Oh Hey there!

Oh Hey there!

Check, check… Is this thing on?  I know, I’ve been MIA for months now.  All I can say is sorry I’m not sorry 😉  It’s been a very refreshing break and one I’m not sure is actually even a break.  I’m just now starting to get the urge to blog again but don’t think it’s going to become a consistent thing again.  Priorities right?

In the off chance that I actually still have blog readers, I thought I’d pop in and share a little about life lately.

Obviously life has been busy lately because of this little guy 🙂

He’s now 6 1/2 months old and such a fun little muffin!  He LOVES to take baths with his brother, jump in his jumperoo, sit and play with his toys, watch the dogs play, and of course, be held by mom.

He’s quite the mammas boy and I’m okay with that.  I wouldn’t say he’s spoiled by any means but I don’t mind that he likes me to hold him, that he only calms down with me at night, or that he reaches for me if someone else is holding him.  Call me selfish but after going through so much to have him, I’m soaking it ALL up.  Even the multiple night time wakings/feedings.

Speaking for feedings.  I’m still breastfeeding but around 5 months we started supplementing with formula.   While he was 8 pounds when he was born, he’s not gaining at a super fast rate.  Doctors aren’t worried at all but to make sure he’s getting enough food (I don’t produce a ton of milk) we started supplementing.  Luckily there are some much better options out there than from when my older son was a baby.  We decided to go with Lebenswert fromula from Germany, created by Holle.   It has no genetically engineered ingredients, no use of chemical-synthetic fertilizers, no additives such as flavorings, colorings or preservatives they use natural compost instead of artificial fertilizers and care about animal Welfare.  A lot of formula’s have added sweeteners but this one was the only one found that didn’t add any form of extra sweeteners.

I was so happy that he easily took to the formula and that it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell nor does it stain like other formula’s do.  So happy to have this option!

He’s also started eating some solid foods.  Funny, with The love Nugget we were so excited to start solids and he was so ready that we began around 4 1/2 months.  With this little muffin I was in no hurry to start anything and honestly would still be waiting if it weren’t for wanting to give him bone broth.  Which was his first food 🙂  The Love Nugget was sick over the holidays along with many friends and family so to make sure his gut was healthy and his immune system up, we started him on bone broth.  He loved it!  Since then he’s had some sweet potatoes, peas, avocado, carrots, butternut squash, apples and bananas.  So far so good!

Of course I haven’t forgotten about our number one son, The Love Nugget!  He’s doing so good in Kindergarten and is quite a great big brother.  He loves to make his brother smile, laugh and squeal.   He’s such a good kid that it’s easy to forget that he needs one on one time as well.  Although he definitely let’s you know when he needs attention and we’re working to spend more time with just him as the little muffin gets older.

As for me, I’ve been busy teaching classes at the gym, coaching my challenge groups, being a mom and studying for my personal training certification!

I finally bit the bullet and signed up to get certified and so far it’s tough!  Not necessarily the material, just getting back into “student” mode and finding the time to actually study.   I’ve heard it’s a pretty hard test so I’m trying to be as prepared as I can.  Luckily I’ve still gone over 5 months to go 🙂  If you’ve taken it, any tips are appreciated!

I’ve also been taking some time this month to really focus on my own personal health.   January 2nd I started the Whole30 again and am already feeling awesome!  I like to do it once a year and figured this month would be a great month to do it.  I also wanted to get a little selfish and maybe lose those last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight.  Although I’m more focused on just feeling my best and know very well that I’m still breastfeeding so will probably hang on to extra weight until I’m done.  I am pretty happy though with how I’ve been able to maintain my breastmilk supply while working out.  I’ve pretty consistently been following a Beachbody program since two weeks postpartum and am happy that I’ve been able to gradually lose the weight while staying healthy.  With my first son I didn’t.  I dropped weight fast as a result of starvation and over training which of course meant my milk supply tanked as well.  So even though I’m not quite yet at my pre-pregnancy weight,  I’m proud of myself for losing the majority of that weight in a healthy way.

If you’re interested in joining my next bootcamp in February message me for details!

Well I think that about catches us up for now.  I’d love to hear from you guys!  What have you been up to?  How were your holidays?  Catch me up!



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