A few Random Thought…

A few Random Thought…

Hey there!

It’s Thursday and I’m feeling a bit random today so I’m popping in to share a few random thoughts and musing as of late. Enjoy!

1. I went to buy a bottle of wine for a gift the other day.  I was asked for my ID then refused my purchase.  Why???  My driver’s license expired!  In February!  I had no idea because I forgot to change my address when we moved.  Shows how much I pull out my ID now that I’m 30…  We’ll blame it on the fact that I don’t purchase alcohol all that often rather than I’m just old 😉 [Read more…]

Shop locally at Bayabelle Boutique

Shop locally at Bayabelle Boutique

When we decided to move to Lincoln I was a little worried about a few things.

1. I would be a little further away from friends and family.

2. We’d be further from my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods.

3. We’d be further from the mall.  In other words, clothes shopping.

We soon discovered we weren’t all that far from friends or family.  That Whole Foods wasn’t really that far away and we are in the area so much that it’s easy to stop in whenever I need to.  Finally I discovered there’s an awesome boutique that’s better than most stores in the mall called Bayabelle Boutique.

DSC_0030 [Read more…]

An Early Mother’s Day Celebration and Weekly Workouts

An Early Mother’s Day Celebration and Weekly Workouts

Hi friends!

It’s May!  Which is always a busy one for us with something going on each weekend however, it’s usually something fun! This past first weekend of May was definitely a fun one.

I started Friday with a moms night out at The Galleria for a Bright Pink event.


There were several vendors there set up to spoil all the moms who attended.  We enjoyed tasting wine, chatting with vendors and just enjoying some girl time.


Following the event we headed to dinner at La Provence where we enjoyed a yummy dinner on their outdoor patio.  So relaxing.

Saturday we headed out for an early morning walk with the dogs before returning to get ready for our visitors for the day. My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law came down for the day to celebrate a little early mothers day.


We started with brunch at High Hand in Loomis.  A gorgeous nursery setting and a yummy meal complete with a pomegranate mimosa.  Perfect!


Then we drove up to Auburn to cruise the old town and reminisce about my MIL’s childhood since she once lived there.  It was great to hear her stories and see her joy on seeing her old house and neighborhood.

After that we went to Dono Del Cielo again.  Yes we were there last weekend but my MIL enjoys it as well so we made a stop to pick up some wine for her.  Can’t go wrong with Dono!


That evening we had plans to go to a fundraiser dinner so my MIL took The Love Nugget home with her for the night.  He loves going to stay with his grandparents so happily sent him on his way.  Since we were kid free we decided to go to ASR for a cocktail and alone time.


Although I didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby I was itching for a mint julep 🙂

The dinner was being held at Casque Winery in Loomis which has a gorgeous outdoor setting next to the Flower Farm.


It was an enjoyable evening chatting with friends and relaxing.  We ended the evening on the couch, with a bowl of strawberries and coconut butter watching Scandal.  Perfect way to end the night!

Sunday I woke up and hit up the gym for a workout before I started my liver detox.


My naturopath recommended I do this as a means to cleanse my body of toxins and assist in helping to rebalance my hormones.  I put it off for a long time but finally found some time to fit it into my schedule.  It’s a little challenging since the first two days you basically fast consuming only the provided shake and lots of water.  I didn’t have much energy and felt a little nauseous mid morning so parked it on the couch for most the day.  Which, isn’t really a bad way to spend a Sunday!

This week I’m trying something a little new and joining Ashley for her Weekly Workouts and Meals link up.  Here’s a peak at what my workouts looked like last week.

Monday –  Taught cardio and weights, 30 minute treadmill run, yoga

Tuesday – Daily Burn Black Fire workout, taught cardio and weights

Wednesday – Active rest – 20 minutes easy pace elliptical, 30 minutes treadmill walk

Thursday – Daily Burn Black Fire workout, taught cardio and weights

Friday – Tabata Circuit class

Saturday – Active rest – Long family walk

Sunday – Treadmill run + Back and Bi workout

I’m really trying to incorporate more rest days and keep my cardio to no more than 30 minutes just a few times a week.  I’ve been waking up a little early lately so take advantage of the extra wake time to squeeze in a workout.  Lately I’ve been doing the Black Fire workouts on Daily Burn to switch it up a little.  I love Bob Harper and they are a great mix of strength and cardio.

Now here’s a look a last weeks dinners –

Monday – Left over pulled crockpot pulled pork tacos

Tuesday – Spaghetti stuffed sweet potatoes

Wednesday – Lemon Pepper Tilapia with roasted veggies

Thursday – Grilled steak, sweet potatoes and roasted veggies

Friday – Ate out with a friend and had chicken with spring vegetables.

Saturday – Out at a fundraiser dinner I had chicken piccata, salad and asparagus.

Sunday – Liver Detox – Shake 🙁

One more day of shakes then I can eat real food again!  I’ve never done a juice cleanse or fasted more than a half a day so two full days isn’t all that fun.   I’ll share a full recap once I’ve completed the whole week but one day down!


  • Have you ever done a detox or fasting?   
  • What was something fun from your weekend?  
Interview with The Love Nugget

Interview with The Love Nugget

The Love Nugget has always been a chatter box but lately we’ve been calling him 20-Q because he’s constantly asking us questions.  It’s great of course but can be a little draining especially when that question is often, “Why.”

Ayden please pick up your legos – “Why?”

Please put your shoes on – “Why”

Don’t touch the garbage can please – “Why”

We are working on when it’s okay to ask why and when we need to think before we ask why.  I know it’s a normal stage but like I said, it’s sometimes very draining.

The other day he was in his talkative mood and I remembered a fun interview I had seen on Gina’s blog last week.  So I stole some of her questions, added a few of my own then turned the tables and ask him a bunch of questions 🙂

What is your name?


IMG_3266 [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Spring Edition

Hi friends!

We’ve had a long week with The Love Nugget recovering from some strange virus.  He seemed to be feeling fine by Wednesday but came out of his sickness with a horrible attitude.  Terrible twos?  Horrible threes?  Nope… Horrific Fours.  He’s been a monster!  Talking back, slamming things around, being mean to the dogs and acting out of control.  So needless to say it’s been a long week and we are ready for the weekend for sure!

We’ve been enjoying some great weather lately so to kick off the weekend I’m sharing a few Springtime favorites!

Favorite Salads – I clicked on this post thinking I would find one salad recipe that sounded good but they all sound amazing!

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Droid Turbo Sapphire Blue by Motorola

Droid Turbo Sapphire Blue by Motorola

Last month when we were at the Garth Brooks concert there was a woman a few rows in front of me video taping on here phone.  Not abnormal since most everyone was doing the same at one point or another.  What caught my eye was that the clarity of the image on her phone was pristine.  Like I said, I was two rows back and it was like watching Garth singing on a high definition T.V.

I’m near sighted so I was quite amazed at the clarity of her screen.  So I interrupted my husbands “solo” (he thought he was Garth Brooks that night) and pointed out her phone.  “Honey look, her phone is amazing what is it?”

Him – “You can see that with your old eyes?”

Me – “Yes, it’s so clear!”

Him – “It looks like it’s a Droid.”

So began my research into a new phone.  I’m due for an upgrade this month so it was perfect timing.  Since I don’t buy anything without researching it I began checking out facts and reviews of the new Motorola DROID Turbo Sapphire.  

DroidTurboBlue_FrntDyn_TealAccnt_RGB (2) [Read more…]

I’m going to Blend Retreat with About Time!

I’m going to Blend Retreat with About Time!

Hi friends!

Oh man did we have a rough weekend.  One of those where we were stuck home, under the weather when we’d much rather be outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  The one time we did venture out to Target for throat meds, The Love Nugget threw up in.  In the cart… In my hands…  Fun stuff.

So obviously I’m not sharing anything real marvelous about our weekend today.  Instead I’m sharing some other marvelous news 🙂

I’m beyond excited to be able to attend the Blend Retreat in Boulder Colorado!

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Healthy Living after Baby Survey

Healthy Living after Baby Survey

Hi friends!

Before I forget, one last final reminder to enter the last few giveaways I’ve got going on for my Bloggiversary celebration!

I’ll announce the winners soon!

Even though it’s been almost four years now since I gave birth to The Love Nugget, I saw this fun survey on Lindsey’s blog so thought I’d join in.  Just because surveys are fun!

Healthy Living After Baby Survey

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What!?! Pizza during a Workout + Giveaway #4!

What!?! Pizza during a Workout + Giveaway #4!

So did you guys know yesterday was April Fools day?

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What I Ate Wednesday + Giveaway #3!

What I Ate Wednesday + Giveaway #3!

Happy Wednesday folks!

We’ve been enjoying another week of gorgeous weather here (sorry East Coaster’s) so have been spending as much time as possible outdoors.  Daily walks, park play, picnic lunches and evening walks.  Definitely been getting in a good amount of Vitamin D!

Anyway, most of you are probably here to check out what we ate yesterday since it’s Wednesday and all.  AND because I don’t want to disappoint, here’s another round of What I Ate Wednesday!  Don’t worry, that giveaway will be somewhere in here I promise 🙂


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