Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

Oh hey there!

Okay so I’m a horrible blogger.  Since having our little muffin man (a year and a half ago), I’ve been a slacker on blogging.  Well, let’s be real.  I just stopped.  Time, life, motivation, etc. got in the way.  BUT I’m back!  AND I’ve got some big goals for this year so stay tuned!!!

For now, I wanted to hop on and share a delicious, healthy, recipe with you all.

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How my Diet has Changed

Let me ask you a question.  Do you still eat the exact same foods you did when you were a kid?  In college?  Or even last year?  The answer is probably no right?  I mean, sure you may eat some of the same foods but I doubt you’re eating cocoa puffs, Mc Donalds Happy meals or frozen Lean Cuisines right?  Our diets were constantly changing as we grew and changed.  Even though we are now adults, we are still constantly evolving.  We might find a new food we like or dislike, a new fitness program we enjoy, or a new diet that works for us in that moment.

Which is 100% okay!

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Stay Healthy with Mega Foods Winter Wellness Pack

Stay Healthy with Mega Foods Winter Wellness Pack

Every year at least someone in our family gets sick.   I say at least but it’s usually all of us at some point during cold and flu season.  I’m not a huge fan of the flu vaccine especially when pregnant so we try to keep ourselves healthy through other ways.   While we don’t always manage to completely steer clear of illness’, we do manage to keep our days spent in bed or on the couch sick to a minimum.

Here’s Five Ways You can stay healthy during the winter too!

  1. Get extra sleep – Realistically, we should be going to sleep when the sun sets and wake up when it rises.  Yeah that doesn’t really happen does it!?!  However, we can aim to get some extra sleep by making a goal to get into bed just 30 minutes earlier than our normal bedtime.  Before you know it, that extra 30 minutes will be routine and you can aim to add a few more minutes to make an even earlier bedtime.
  2. Exercise – Even if it’s just 15 minutes of walking outdoors any form of exercise is better than none.  Not only will it give you more energy but it’s shown that maintaining an active lifestyle helps to keep your immune system up!
  3. Eat clean – Seems like this should be an easy one for some reason during the winter we tend to slack off on eating balanced meals.  We should aim to fill our plate with LOTS of veggies, protein, some fruits and healthy carbs.  Oh and don’t forget those fats!  Most important are the fruits and veggies which are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to help you combat winter sickness.
  4. Stay social – Don’t be like a bear during the winter and hibernate.  Sure you’ll be reducing your risk to germs by staying indoors but you’ll be missing out on fun dates with friends that will keep your spirits up.
  5. Take supplements – Even if you think you’re getting all the nutrients you need from your foods chances are you aren’t!  This is why you should first, ask your doctor for a full blood work up to see what areas you’re lacking in.  Then second, stock up on healthy, clean supplements to keep your immune system up and body healthy.

One of my favorite brands is MegaFood.  They use a three step approach to providing the real food supplements to the consumers.

  1. First they get real food straight from organic sustainable farms.
  2. The food and ingredients are tested 3 times to make sure it meets the purity standards.
  3. Then they mill, puree, and optimize nutrient content, then dehydrate ingredients to make the best products for our health.

Image courtesy of MegaFood

MegaFood has a plethora of supplements that are great for overall health but a few specifics that are especially great during cold and flu season.


Daily C-protect nutrient booster powder, complex C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Dream Release are all great for keeping your immune system up during the winter months.

Mega Foods has offered to send one lucky reader a Mega Food Winter Wellness Prize Pack to help keep you healthy this winter!

One reader will win,

  • 1 bottle of Daily C-protect, complex C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Dream Release.
  • Blender Bottle for creating smoothies wtih teh booster powders
  • DIY Calendula oil to be used to soothe and protect your skin this winter.
  • A MegaFood coupon

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Rejuvinate your Body with Green Smoothies!

Rejuvinate your Body with Green Smoothies!

My first trimester I didn’t really want anything except carbs.  Mostly in the form of pizza or crackers.  My normal foods like vegetables, fruits, and smoothies were not my friend.  I wanted to drink them especially since it was a way I could get in some produce but I couldn’t even think about drinking them.  Luckily around 14 weeks something changed and suddenly smoothies sounded so good!  Perfect timing too since drinking smoothies is such a good way to reboot your system after a few weeks of holiday splurges.  Cookies, chocolate, and more cookies sound familiar to anyone else?  Well I sure enjoyed quite of a few of those and now that I’m finally craving some good, healthy food again I’m looking forward to drinking some daily green smoothies.

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How I Stepped off the Scale and Learned to Respect my Body

How I Stepped off the Scale and Learned to Respect my Body

Since I can remember I’ve had this obsession with the scale.  Obviously a lot of it stems from years of yoyo dieting, eating disorders and body issues.  However, even as I got over those things I still struggled with not stepping on the scale every single day.  It’s silly really that we put so much emphasis on a number.  I mean, what does that number really tell us?  Our health?  Our power to love?  Our self worth?  NO!!!!!  It tells us how much our bones, fat, muscle and organs weigh.  Something that is going to be ever changing as we age and grow.  Even when we are adults and we think we are done growing our body is still changing.  So of course we shouldn’t expect to see the same number we saw when we were in high school or even when we were in our twenties.  Our bodies mature and change and with that we should accept that number to change as well.

Now I’m not saying we should sit back and watch it steep to some obscene number as we gain weight unhealthfully.  I’m saying that we shouldn’t have the expectation of it remaining the same as years go by and our bodies change.

It took me many years to realize this.  Honestly it wasn’t until this past year where I spent so much time struggling with the weight gained for fertility, that I learned to respect my body a little more.  Part of that respect came from stepping off the scale.  Like I said, for years I was waking up daily, emptying my body of liquids with a trip to the bathroom, then stripping down and stepping on the scale.  Every morning.  Then I would let that number judge of how my day would go.  If that number was up I made sure I hit the gym hard and cut back on calories.  If that number was low I might have an active recovery day or an actual rest day.  Maybe allow myself to splurge a little more than I would if it was up.  Ridiculous right?  The crazy thing is, I know that millions of other women do the same thing.  I know this because they’ve told me.  I’ve had so many conversations with friends, or just women in general where we’ve joked about how we allow that number to control our lives.

“Want another glass of wine?”  “Oh no thank you I was up a few pounds today.”

“Let’s go get a frozen yogurt.”  “I can’t I gained a few pounds over the weekend.”

You’ve probably heard it and maybe even said it at one point or another.  But why?  Why do we let that number run our lives?  Don’t we matter so much more than a  silly number?

YES!  AND at 34 I’m finally realizing this.  For the past several months I’ve found myself waking in the mornings and bypassing the scale.  Then going about my day without thinking about it or the number I would have seen at all.  You know what?  It’s been quite freeing really.  I find that I’m no longer stressing about what that number will be tomorrow throughout the day.  No longer worrying how what I put in my mouth will affect it or if I’m spending enough time at the gym.


The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a new respect for my body.  Before when I was stepping on the scale daily, I would shame my body if that number was much higher than it was before.  I would feel mad, depressed, and frustrated with the way I looked.  Now, as I’ve stepped away from the scale, I no longer notice those feelings.  Even when I put on a pair of jeans that no longer fits, or go shopping and notice I’m no longer the size I once was.  I respect that my body isn’t what it was when I was in my twenties, let alone a few years ago.  I’ve come to respect that muscle weighs more than fat and while I might have weighed less in the past, I have more muscle now that contributes to that number being higher.   Even though I’ve always known this, for years I didn’t embrace it.


It’s sad really.  The amount of time I spent stressing over being a certain weight or looking a certain way.  What’s really important is being truly healthy.  At this time in my life, truly healthy means carrying more body fat so I can hopefully one day soon carry a healthy baby.  It’s taken me a few years to honor my body for all it’s doing for me and I can honestly say that stepping away from the scale has helped me to do that.  To treasure this amazing thing that I have rather than worry about a silly number.

So I challenge you ladies (and gentlemen) to step away from the scale!  To learn to love your body for all it’s done for you and will do for you in the future.  To embrace your curves and respect your muscles.  To nourish your body with good healthy food and an active lifestyle not just to lose weight but because you love your body and you want it to be healthy. Who knows, maybe you’ll find with your newfound love for your body that you lose those last 10 pounds or gain the muscle you’ve been wanting to.  You’ll never know if you don’t try it 🙂


My Juice Detox Experience

My Juice Detox Experience

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I’ve been busy studying for my AFFA exam on Saturday!  I feel prepared for the instruction portion but not as much for the test.  It’s just been so long since I’ve had to take a test i’m nervous!  Plus I’ve been so busy I haven’t had as much time as I’d like study.  Fingers crossed I pass!

I’ve also been feeling a bit off lately which has attributed to my absence.  I mentioned our infertility treatments were going through the other day and Monday I went in to check that the drugs worked and I was ready for the next step.  Unfortunately they didn’t work.  So I was put on a double dosage of the same drug I had been so happy to get off of, then prescribed an injection that I’ll have to give myself starting this Friday.  I know many people go trough numerous cycles and infertility treatments but I was just so optimistic the first time would work.  Plus the side effects from the hormones and drugs are taking a toll on me.  Anyway, since I’ve been feeling so off from the drugs and just not being as clean on my diet as I’d like to be I decided to do something I never thought I’d do.  A juice cleanse!

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Ortho Molecular Liver Detox Review

Hi there!

Hope your Monday was marvelous!

We had a pretty mellow Monday with a trip to the gym, teaching at The Studio then just getting some things organized around the house.  After a busy Sunday it was nice to just relax and hang out around the house for most the day.

As most of you read I completed a liver detox last week.   There are a lot of different cleanses out there but this one came highly recommended by my naturopath as well as several other people.  I have never done a full on cleanse before so definitely made sure to read up on the product as well as the reviews before purchasing.  After reading tons of positive experiences, I purchased the Ortho Molecular Core Restore kit from Amazon (Affiliate link).  Here’s a blurb about the product; [Read more…]

What I Ate on my Liver Detox

What I Ate on my Liver Detox

Hi friends!

In case you missed it, the other day I mentioned that I’m currently doing a liver detox (<– Affiliate link).  My naturopath recommended it and after my most recent miscarriage I figured why not.  Finding a full week where I didn’t have a lot planned was the most difficult part.  It’s recommended that you rest for the first few days as your basically fasting (besides the shake provided) and some people say they experience flu-like symptoms.  I didn’t really feel all that bad other than a major lack of energy and slight headache but still kept it pretty mellow Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday was the first day I could eat food!  Woo hoo!  Surprisingly when I woke up Tuesday morning and headed off to teach my 6:00am class I wasn’t hungry at all.  I thought I would be dying during that hour of teaching but felt fine and actually joined in on a few exercises.  Even after I got home I had little desire to eat but made their recommended smoothie for breakfast.

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Top Recipe Posts of 2014!

Top Recipe Posts of 2014!

Happy New Years Eve!

The holidays were literally a blur this year so the fact that it’s almost New Years is quite crazy really.  I’m looking forward to a New Year though for sure!

It’s fun to take a look back at the year especially some of the delicious eats I’ve shared!  Here’s my top 10 recipe posts from 2014!

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The 3 Things that Broke Me….

The 3 Things that Broke Me….

I’m broken.

Luckily though, like humpty dumpty, my pieces can be put back together again.

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