What I Ate Wedneday and Chocolate Giveaway!

What I Ate Wedneday and Chocolate Giveaway!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Being that it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday!

 What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

The Love Nugget has been battling a little cold so we haven’t been able to make it to the gym this week ūüôĀ¬† Frustrating because I’m pretty sure he got his cold from the daycare there since I watched a father drop off their coughing child the other day.¬† Ugh!¬† Luckily he doesn’t have a cough, just a runny nose and is as happy as can be!¬† Unlucky for me, my gym routine is all messed up but, it happens.

Yesterday, since we had a little more time, I had a yummy breakfast while enjoying a second cup of coffee and catching up on emails.

DSC_0658 (500x331)

Green Egg Muffins

1 cup shredded carrots

2 large handfuls of spinach (chopped fine or pulse in a food processor)

6 eggs

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

mozzarella cheese to top

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.  Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  Pour into muffin tins and bake for 25 -30 minutes or until cooked through.

These were really tasty and my little nugget ate them even though they were green!¬† He’s been a little picky about his veggies lately so this was a great way to get in a few without him noticing.

DSC_0661 (500x331)

After breakfast, since we weren’t going to the gym, I decided we should go run a few errands before it got too busy out.¬† While at Target, I grabbed one of my favorite Luna bars for a snack.


Peppermint and chocolate, my favorite!

We got home and the Love Nugget was fast asleep so I got in a quick workout, wrapped some gifts, and got some meal planning done for our Christmas events.  Big grocery shopping trip tomorrow!

When the Love Nugget woke up, he was starving!  As I prepped his lunch I snacked on a few carrots with sunflower seed butter.  Loving this snack lately.  Then I made a lettuce wrap with turkey and goat cheese along with more carrots.


It doesn’t look like much but it was just what I wanted!

After lunch I had a few squares of this delicious chocolate I got in the mail a few days ago.

DSC_0593 (500x331)

Lily’s Chocolates caught my eye on another blog about a month ago.¬† Being a huge chocolate fan, I immediately hopped onto their website to see what they were all about.¬† I was blown away by the story of Lily, Chuck’s (co-founder of the company) niece who was diagnosed with brain cancer at seven.¬† Luckily she beat it and while in the hospital recovering she was saddened by the lack of supplies for the other children.¬† After returning home, she and her family raised 9,000 to donate to the hospital.¬† She continues to raise money for kids with cancer and in honor of her determination and bravery, these delicious chocolate bars were named after her.¬† Not only that, but a percentage of¬† profits is donated to kids with cancer and the services they need.

Besides such a wonderful story, these bars are delicious and healthier than your average bar since they are sweetened with Stevia!¬† In case your new to stevia, it’s a natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index and virtually no calories.

When my package arrived, this bar was calling my name…

DSC_0596 (500x331)

Coconut and dark chocolate?¬† Sure, don’t mind if I do!¬† I love that the chocolate is divided into smaller bite size pieces making me less likely to eat the whole bar in one sitting ūüôā

DSC_0663 (500x331)

Also pretty awesome was that there are only 170 calories per serving and that’s half the chocolate bar!¬† That’s pretty good!¬† Besides the wonderful nutrition facts and ingredients, this chocolate tastes delicious!¬†¬† Smooth and creamy with little coconut flakes mixed in giving it the perfect amount of coconut¬†flavoring.

As I said the wonderful folks over at Lily’s sent me a few bars to taste and a few to giveaway.¬† Pretty cool!¬† One lucky winner will receive two delicious Lily’s chocolate bars.¬† One Almond and one Crispy Rice (the Love Nugget opened the original).

To enter this giveaway,

  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite flavor of chocolate is.¬† Plain?¬† Almond?¬† Peppermint?¬†

For extra entries do one or all of the following and leave a separate comment telling me you did so. 

  • Tweet, “I want to win some @Lilyssweettweets¬†healthy chocolate¬†from @GiselleSchroer.¬† Do you?¬†¬†¬†wp.me/p2UxLm-14O
  • Share on facebook, “I want to win some @Lilyssweets¬†from @myhealthyhappyhome. Do you?¬†¬†wp.me/p2UxLm-14O¬†

When we were all cleaned up from lunch, we got some supplies out to do a little painting and crafting.



He loves to paint but isn’t all that sure about getting it on his hands.¬† He decided he should wipe it off on my pants.¬† So nice of him!¬† Good thing I live in workout clothes half the time!

When he was done painting, we started making a wrapping paper wreath.  The hubby got home early and joined in on the fun.


Since he was home early we decided to make some cookies with the Love Nugget.  I had picked up a bag of sugar cookie mix at Target to have on hand so we just used that.  I was so disappointed!  I love the recipe I normally make and wish I just would have done that.  Oh well, the Love Nugget had a blast!


He got to watch the dough getting mixed.


Then after they were cooled, he got to frost one then learn about sprinkles!

I tried to show him how to shake them on but…


Dumping the entire container is so much more efficient.

Then it was tasting time!




He doesn’t normally get to eat a lot of sugar so he gets pretty excited to eat cookies!¬† Since it was so close to bed time though, we only gave him a few bites.¬†¬† We saved the rest to decorate and eat tomorrow ūüôā

Dinner tonight was quick and tasty.¬† I’m glad I picked up a few frozen pot pies from the farmer’s market earlier.¬† I had a feeling we wouldn’t be in much of a cooking mood and we weren’t.¬† These pot pies aren’t just any pot pies…. these are called Z-pies and are gourmet pot pies.¬† They have a ton of unique flavors to choose from and since they are frozen you can stick them in the freezer for later, or cook them up right away!


I got the Chicken Mushroom pie and chose the Italian Sausage for the Hubby.  The pie was pretty rich and filing so I only managed to eat half of it but it was good!

After dinner, I enjoyed one of my favorite treats lately.

DSC_0606 (500x331)

Love these!

Before I forget, make sure to head over to¬†Fitmixer today to check out a few delicious holiday beverages!¬† Also, they’ve got some awesome giveaways going on for the next few days including $25 off the next round of boot camp!


  • Any good eats from yesterday?

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Lily’s chocolates!¬† I’ll choose a winner Friday evening!

To enter this giveaway

  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite flavor of chocolate is.¬† Plain?¬† Almond?¬† Peppermint?¬†

For extra entries do one or all of the following and leave a separate comment telling me you did so. 

  • Tweet, “I want to win some @Lilyssweettweets¬†healthy chocolate¬†from @GiselleSchroer.¬† Do you?¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ”
  • Share on facebook, “I want to win some @Lilyssweets¬†from @myhealthyhappyhome. Do you?¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “



Weekly meal plans

Well hello there!

Hope everyone had¬†a wonderful weekend!¬† We were out of town¬†celebrating my youngest brothers marriage ūüôā¬† It was great and I’ll fill you in on all the fun tomorrow for Marvelous Monday!¬† For now I just wanted to say a quick hello and¬†share our meal plan for the week.¬† We had about a 3 1/2 hour drive today so I used the time to browse Pinterest and jot down a grocery list and meal plan.¬† Here’s what our week looks like as far as dinners go.

Monday – Zucchini and Goat Cheese Enchiladas

zucchini goat cheese enchiladas 10

Tuesday – Turkey Spaghetti Squash bake (no recipe yet ūüôā

Wednesday – Out to dinner for Halloween

Thursday – Chicken and White Bean Crock Pot Chili

Friday – Roasted Chicken and Vegetables with no potatoes but extra veggies

Pinned Image

Saturday – Sweet Potato Gnocchi with goat cheese instead of gouda

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I also plan to make an egg casserole for the hubby to have for breakfasts this week as well as this recipe I found for the Love Nugget.

Pinned Image

Probably whip up a batch of protein bites and hummus¬†to have for snacks for the week.¬† I’m looking forward to getting back into my routine of healthy eats and working out ūüôā


  • Are you trying out any new recipes this week?
  • Do you prefer to stick to the same routine or switch things up often?
  • Do you plan all your meals for the week, just dinners or none?

I will be selecting a winner for the Bestowed box of goodies tonight so if you haven’t entered yet make sure to click here and leave a comment at the end of the post!

Also, if you are in the Northern California area and would like to win two free tickets to a fun moms and babies event, click here and comment on the post.



Babies and Babies Giveaway!

Hi guys!

In case you missed yesterdays marvelous post, make sure to head on over and comment for your chance to win a yummy box of goodies from Bestowed!

I feel like I’ve been overwhelming you guys with giveaways but I can’t help it!¬† So much good stuff to share!¬† Today I’ve got another one for all you moms or moms to be.

On November 3rd from 9:30 to 2:00 Appel and Frank will be hosting a day of shopping, education, and more!¬† Here’s the info,

Moms are invited to shop from 65 designers and companies offering baby and toddler clothing, accessories, gear, toys, local resources and much more…at discounted prices. There will be free speakers and seminars on topics including sleep training, cord blood registry, hiring a caregiver and more! Additionally, there will be gift bags for the first 200 families, on-site photo shoots, play spaces & activities for kids run by MyGym¬†and Peekadoodle, as well as a raffle with incredible prizes, including a Stokke¬†highchair, Joovy¬†Stroller and a Medela¬†Pump in Style Breastpump! The event will be held on Saturday, November 3rd from 9:30am – 2:00pm at the St. Mary’s Cathedral, Patron’s Hall (1111 Gough Street @ Geary) in San Francisco. Admission is 2 for $8 at appelandfrank.comor $5 each or at the door.

It sounds like such a fun event and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make it!¬† Christmas shopping!¬† The generous folks in charge of this event also offered to gift¬†one lucky reader a pair¬†of tickets to this day of fun!¬† All you need to do is comment below with why you would want to attend.¬† Simple as that!

Giveaway will end this Friday, October 26th.  Good luck!

Speaking of babies, did anyone see Ellen’s kids’ funny Halloween Costumes segment?¬†¬†I caught up with it online and there were some pretty funny ones!¬† Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy ūüôā


Ummm… adorable!


Bah ha ha ha!  Hillarious!


I wanted to dress the Love Nugget as a gnome so bad but there’s no way he would leave on that hat and beard ūüôĀ


Who does this!¬† I think I’m going to have nightmares from this picture!


  • Why would you enjoy going to the Babies and Babies event?¬†
  • What’s the most creative costume you’ve seen?¬†

Marvelous in My Monday

Happy Monday!

First things first…¬† Since it’s Monday I’m linking up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats.¬† Thanks Katie for hosting another week of such a fun link up!

This Monday I wanted to share a few Marvelous things with you.¬† First, I promised I would share a yummy hummus recipe with you the other day.¬† What better day to share something so marvelous than on this wonderful MIMM!¬† In case you missed it, last week I whipped up a batch of hummus to take to a little get together and…. it was delish!

Sun-dried Tomato Hummus

1 can low sodium garbonzo beans (rinsed but save liquid from the can)

1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes (not the oil soaked)

2 tbsp tahini

1 -2 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp chopped basil

1/2 tbsp or more of olive oil

1-2 tbsp water

salt and pepper to taste

Rinse the garbonzo beans making sure to save the liquid for the hummus.¬† In a food processor, pulse garlic until it is finely chopped.¬† Add to the garlic, the garbonzo beans, sun-dried tomato, basil, tahini, and garbonzo bean liquid.¬† Puree until smooth and creamy, taste before adding salt and pepper.¬† I like to wait to add my salt and pepper so I don’t add too much before tasting.¬† I also wait to add the olive oil to see if I can go without.¬† If you like your hummus pretty runny, you can add more olive oil, water or liquid from the beans.¬† I like a little olive oil in mine but not much.¬† This hummus is pretty marvelous folks.¬† Like can’t stop eating it marvelous!¬† It goes perfect with some fresh veggies or pita chips ūüôā

Second marvelous thing I wanted to share with you was this wonderful box that showed up at my door a few weeks ago.

This little box of goodies was shipped to me by the wonderful people at Bestowed.¬† This wonderful company was created by Heather Bauer, a nationally recognized nutritionist and author.¬† Every month, Heather and her team put together a fun box filled with 5 healthy food samples.¬†¬† These are good size samples folks.¬† Not those tiny ones that have a few bites of product to taste.¬† The Kind bag alone was a full size bag!¬† What’s the cost of this delicious service?¬† Only $15 a month which is a pretty good deal when you think about the rising cost of health foods lately.

Here’s the thing, we don’t eat a lot of processed foods around here.¬† When we do we make sure they have minimal ingredients.¬† This particular box that I received was filled with some great products that were minimally processed.¬† Kind granola is always a delicious treat.¬† It’s an added bonus that it’s low-calorie, has¬†only 6 grams of sugar and is filled with a ton of healthy grains. ¬†Hail Merry Vanilla Maple Almonds are one of my favorite flavored snacks.¬† They dehydrate their nuts so they are technically raw and are free from refined sugars.¬† Somersault snacks are so good!¬† I’ve had the lightly salted flavor before but these cinnamon ones are even better!¬† The plentil chips were a pleasant surprise.¬† I’d have to say they were my favorite out snack out of the entire box of goodies.¬† The Kashi bar was… eh, not my favorite.

It’s really easy to join with two different options for delivery.

How it works:

  • Select your membership
  • Our boxes ship to arrive on the 15th of every month
  • Shipping is free!
Membership Options:
  • Monthly Membership – $15 billed monthly, cancel any time
  • Annual Membership – $165 billed annually, transfer any time

What’s really Marvelous about this company is that they were so kind as to not only send me a box, but to also gift a box to one lucky reader!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below¬†sharing your latest favorite healthy snack.

Extra entries (leave separate comments)

Giveaway will end Sunday October 28th! 



What a day!

Phew!  What a day!

Before I get started with my day, let me¬†first announce the winner of the Sweatyband headband!¬† I was so happy to have so many entries for this particular giveaway!¬† It was a popular one and wish I had more to give away!¬† Random.org chose Kim from Hungry Healthy Girl as the lucky winner!¬† Congrats girl!¬† Send me your information and I’ll get your headband out to you ūüôā

I’ve still got that giveaway going on for some hot pink shoe laces!¬† I’ll be choosing 3 lucky winners tomorrow evening so make sure to head on over to this post and comment at the bottom.

Okay, now on to my¬†race re-cap.¬† You can read the details about why I was running the race here.¬†¬† For now I’ll fill you in on my morning run.¬† Okay, I’ll be honest.¬† It didn’t start out all that great being that the weather was much colder than I’m used to running in.¬† Luckily I made a last minute decision to put on longer running pants and found my ear warmer/headband as we were running out the door.

We arrived about 20 minutes until my start time.  We walked around a bit warming up and enjoying watching the pink dance mob.

I made sure to grab a bib to wear in honor of the breast cancer survivors I know.

Then I made my way to the start line.

I like to be in front at the start of the race because it always sets my pace much better than if I’m in the middle or the back.¬† Plus, I’m not a huge fan of running in crowds.

I started out pretty good but soon realized that I couldn’t feel my toes and my lungs were burning because it was so cold!¬† Wish I would have had a chance to do a few cold weather practice runs.¬† Oh well.¬† The 10k route was on trails with slight rolling hills and pleasant fall scenery.¬† It was an out and back race which was actually a pleasant surprise.¬†¬† I didn’t go into the race with any goals set in place but once I started and noticed that I was doing okay, I set a goal to try to finish in under 50 minutes and in the top 10 women finishers.¬† My final time was 48 minutes and I finished 24th out of 308 people, 13th in the women’s division and 5th in my age group.¬† Not too bad!

My lungs were screaming at me afterwards since they aren’t that used to the cold.¬†¬† So we cruised around then ran into Whole Foods to grab some coconut water and cooking pumpkins.¬† We talked about going to brunch but I just wanted to take a nice warm shower and eat a protein smoothie ūüôā

For some reason, I had an energy burst after my shower and decided to make pumpkin puree and homemade applesauce.

Luckily the hubby was willing to help me prep the apples and cut the pumpkins.  Those little suckers are hard to cut through!

Everything else with the pumpkin puree was so easy!  After they were cut in half,

we scooped out the seeds, rinsed them, then placed them face down onto a baking sheet.¬† I popped them in the oven to cook for about 45 minutes.¬† While they were cooking, I rinsed the pumpkin seeds to roast as well.¬† The easiest way that I’ve found is to fill a bowl with water then scoop out the seeds.¬† The seeds separate from the pulp¬†a little more making them easier to clean.¬† Then I rinsed them in a strainer and placed them into a small bowl.¬† I filled the bowl with about 2 cups of hot water that had 1 tbsp of sea salt mixed in.¬† I let them soak the entire time the pumpkins were cooking away.

Once the pumpkins were done,

I lowered the temperature to 300 degrees.  Then I drained the seeds then dumped them onto a baking sheet.  I sprinkled on a tsp of cumin, a tsp of chili powder and a little more sea salt and pepper. I baked them in the oven for 50 minutes stirring a few times throughout.

While the pumpkin seeds were roasting I worked on my applesauce.

I used this recipe but added cinnamon to the apples as I pureed them.  Holy cow bringing it back to a boil was dangerous!  It pops out of the pot as it boils and burns pretty badly when it lands on your hand!  Ouch!

This recipe ended up making 5 1 quart jars of yummy cinnamon applesauce.

It was so good I ate as I went along sampling by the spoonful!  Yum!

I know the Love Nugget is going to gobble this stuff up!

By the time I finished the applesauce the pumpkin seeds were done roasting.  They turned out to be pretty tasty as well!

I know, I should have gone and rested at that point but I wanted to get started on something similar to this recipe for dinner tonight. I followed the recipe pretty closely but only used 1 cup of my homemade pumpkin puree, changed the spices a bit, and added 3 cups of cubed butternut squash.¬† It’s simmering away right now in the crock pot and smells so good!¬† Can’t wait to eat it tonight for dinner!

I did take a little break after I had dinner in the crock pot,

but then these happened.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.¬† The hubby was so happy because they had real sugar.¬† That’s right folks, real sugar.¬† I made them to send to a good friend who recently moved to Seattle.¬† It’s her 30th birthday tomorrow and she loves pumpkin cookies ūüôā¬† However, the hubby has already eaten three of them!¬† I think I better hide them before they are all gone!

Apple Hill Fun!

Happy Friday folks!

Hope you all had a great week!

We had such a fun day yesterday with my cousin, Auntie Gigi and the Love Nugget.

She took the day off work so we could go up to Apple Hill.¬† It’s an area where there are tons of apple orchards, pumpkins, baked goods, fun stuff for the kiddos and wineries.¬† We go every year but it gets so crazy on the weekends that we decided to head up on a weekday and beat the crowd.¬† So glad we did because it was so much better and the fall colors were beautiful!

Like I said, we go up every year but even so, I haven’t been to all the farms/orchards.¬† So we asked an expert at our first stop where we should make sure to stop at.¬† Our first stop just happened to be a winery that is newer to the region and had some really tasty vino!¬† It also had a gorgeous patio where the Love Nugget found a little pumpkin to hold on to while we enjoyed a few tastes of wine.

We were directed to a few apple stands with some yummy baked goods and TONS of freshly picked apples.

We also stopped at a farm that had a petting zoo.  The Love Nugget loves to see the animals but is usually a little standoffish.

Today he started away from the fence and slowly warmed up getting closer and closer.¬† The whole time he was laughing and talking to all the little goats.¬† There were holes in the fence so the goats could poke their heads through to get food.¬† This one stuck his head through right in the Nugget’s face!

He thought it was pretty funny!¬† Aren’t their eyes creepy?¬† They weird me out!¬† For some reason the hubby wants to own a goat.¬† A pigmy goat and he wants to name it Robert.¬† Weird right?¬† I’m totally against it until we live on a farm and let’s get real folks, that’s not going to happen anytime soon so no Robert the goat around here!

Back to the fun.¬† We didn’t buy any food because I didn’t think the Love Nugget would be interested in feeding them.¬† However, there was a family with a little boy a little older than the Nugget feeding the goats and showing the Nugget how to do it.¬† They were nice enough to share with him and after he tried to eat it (yuck!)¬† he handed it to the goat.

So cute!¬† They gave us the rest of their food since they were leaving so the Love Nugget fed the goats a some more and loved it!¬† Then I tried to give one of the goats that wasn’t getting much some food out of the cup and it stole my cup!


After the goats we went and got some lunch at a little¬†bistro called Crystal Basin Bistro.¬† I had heard good things about it but unfortunately¬†those good things were not so.¬† I know, I know, I’m picky and hard to please at restaurants but seriously, we ordered a hummus¬†plate that was supposed to come with all sorts of veggies and it came with hummus, pitas, 1/2 an avocado, a few slices of red pepper and red onions.¬† We also ordered what was supposed to be a wasabi shrimp won¬†ton dish but ended up to be overcooked shrimp on top of mayonnaise packed cole slaw.¬† No thank you!

Luckily I had a Quest bar in the car that we snacked on while driving home.

Last night I whipped up a yummy dinner that was so quick and easy!

Sorry for the horrible picture!  The lighting in our dining room is so awful!

It was a baked chicken parmesan that was super yummy and really simple.  All I did was pound out a few organic chicken breasts, topped them with some marinera sauce, popped them in the oven at 350 to bake for 25 minutes.  Then I added a few slices of fresh mozzarella and baked them for about 7-10 minutes more.  I served mine over some sautéed kale with baked balsamic asparagus.  The hubby ate his over quinoa.

Notice how the ends are all cut off the asparagus?  He only eats the tops.  Even with the ends off this serving, he still cut off the top!

After dinner I warmed up a little treat I brought home for the hubby.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t little….

Seriously this thing was huge!¬† I wish I would have snapped a picture once I cut it in half because it was stuffed with a whole apple that was filled with a gooey cinnamon sugar sauce.¬† Ummm… sugar overload!¬† I love pie crust and enjoyed a few bites myself.¬† It was quite tasty but holy stomach ache!

It might have been a combination of the apple dumpling and allergies but I was not feeling well last night.¬† I went to bed fairly early but could not sleep.¬† I postponed my early workout this morning and slept in for a little bit.¬† Luckily I woke up feeling much better but ugh, I hate feeling icky!¬† I almost thought I was getting sick but I think it passed.¬† Good thing since I’ve got a 10k on Sunday!

Stay tuned for Fitness Friday a little later on today!¬† Don’t forget to leave a comment on this¬†post for a chance to win an awesome Sweatyband, and on this post for a chance to win some hot pink shoelaces!

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