Day 2 of BlogFest and Idea World

Day 2 of BlogFest and Idea World

Hi Guys!

I’m home from a fabulous trip to Los Angeles and trying to get organized for the week.  I actually flew home a day early due to some fertility stuff.  Don’t worry nothing wrong just unfortunate timing…

Anyway, Friday I posted about the fun I had on Day 1 of BlogFest so I thought today I’d fill you in on the rest of my trip.

After a long day on Thursday, we were tired and decided to skip the 7:00am workout for a little more sleep and a good breakfast.

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Blogfest Day 1 Information  and Fun!

Blogfest Day 1 Information  and Fun!

Before I get into how the event is going, I thought it would be good to explain what exactly Blogfest is for those of you that have no idea. Blogfest was started by my fit Approach/Sweatpink friends Jamie and Alyse. 

I remember back in 2013 when I had the pleasure of road tripping to Portland with these lovely ladies discussing the works of Blogfest and the wonderful ideas they were brainstorming. So to see their ideas come to life last year for the first Blogfest was pretty cool!  So what is it?

Blogfest is a two day conference where bloggers can come to learn about blogging while enjoying some fitness as well. The extra perk is that it’s in conjunction with the biggest fitness expo in the world, Idea World Fitness Convention. As a Blogfest attendee you are able to explore and shop the expo as well as attend any of the awesome fitness courses offered.

I’m lucky again to attend this year with two awesome sponsors, About Time and Crystal deodorant. Even without sponsors I would have attended for the plethora of information, workouts and fun that I’ll be experiencing over the next few days. Speaking of that, let’s talk about how the event is going so far.

The conference began bright and early Tursday morning at the Los Angeles convention center.  I grabbed some fruit to from the hotel breakfast buffet then caught an uber with Gina and Jessica to the event.

 We arrived just in time to hear the always wonderful, Katy Widrick share all about Increasing readership and marketing a message to the masses   She’s an amazing public speaker and always leads a very informative presentation

A few few big takeaways from her talk were;

  • Do more of what you enjoy
  • Embrace technology trends
  • Keep design simple
  • Target and engage

Following Katie were Jamie and Alyse with Mind Blowing blogging tips. They gave us an abundance of information such as tips to making more powerful content, blog tools, and awesome apps.

After a tweet break we headed to the Opening Ceremonies to hear some awesome motivational speakers.

An NCAA wrestling champion who overcame numerous struggles being born with one leg. Then the keynote speaker, Brendon Buchard, who’s life and death moment has led him to alter the way he lead his life and become a New York Times Best selling author. Inspiring, motivational and moving to say the least!

After that we were fed lunch by Nestle which I have to admit was surprising in multiple ways. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and have to admit I was surprised to see them place several fresh plates at our table family style that were pretty good.

I was also surprised to see them bringing out plated lunches with microwav, Lean Cuisine on them. Not really my thing so I skipped and had some of the freshly made salads 😊

They also brought out a fresh fruit salad and gluten-free dark chocolate cookie. Pretty good!

After lunch my lovely friend Bobbi and I popped into an Idea session on Circuit training. It was so much fun!

We skipped out a little early to make it to Kasey Arena’s talk on Instagram. Another very informative talk with tips on how to reach brands and engage more followers.

A tweet break with Merrithew fitness followed where we were given fun hand weights and got to try them out in a mini workout.

Bobbi and I popped into the expo to chat with some vendors,

Then I walked back to the hotel to get ready for the party!

We stayed and mingled for a bit then headed to Katsuya around the corner for sushi.

Yum! We shared a few small plates then I had avocado and fresh crab wrapped inside sashimi halibut.

So good!  I didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:00 then it was lights out! Exhausted but such a fun day!

I’m Alive!

I’m Alive!

Hi friends!

Long time no chat.  I would say I’m sorry but to be quite honest with you it’s been a bit refreshing taking a break from the blog.  While I miss you all dearly I’m realizing that I’ve been neglecting a few more important things in my life.  The Hubby, The Love Nugget, and myself.  So while I did spend a large majority of my free time the past week studying for the AFFA, I also found time to just unplug and hang out with my family.  Something I do all the time but am often worrying about getting a post up or catching up on blog reading.  This past weekend I honestly didn’t think about blogging at all and it was pretty awesome.  So while I’m heading off to Blogfest this week I’m going to be doing some serious thinking about where I want this blog to go.  Do I want to continue blogging?  Take a break?  Cut back to only posting a few times a week?  Some tough questions for me when I’ve put so much time into this so I’ve got some definite thinking to do.  In the meantime, I’m here today to fill you in on some weekend happenings.

First things first, I finished the AFFA exam!

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Family Vacation Planning with Home Away

Family Vacation Planning with Home Away

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As summer nears we have been talking about where we’d like to take a family vacation this year.  We try to do at least one a year if not more.  So when I had the opportunity to participate in a sponsored post with HomeAway I knew I’d be a great fit!


In Hawaii earlier this year  [Read more…]

A Refreshing Weekend at Blend!

A Refreshing Weekend at Blend!

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by About Time

As you heard yesterday I just returned from such a fun and relaxing trip to Boulder Colorado for Blend 2015!


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I’m Home from Blend and Mealtime Survey

I’m Home from Blend and Mealtime Survey

Hi there!

I had such an awesome weekend at Blend Retreat!

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Quick Thursday Thoughts

Quick Thursday Thoughts

Hey guys!

It’s Thursday and for some reason Thursdays just work well for random thoughts.  So I’m linking up with Amanda for a little Thinking out Loud.

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Mother’s Day Weekend, workouts and meals

Mother’s Day Weekend, workouts and meals

Hi guys!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day!


We kicked off the weekend Friday with a nice long family walk followed by an easy left over meal, then couch surfing to watch Scandal.  Pretty exciting Friday night!  Saturday I started with a workout followed by some meal prep then out for a little shopping.  Which was a total bust because EVERYONE was out shopping.  I’m not used to shopping on the weekends and I hate crowds so I returned home.   Which was fine because it gave me some time to relax before we headed off to a birthday party.

The Love Nugget’s best buddy and his little sis were celebrating their birthday’s and their mom always throws the best parties.


This year was a carnival theme and of course she didn’t disappoint.  Fun games, prizes, a bounce house, and yummy food!

Saturday evening my mom arrived at our house so we lounged around with her and watched The Sandlot.  Such a classic!

Sunday I was awoken bright and early by my lovely little guy.  Bright and early like 5:40 am.  Thanks for letting me sleep in on Mother’s Day son…. Surprisingly though before I made my way downstairs The Hubby got up (he very rarely gets up early on the weekends) and started making coffee.  I was also very surprised to see a very large painting bucket filled with all sorts of supplies.


I’ve been getting more in to chalk painting lately so he thoughtfully picked up a few things that will come in handy when I’m painting.   The Love Nugget picked out a beautiful necklace from my favorite local shop, Bayabelle!  Love him and his awareness to my favorites 🙂

We headed out for a nice morning walk while The Hubby cooked a delicious breakfast.


Eggs Benedict over asparagus, berries and cream and a pumpkin smoothie all from Against all Grain.  So good!

After breakfast we headed up to Sutter Creek for some antique shopping and wine tasting.


It’s been years since we’ve been up there and it’s really improved!  There were tons of little shops and tasting rooms that we enjoyed.

We also enjoyed a special treat from Shari’s Berries to celebrate Mother’s Day.


They not only have amazing chocolate covered strawberries but they also have a TON of gift items like this organic dried fruit and nut box.  Perfect for snacking on while sipping on wine 🙂


Of course the whole day was even more special because I was able to celebrate it with my mom 🙂


Now, since it’s Monday I’m joining  Ashley for her weekly eats and workouts from the past week.

As most of you read, last week I did a liver detox that was suggested by my naturopath.  I started on Sunday and stuck with it for the full recommended seven days.  I didn’t stray once other than drinking some naturally flavored carbonated water which I think was actually okay…  Anyway, due to the cleanse my meals and workouts from last week were a little different.

Workouts –

Sunday – Woke up early and hit up the gym before drinking my cleansing shake.  Did a little treadmill run followed by back and biceps.

Monday – Taught cardio and weights which didn’t have me doing much other than a few jumping jacks etc.  + 20 minute walk

Tuesday – Taught Cardio and weights (again not much exercise for me) then took hot yoga at Zuda.  It felt so good to sweat!

Wednesday – Barre at The Dailey Method + 30 minute walk

Thursday – Taught cardio and weights and did three tabata cardio sets with the class then went to spin for 40 minutes in the evening + 30 minute family walk

Friday – Treadmill run for 30 min with two tabata sprint rounds followed by 4 rounds of;

250 row

20 TRX plank side crunches

20 TRX plank knee tucks

15 bulgarian lunges (each leg)

20 shoulder presses

Saturday – Crossfit workout at the gym with a friend.

50 box jumps, 50 kb swings

400 m run

40 box jumps, 40 kb swings

400 m run

30 box jumps, 30 kb swings

400 m run

20 box jumps, 20 kb swings

400 m run

10 box jumps, 10 kb swings

I hadn’t planned to go to the gym Saturday but The Love Nugget woke up super early and by 7:00 am I needed a break so went to de-stress a little.

I felt a little drained in the beginning of the week but towards the end was feeling really good and itching to get back into the gym.  So I did 🙂

Sunday – Walk


Sunday – Detox shake

Monday – Detox Shake

Tuesday – Grilled chicken and Kale strawberry salad

Wednesday – Turkey spaghetti over spaghetti squash with kale salad

Thursday – Roasted chicken and roasted vegetables

Friday – Left overs

Saturday – Late lunch of left overs so just had my detox shake for dinner then a rice cake with almond butter for a snack after we got home from a birthday party.

Sunday – Burger and salad

The meals suggestions that came with the detox were actually pretty good.  Not far from what I would typically make so that was good.  Besides the first two days of only shakes me eats from the week were all really yummy 🙂  Anyway, I’ll touch more on that later this week.

On another note, the winners for the Livin’ Spoonful and Bayabelle giftcard have been chosen!

Congrats to – 

Livin’ Spoonful – Cassie S.

Bayabelle – Amber Schumann


  • How was your Mother’s Day?  
  • Have you had Sherrie’s Berries before?  

Disclaimer – Sherrie’s Berries provided me with a sample of their products in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own and I was not otherwise compensated. 

A few Random Thought…

A few Random Thought…

Hey there!

It’s Thursday and I’m feeling a bit random today so I’m popping in to share a few random thoughts and musing as of late. Enjoy!

1. I went to buy a bottle of wine for a gift the other day.  I was asked for my ID then refused my purchase.  Why???  My driver’s license expired!  In February!  I had no idea because I forgot to change my address when we moved.  Shows how much I pull out my ID now that I’m 30…  We’ll blame it on the fact that I don’t purchase alcohol all that often rather than I’m just old 😉 [Read more…]

Shop locally at Bayabelle Boutique

Shop locally at Bayabelle Boutique

When we decided to move to Lincoln I was a little worried about a few things.

1. I would be a little further away from friends and family.

2. We’d be further from my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods.

3. We’d be further from the mall.  In other words, clothes shopping.

We soon discovered we weren’t all that far from friends or family.  That Whole Foods wasn’t really that far away and we are in the area so much that it’s easy to stop in whenever I need to.  Finally I discovered there’s an awesome boutique that’s better than most stores in the mall called Bayabelle Boutique.

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