I’m Back!!!!

I’m Back!!!!

Hey friends!

Long time no talk right?!?  I’d say I’m sorry for being so MIA BUT the truth is, I’ve enjoyed taking some time off from all things blogging.  When I say all things I mean I haven’t logged on to my blog in MONTHS nor have I read another blog in MONTHS.  There were a few reasons why I decided to take a little break (I’ll touch on them later) but it ended up being a little longer than I had planned.  Regardless, here I am!  I do want to start blogging a little bit more but to be honest, it most likely will not be very consistent.  I actually think blogging in general is fading.  I see way more interaction on social media platforms than on actual blogs these days.  Which honestly is where I spend more of my time these days.  So if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, you should!   Anyways, since it’s been quite some time I thought I’d catch you all up on some things that have been going on in our lives lately.  Even though I’m sure by this point I have ZERO readers 😉

Let’s start with my little muffin man!

It’s hard to believe but this little guy just recently turned one!!!!  Everyone says that time goes even faster with the second child and boy were they right!  This past year has literally flown by.  I have to admit I’m a little sad to hit this milestone already because he is our last baby and I just want him to stay little forever 🙁

However, he’s growing up at an alarming rate and is busy, busy, busy!  He started walking shortly after hitting 9 1/2 months and hasn’t slowed down since.  He loves following around his big brother, playing with balls, water, and anything outdoors.  He’s my long skinny guy weighing  18 pounds, 13 ounces and 30 inches long.  He loves to eat watermelon, elk burgers, sweet potatoes and puffs.  He’s not as great of an eater as his brother was/is mostly because he’s just too busy to sit and eat.  He keeps us on our toes with his daring nature and has already had a few accidents because of it.  Tumble down the stairs, out the camping trailer door, jumped out of his high chair, leaped off the bed and pulled a flat iron onto his arm 🙁  Yeah, he’s our crazy one!  BUT we LOVE him so much and feel our family is so much more complete with him 🙂

His big brother is turning into such a great brother and big boy!

He’s no longer my little Love Nugget but my Big Love Nugget.  Just check out the difference from his first day of school to his last day of school.  Crazy!

He’ll always be my “little love nugget”  though 🙂  He also keeps us on our toes but more so with his constant questioning and inquisitive nature.  He’s really taken off with his reading and is currently cruising through the Magic Tree House series.

Such a little reader!  He LOVES learning and did so good in his first year of school.  Summer has been challenging as he needs to be kept busy but we’re doing lots of fun things to try to keep him occupied.

As for me I was so occupied with my NASM CPT studying for a few months which is one reason the blog took a back seat in my life.  However, I’m happily announced a few weeks ago that I passed my CPT test!!!!

Oh happy day!  Such a huge relief to pass after working my butt off studying and I’m so excited to take my passion for helping others with all things fitness to a new level.  Stay tuned for more info on that soon!!!!!

Other than that life has just been busy with the kiddos.  We had baseball, end of school stuff, then a few crazy months of birthday’s, traveling, and events.

All fun but wow life was crazy for awhile!  This summer we have a few camping trips planned which we are super excited about.  AND we are headed to Maui in a few weeks with the kiddos.  I’m both excited and super nervous to fly with our little Muffin.  Like I said, he’s so busy it should be interesting trying to keep him happy on our laps for 5 hours… Any suggestions are happily welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Well I’m going to leave it at that today for my quick little update.  I’m looking forward to jumping back into blogging and am excited to share some fun things coming up!  So stay tuned!!!!!


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  1. Laurel Besecker says:

    Good morning, it’s fun to read your blogs I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Mom