays post.  I definitely didn’t write that post expecting sympathy or searching for compliments but it truly warms my heart to hear all your supportive words.

I know some people won’t understand and some will even think I’m being selfish but you know what, I’m being real.  I can’t change my past and unfortunately some poor health choices have led me to have continued body images even though I’m a grown woman with a child of my own.   I’d love to say I’m 100% confident in my skin but I’m not and that’s okay.  I’m working on it and know that I will never go back to the diet craved, calorie cutting, cardio driven, starving person I once was.

So moving on… It’s time for week three of the Paleo Challenge!  I hope those of you who are following along are enjoying it so far.  I was almost thinking about extending it an extra week in case anyone else wanted to join after the Fourth but since I’m heading out of town for several days next week I think I’ll end it on the 19th as planned.  Maybe I’ll host a repeat again in the fall since it’s been really fun!

So let’s talk about next weeks food shall we?


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