Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Why Gaining Weight is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Good morning friends!

The few friends I have left reading this blog 😉  I know, blog posts are few and far between lately but like I said, I’d like to start posting more so here I am!

First, a little life update.  We had a rough start to the year with lots of sickies through January and the beginning of February.  If someone was getting better, someone else was getting sick 🙁  We spent a small fortune at Simply Nutrition through the month on natural cold medicines and were at the doctor at least once for each kid.  It was fun!  BUT, luckily we are all on the mend and just in time for a family vacation too!

The Love Nugget is our happy little traveler so he’s SUPER excited about our upcoming trip which includes a plane ride.  Our Little Muffin (AKA Monster), is not as great of a traveler.

A few mini trips and one plane ride so far but this 19th month old isn’t the best in confined spaces.  SO it should be interesting.  We’re pulling out all stops for our plane rides with lots of choo choo videos downloaded, new books, new toys, and LOTS of snacks.  Also making sure to grab those chocolates for the flight attendants to thank them for dealing with our crazy little family 🙂

I’ve been SO busy coaching at Kaia Fit in Roseville which I LOVE!

Such an amazing community of women and wonderful place to be.  Between that and mom life, I’m running my online bootcamps which I also really enjoy!  The accountability groups are always a big hit and produce such positive results in those that really give it their all!  After lots of splurges through the Holidays, I joined in with my January 6 week Carb Cycling Bootcamp and am feeling SO much better!

Plus the aesthetic results aren’t bad either 😉

What’s crazy though is that I’ve actually gained weight over the past few weeks.  What!?!  It sure doesn’t look like it but I’ve gained about 3 pounds since starting this most recent carb cycling group.  5 pounds in the past 5 months and looking back, in the last 3 years, I’ve gained 10 pounds!   BUT, I’ve gained a lot of lean muscle.

I know this because I recently did a body composition test.  Body comp tests are an excellent way to learn about your body and determine your fitness level.  Most people think that they should focus on their BMI but all that is telling you is the ratio between your height and your weight.  While a doctor might categorize you as healthy or obese based on your BMI, it’s not necessarily accurate.  For example, a bodybuilder could be determined as obese (when they are clearly not) based on their BMI.  Body composition measures your percentage of fat compared to fat-free mass (muscle, bone, and water) in your body.  There are a few ways to measure your body composition, some more accurate than others.   Most will give you a general idea of your body composition which can definitely help you with your goals.

This past week at the gym, we had a company come in to asses body composition for anyone who wanted it done.  I was there so I figured why not?  I’ve done the hydrostatic (underwater) testing in the past but it’s been several years.  So I was interested to see the changes.  Boy were there some definite ones!

First let’s talk about my most recent test and stats done by RISE Advanced Body Composition.

Total amount of body water – 92.8 – total amount of water in the body

Dry lean mass – 34.3 – bones and muscles

Body fat mass – 31 – amount of fat for energy

Weight – 158 – sum of above

Body fat percentage – 20%

Lean body mass – 127.0

Basal Metabolic Rate – 1615 – total number of calories needed to function without any exercise or activity.

I have to say I was pretty happy with my results!  Right now I feel strong and healthy so even though my weight is up, I was pleased to see my body fat is at a healthy number, and my lean body mass is great!

Now here’s my stats from three years ago via a hydrostatic body composition analysis.  A different method but many of the same stats measured.

Body fat mass – 28.4

Weight – 148.4

Body fat percentage – 19.2%

lean body mass – 120

Basal metabolic rate – 1680

Do you see the differences?  I currently weigh 10 pounds more BUT only .8% higher in body fat.  I also have 7 pounds more of lean body mass and only a little over 2 pounds more of fat.  Crazy right!  So while I might weigh more, I’m stronger and healthier than I was back then.  Healthier because when my body fat was at 19 I had an irregular menstrual cycle, couldn’t get pregnant and had a plethora of unwanted side effects.

What I’ve learned from taking these composition tests is that my body functions better with a slightly higher fat percentage.  Seeing my basal metabolic rate is also a great reminder of just how much I need to be eating.  I’m guilty of under-eating even though I think I’m eating enough.  Knowing my number helps me to focus on getting in enough calories for my activity level.  Remember, Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories you need to survive WITHOUT activity.  That means just lying in bed, blinking your eyes and breathing.  Adding in your day to day activities PLUS exercise can bring your number several hundred calories.  Such an important number to know for each individual!

Also it reinforced that the scale is NOT the best way to judge progress!  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen me posting about focusing on non-scale victories.  Getting stronger, feeling healthier, noticing clothes fitting better, etc.  Then if you have the chance, have a body composition assessment done to dig a little deeper into your body!  It’s an awesome way to track progress and really get to know your body.

Have you had a body composition assessment done before?  If so were you surprised by your stats?  Did it help with your goals?


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