Spring Time Fun with Evenflo!

Spring Time Fun with Evenflo!

We are finally getting some Spring like weather here!  I know, I know, Spring doesn’t actually begin for a few weeks but we’ve had such a wet and cold winter that the gorgeous clear blue skies and milder temps are so appreciated around here.

Especially when you have two little boys who love to be outside.

Even my youngest at 8 months old craves being outdoors in the fresh air and warm sunshine.

Unfortunately the weather kept us indoors for several months…  We’ve had a few things holding us back from getting outdoors much.  One big one being that baby brother hasn’t LOVED riding in our stroller.  Well, at least he hasn’t until we tried out this new Evenflo Pivot Travel System.

He absolutely loves being able to sit up high in the stroller and see everything that is going on.  He’s always been a mamas boy so he’s never really liked that when he sits in our other stroller, he can’t see me.  Unless of course he’s strapped into his infant carrier.  With our new Pivot System, he can face outward, or towards me which he LOVES!

Along with the high seat option, there’s a lot I like about this travel system.  First, because like most moms I’m always concerned about safety, I love that the Safe Max Car seat  includes an anti-rebound bar.  This would limit the amount of rebound movement in the event of a front impact accident.  It’s also been tested for structural integrity at 2x the federal testing standard for stimulating a side impact or roll over accident.

Second, there are so many ways to use this stroller (as mentioned above) which makes it great for those that want to only use one stroller from baby to toddler.  It’s designed to grow with your child from the infant being able to sit in the bassinet or car seat.

To converting to the forward or rear facing option as they get bigger.  Which is what we’ve been using with our little muffin 🙂

The bassinet came in quite handy the other day.  The weather was so nice we ended up turning our afterschool walk into a playdate at the park which lasted into nap time.  Luckily on our walk home I was able to easily convert the seat into a bassinet (as I was walking) and he quickly fell asleep.  So we were able to enjoy a nice leisurely stroll home in the gorgeous weather.

Third, I really appreciate the amount of storage space built into the bottom of the stroller.  Obviously most moms with kids have larger bag and carrying it on our shoulders gets quite tiresome and painful!  So having somewhere to store that plus anything else is definitely a must!

With that said, due to the larger basket underneath, the basket bar sticks out further than I’m used to.  I continually hit my foot and shin against the bar which isn’t all that much fun.  I’m sure it’s something I’ll get used to but that would be one minor complaint about the stroller.

As far as ease of use I’ve found it to be fairly simple to maneuver, fold up and store in my car.  It’s very light weight making it  easy to lift in and out of my high SUV.

I also love that I have the option of using the car seat with the stroller without having to remove the toddler seat.  Just plop the car seat into the stroller and it clicks into place.  This is extra nice for times when he’s sleeping in the car seat and we don’t want to wake him to put him in the stroller.

Besides the bottom bar sticking out a little further than I’d like, my only other complaint would be the front wheels get stuck sometimes making it difficult to turn.  It’s also not easy to push over grass or up curbs.  Other than those few things I really love this stroller and am obviously not the only one 🙂

We’re looking forward to many more months of outdoor fun with our new Evenflo Pivot Travel System!


Do you have a travel system?  If so what brand?  Do you like it?  

What helps to get you and your kiddos outdoors? 

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great stroller! My 14 month old went on a stroller strike – I wonder if being able to face me would make a difference for her!

    Jax just keeps getting cuter and cuter! 💗