How I Stepped off the Scale and Learned to Respect my Body

How I Stepped off the Scale and Learned to Respect my Body

Since I can remember I’ve had this obsession with the scale.  Obviously a lot of it stems from years of yoyo dieting, eating disorders and body issues.  However, even as I got over those things I still struggled with not stepping on the scale every single day.  It’s silly really that we put so much emphasis on a number.  I mean, what does that number really tell us?  Our health?  Our power to love?  Our self worth?  NO!!!!!  It tells us how much our bones, fat, muscle and organs weigh.  Something that is going to be ever changing as we age and grow.  Even when we are adults and we think we are done growing our body is still changing.  So of course we shouldn’t expect to see the same number we saw when we were in high school or even when we were in our twenties.  Our bodies mature and change and with that we should accept that number to change as well.

Now I’m not saying we should sit back and watch it steep to some obscene number as we gain weight unhealthfully.  I’m saying that we shouldn’t have the expectation of it remaining the same as years go by and our bodies change.

It took me many years to realize this.  Honestly it wasn’t until this past year where I spent so much time struggling with the weight gained for fertility, that I learned to respect my body a little more.  Part of that respect came from stepping off the scale.  Like I said, for years I was waking up daily, emptying my body of liquids with a trip to the bathroom, then stripping down and stepping on the scale.  Every morning.  Then I would let that number judge of how my day would go.  If that number was up I made sure I hit the gym hard and cut back on calories.  If that number was low I might have an active recovery day or an actual rest day.  Maybe allow myself to splurge a little more than I would if it was up.  Ridiculous right?  The crazy thing is, I know that millions of other women do the same thing.  I know this because they’ve told me.  I’ve had so many conversations with friends, or just women in general where we’ve joked about how we allow that number to control our lives.

“Want another glass of wine?”  “Oh no thank you I was up a few pounds today.”

“Let’s go get a frozen yogurt.”  “I can’t I gained a few pounds over the weekend.”

You’ve probably heard it and maybe even said it at one point or another.  But why?  Why do we let that number run our lives?  Don’t we matter so much more than a  silly number?

YES!  AND at 34 I’m finally realizing this.  For the past several months I’ve found myself waking in the mornings and bypassing the scale.  Then going about my day without thinking about it or the number I would have seen at all.  You know what?  It’s been quite freeing really.  I find that I’m no longer stressing about what that number will be tomorrow throughout the day.  No longer worrying how what I put in my mouth will affect it or if I’m spending enough time at the gym.


The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a new respect for my body.  Before when I was stepping on the scale daily, I would shame my body if that number was much higher than it was before.  I would feel mad, depressed, and frustrated with the way I looked.  Now, as I’ve stepped away from the scale, I no longer notice those feelings.  Even when I put on a pair of jeans that no longer fits, or go shopping and notice I’m no longer the size I once was.  I respect that my body isn’t what it was when I was in my twenties, let alone a few years ago.  I’ve come to respect that muscle weighs more than fat and while I might have weighed less in the past, I have more muscle now that contributes to that number being higher.   Even though I’ve always known this, for years I didn’t embrace it.


It’s sad really.  The amount of time I spent stressing over being a certain weight or looking a certain way.  What’s really important is being truly healthy.  At this time in my life, truly healthy means carrying more body fat so I can hopefully one day soon carry a healthy baby.  It’s taken me a few years to honor my body for all it’s doing for me and I can honestly say that stepping away from the scale has helped me to do that.  To treasure this amazing thing that I have rather than worry about a silly number.

So I challenge you ladies (and gentlemen) to step away from the scale!  To learn to love your body for all it’s done for you and will do for you in the future.  To embrace your curves and respect your muscles.  To nourish your body with good healthy food and an active lifestyle not just to lose weight but because you love your body and you want it to be healthy. Who knows, maybe you’ll find with your newfound love for your body that you lose those last 10 pounds or gain the muscle you’ve been wanting to.  You’ll never know if you don’t try it 🙂


Why I Decided to do the 21 Day Fix

Why I Decided to do the 21 Day Fix

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all.  Not necessarily a secret but something I’ve been doing for the past month that I haven’t been blogging about.  For a few reasons really.  One I didn’t want the judgement.  Since I’ve been blogging about living a mostly paleo lifestyle for a few years now, I know some people will read that I’ve jumped on the Beachbody bandwagon and call me a hypocrite.   The Paleo community definitely doesn’t agree with a lot of the philosophy behind many of the Beachbody programs and I through many people would judge me based that.  Two, I wanted to see how I felt before sharing my thoughts and opinions.  Obviously I would be honest either way since that’s how I try to run my blog but I wanted to really feel out the program before sharing my thoughts and opinions.

Now, before I get into those thoughts and opinions, let me give you a little background on the past year of my life.

If you are new to my blog you may not know we’ve had our fair share of fertility struggles the past few years.  You can read about it here, here, here and here.  Most recently I shared that our first round of IUI (via timed conception) didn’t work.  I was disappointed but also a little relieved.  For one our chances of having triplets (or more) was very high.  Two, I haven’t been feeling like myself for quite some time now.  In the past year I’ve had to gain weight, cut back on exercise, and take hormones that my body did not like.  At the end of our first round I felt bloated, depressed, puffy and just not me at all.  I started thinking.  Is this the best way to start a new life form?  Will I have a happy pregnancy if I’m feeling like this before I get pregnant?  I decided to take some time off for me.  Which included, getting back on track with my eating, fitness, and overall health and well being.

I knew I didn’t want to lose a bunch of weight and I definitely didn’t want to jump back into overdoing it with my exercise (which I have a tendancy to do).  So after much contemplation I decided to start a program I had heard a lot about.  The 21 Day Fix through Beachbody.  I’m no stranger to Beachbody.  The Hubby and I did the P90x back in 2008 and had great results.  We also did Insanity which was fun but so intense as each workout was cardio driven and an hour long.  I know now that isn’t what’s best for me.  Regardless, I wanted something that I could do at home without having to create my own workout.  Something that was short, had varied workouts and wasn’t too intense.  So I bit the bullet and purchased a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack.


Let’s first talk about the food..

When it arrived I felt a little leery about all the portion control.  For years I’ve worked at getting out of a mind frame where I’m worried about how many calories I’m eating.  This leeriness grew as I calculated my daily caloric intake based on the calculations in the 21 Day Fix book.  When it said I should only be eating 1200 – 1400 calories I got a little worried.  I didn’t want to drive my body back into starvation by not consuming enough food.  So I decided to follow the plan for the most part but aim to take in a little more calories than the suggested amount.



Lunch of baked sweet potato, spinach, ground chicken and salsa 

The other thing I was a little worried about was the carbohydrate intake.  I didn’t want to add back in breads and gluten so I needed to make sure I was getting in enough carbs.  This actually ended up being pretty easy.  I would just switch out the suggested carb portion (bread, pasta, etc.) with a carb source I’m used to like sweet potatoes.  I did however begin adding back in some gluten-free oats because I found this to be a quick and easy carbohydrate source that I didn’t react negatively to. So this worked for me.


Overnight oats with plain yogurt, cinnamon, stevia, banana and sunbutter 

As I started using the suggested containers for meals.  I found that my previous portions were much larger than they should be.  I was finding that at the end of my meals I felt satisfied but not stuffed.  I was still hungry for snacks throughout the day but by having to use the containers for those snacks as well, I found that I did less mindless snacking which is my biggest struggle.  At the end of most days I felt full,  but not bloated.  Satisfied and most nights didn’t need the extra snack as suggested in the evening.



Afternoon snack of 1/2 an apple, 1/2 cup plain yogurt mixed with cinnamon and 2 tsp. sun butter 

The meals were very similar to meals I already eat and I really liked the emphasis on eating real, clean foods rather than processed foods.  After a lot of research, I did order the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology  as suggested by my friend Gina.  One scoop was usually way too sweet for me so most days I would have 1/2 a scoop in the morning as a snack and 1/2 a scoop later.  Or just skip it completely and depend on real foods for my nutrients.

Now on to workouts…

The workouts were the main reason I decided to purchase the program.  After coming off a month of not working out much and wanting to get back into it but  not over do it, I knew I needed something that wasn’t going to be too intense.  Plus I have found that I have less time lately to go to the gym myself and honestly was tired of trying to come up with a workout I wanted to do at home.  I just wanted someone to tell me what to do so figured the videos would be a good fit for now.


What I found was that the workouts were all pretty good!  Definitely not intense but a good way to work up a little sweat and all were great workouts.  I enjoyed that they were only 30 minutes long and offered a light warm up and cool down.  I found it easy to squeeze them in early before The Love Nugget woke up.  If I didn’t get it done in the am, it was easy to find 30 minutes to do it somewhere else during the day.  I even got The Hubby to do the yoga with me in the evenings a few times!  If there was a day the I worked out at Afterburn or at the gym I would just skip a cardio workout from the 21 day fix so I wasn’t over doing it 🙂


So I’m sure you’re all wondering what I thought.  I actually ended up really liking it!  At the end of my 21 days I felt SO much better than I did before.  I ended up losing just a few pounds, and an inch around both my waist and hips.  Nothing drastic which is just what I needed 🙂  I also toned up a little in my arms and mid section.  I didn’t take before and after pictures as suggested in the program since I wasn’t doing it to see a ton of progress.   I’ve since adapted some of the portion control into my daily habits and have enjoyed having the workouts to do at home when I don’t feel like thinking up something myself.

I definitely think it’s a great program for anyone looking to gain control over their eating habits and fitness.  There are a lot of ways you can modifications based on your needs.  If you’re someone like me who might not want to lose a ton of weight, it tells you how to do that.  If you want to add in more workouts, it gives you tips on how to do that.

I didn’t love how restrictive it said I should be with my calorie intake but again, because I know my body needs more calories I was able to adjust that.  Everyone is different and being aware of what you need is so important!

Overall I would recommend it to anyone wanting something they can easily do at home, in a short amount of time, and need a little help with their diet.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program feel free to email me!


  • Have you ever done a Beachbody program? 
  • What are your thoughts on at home challenges?
5 Tips to Creating an Awesome Cycle Class

5 Tips to Creating an Awesome Cycle Class

Hi guys!

So I know I already posted my recaps from Blogfest/Ideaworld, but my trip actually began a day earlier at a pre conference through Idea World.  Blogfest is basically a conference inside Idea World and as a Blogfest attendee I had the opportunity to take a pre- or post- conference course and become certified.  So I decided to get my Schwinn cert to have in case I want to start teaching spin at other gyms. I’ve taught a few classes at the studio but I’m feeling more ready to venture out so figured why not?  Rather than giving you a play by play of the entire class I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to create an awesome cycle class for a group or maybe just yourself!

Cycle [Read more…]

Get Fit at Home with Grokker

Get Fit at Home with Grokker

It’s funny when I started teaching fitness classes I thought I’d be working out all the time.  Turns out, I do more demonstrating then walking around correcting form than I do actually working out.  Which means I have to squeeze in my own workouts at a different time.  Finding time for that can be difficult though as life has been busy lately.  So I’m often creating workouts to do in our garage early in the morning or when The Love Nugget is resting.  However, since I now create workouts for every class I teach I get tired of doing so for me.  Sometimes I just want someone else to tell me what to do.  So when I heard about Grokker, an online community and fitness resource for health minded people I headed straight there to check it out.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.21.01 PM [Read more…]

Afterburn Studios and a Giveaway!

Afterburn Studios and a Giveaway!

Hi guys!

So you’ve probably been noticing I keep mentioning a new studio I’ve been loving.  Not just loving working out at but LOVING teaching there as well!

DSC_0235 [Read more…]

Double Chocolate Plantain Cookies

Double Chocolate Plantain Cookies

Hi Friends!

Sorry for my absence yesterday.  Like I said this week is tough with a lot to do and of course as my luck would have it, The Love Nugget came down with his first case of pink eye.  Bound to happen right???  Anyway, the past few days I’ve had him with me 24/7 and he’s been pretty quaranteend.  With the exception of running errands and a stop at The Green Boheme for lunch.

IMG_4351 [Read more…]

An Early Mother’s Day Celebration and Weekly Workouts

An Early Mother’s Day Celebration and Weekly Workouts

Hi friends!

It’s May!  Which is always a busy one for us with something going on each weekend however, it’s usually something fun! This past first weekend of May was definitely a fun one.

I started Friday with a moms night out at The Galleria for a Bright Pink event.


There were several vendors there set up to spoil all the moms who attended.  We enjoyed tasting wine, chatting with vendors and just enjoying some girl time.


Following the event we headed to dinner at La Provence where we enjoyed a yummy dinner on their outdoor patio.  So relaxing.

Saturday we headed out for an early morning walk with the dogs before returning to get ready for our visitors for the day. My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law came down for the day to celebrate a little early mothers day.


We started with brunch at High Hand in Loomis.  A gorgeous nursery setting and a yummy meal complete with a pomegranate mimosa.  Perfect!


Then we drove up to Auburn to cruise the old town and reminisce about my MIL’s childhood since she once lived there.  It was great to hear her stories and see her joy on seeing her old house and neighborhood.

After that we went to Dono Del Cielo again.  Yes we were there last weekend but my MIL enjoys it as well so we made a stop to pick up some wine for her.  Can’t go wrong with Dono!


That evening we had plans to go to a fundraiser dinner so my MIL took The Love Nugget home with her for the night.  He loves going to stay with his grandparents so happily sent him on his way.  Since we were kid free we decided to go to ASR for a cocktail and alone time.


Although I didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby I was itching for a mint julep 🙂

The dinner was being held at Casque Winery in Loomis which has a gorgeous outdoor setting next to the Flower Farm.


It was an enjoyable evening chatting with friends and relaxing.  We ended the evening on the couch, with a bowl of strawberries and coconut butter watching Scandal.  Perfect way to end the night!

Sunday I woke up and hit up the gym for a workout before I started my liver detox.


My naturopath recommended I do this as a means to cleanse my body of toxins and assist in helping to rebalance my hormones.  I put it off for a long time but finally found some time to fit it into my schedule.  It’s a little challenging since the first two days you basically fast consuming only the provided shake and lots of water.  I didn’t have much energy and felt a little nauseous mid morning so parked it on the couch for most the day.  Which, isn’t really a bad way to spend a Sunday!

This week I’m trying something a little new and joining Ashley for her Weekly Workouts and Meals link up.  Here’s a peak at what my workouts looked like last week.

Monday –  Taught cardio and weights, 30 minute treadmill run, yoga

Tuesday – Daily Burn Black Fire workout, taught cardio and weights

Wednesday – Active rest – 20 minutes easy pace elliptical, 30 minutes treadmill walk

Thursday – Daily Burn Black Fire workout, taught cardio and weights

Friday – Tabata Circuit class

Saturday – Active rest – Long family walk

Sunday – Treadmill run + Back and Bi workout

I’m really trying to incorporate more rest days and keep my cardio to no more than 30 minutes just a few times a week.  I’ve been waking up a little early lately so take advantage of the extra wake time to squeeze in a workout.  Lately I’ve been doing the Black Fire workouts on Daily Burn to switch it up a little.  I love Bob Harper and they are a great mix of strength and cardio.

Now here’s a look a last weeks dinners –

Monday – Left over pulled crockpot pulled pork tacos

Tuesday – Spaghetti stuffed sweet potatoes

Wednesday – Lemon Pepper Tilapia with roasted veggies

Thursday – Grilled steak, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies

Friday – Ate out with a friend and had chicken with spring vegetables.

Saturday – Out at a fundraiser dinner I had chicken piccata, salad and asparagus.

Sunday – Liver Detox – Shake 🙁

One more day of shakes then I can eat real food again!  I’ve never done a juice cleanse or fasted more than a half a day so two full days isn’t all that fun.   I’ll share a full recap once I’ve completed the whole week but one day down!


  • Have you ever done a detox or fasting?   
  • What was something fun from your weekend?  
Fitness Lately – Lean and Lovely

Fitness Lately – Lean and Lovely

Good morning!

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed my fitness with you all.  Since I’ve been enjoying my fitness plan lately I figured I’d share a little about what I’ve been doing.

If you’re a new reader or don’t know about my history, you can read a little about it here, here, and here.  Basically I come from a background of cardio, cardio, and more cardio.  This along with restricting calories and yo yo dieting has led to a plethora of health issues.  Mainly with my hormones and fertility.  So finding a way to continue exercise (which I love) while healing my body has been a huge goal for me this past year. [Read more…]

Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

Travel WOD’s and a Family WOD

I know some people are against working out when they go on vacation.  I am not one of those people.  I’m a morning person and typically awake before the rest of my traveling companions so if I like to do something productive while everyone still sleeps.  Productive and enjoyable for me. Exercise!

I love getting to explore new gyms, fitness centers or towns on foot while getting in some good fitness time.

As you know we recently took a little vacation to Hawaii and the fitness room was one of the first things I checked out upon arriving.

trip collage 2


Fitness center and pool at our condo [Read more…]

My Workouts Lately + One For You!

My Workouts Lately + One For You!

Happy Friday all!

Who’s doing the Friday dance?  If you’re doing the Whole 30 like me you’re probably not too excited for the weekend.  Weekends are hard when you are limited on food and beverage choices.  Friends invite you to come over for dinner and you have to decline because you don’t want to be that horrible picky friend who can’t eat any of their cooking.  Or you have the chance to go out for a date night but your options are so limited because everywhere cooks with canola oil (including many Whole Foods items) along with many other no foods.  You are dying for a nice glass of wine as you curl up with your honey to watch a movie at home but that’s a no, no too.


Yeah, weekends aren’t the best during the 30 days.  However, they are well worth it and if you started early this month like me you are in the home stretch! [Read more…]

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