Why we Vacation WITH and WITHOUT kids

Why we Vacation WITH and WITHOUT kids

Hey there!

I know I’m hit and miss these days on the blogging front but am planning on trying to get back into it a little more now that we’re in a bit of a routine.  I’m not going to lie, two kids can be a bit crazy at times.  That plus managing the household chores, coaching, teaching at the gym and studying for my Personal Training Cert.  That last one has taken precedence over blogging as I really want to focus on passing.

Anyways, I’m here today with some free time so figured I’d pop in to chat with you all for a change.  Mainly about the topic of vacations.  We just returned from an amazing vacation in Mexico!

Just The Hubby and I 🙂  Yep, you read that right, we DID NOT take our kids.  Not even our 7 month old!  WHAT!?!  Bring on the judgement!!!!!  Yes, I got a lot of surprised looks and questions about leaving our kids behind while we traveled out of the country.  It’s amazing to me that so many people not only feel that they can never leave their kids, but feel that they can then judge me negatively for doing so.  Here’s the thing, it was VERY hard for me to make the decision to leave them behind.  However, after much consideration, we decided it was best for us all if we did.  Why?  Ultimately because we were husband and wife BEFORE we had kids and we will be husband and wife AFTER they are no longer living with us.

Our relationship as a husband and wife is extremely important to us.  We hear the divorce statistic and we are both children from divorced parents.  We don’t want to be a statistic.  We want to be the couple that is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary still as in love as we were the day we got married.  With that said we know it’s not easy and that it will get even harder as life gets busier.   I’m sure there are plenty of couples who love their spouses very much and who have a perfect marriage without ever leaving their kids.  For us, we need and enjoy some time alone with just us.

So we make the time now to cherish our relationship.  To spend time together not just for a few hours on a date night or just one night away, but for vacations where we get to really enjoy one another.  Where we are really able to talk and re-connect with one another outside our busy lives as parents.

You know who else it’s good for?  Our kids!  They got to be loved on and spoiled by their grandma while we were gone.  The bond that kids have with their grandparents is one that is so special.  I feel blessed that we have parents that volunteer to come stay with out kids and that truly enjoy the time that they get to spend with them.  Growing up I used to love to go visit my grandparents without my parents.  It was always a very special vacation for us and one I’m sure my parents enjoyed as well.  I never felt like they were abandoning me or ditching me to go do something more fun.  I always felt that they were blessing me with time to have fun and connect with Grandma and Grandpa.  I know my kids feel and will feel the same as they get older.

So, while I know some people don’t agree with us leaving our kids at such a young age, we agree to disagree.  We came back from our trip feeling refreshed, rested and reconnected 🙂

Does this mean we never travel with out kids?  NOPE!  We LOVE vacationing with our kids as well.  We enjoy showing them different towns, cultures, and hopefully someday even different countries!  Balancing both time with our kids and without is something that isn’t always easy and probably never will be 100% EASY but it’s something we’ll always try to do.


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  1. I think this is awesome. You guys are smart to take time to nurture your relationship-which also happens to be the foundation for your family! Sending you a great big cyber high five. So glad you had a great time!

  2. I am all for going on holiday as a couple without the kids, Giselle. 4 years ago my wife and I went on a two-week holiday in Thailand. It was so good to have a break from our two kids and spend some time just her and me. We got to do things that we wouldn’t get to do if we went with the kids. Last year we went again as a family for 3 weeks because they grew up more, and they loved it.

  3. Amen, mama! I haven’t even given birth yet and know that I will at some point need a vaca with my husband 😀 So necessary for everyone. And like you said, extra loving from grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc for the kids! I’d call that a win-win for everyone! So glad that you had a great time!