Long Time No Chat

Long Time No Chat

Hey there!  Long time no chat.  I didn’t mean to be MIA for so long.  I had just planned on taking a few weeks and before I knew it, it’s been well over a month!  Sorry but to be honest, I’ve been enjoying my time with my littles 🙂

Alright let’s play catch up since it’s been awhile.

Our little Mr. is now 4 months old!


My how time flies.  I’ve taken to calling him my little muffin as he’s just that, a little cuddle muffin!  He LOVES to cuddle with his mama and I’ve been soaking it all up!  The Love Nugget was not as cuddly and since he’s my last I’m taking advantage of this stage as much as I can.


Although I’ll admit, his need to have his mama gets a little tiring.  Especially when he won’t go to sleep with anyone else but me.  My poor hubby had to deal with him screaming for an hour and a half the other night when I went out for some much needed girl time.  Speaking of girl time, I’ll be leaving next week for my annual girls trip with my bff’s which is going to be so fun but also so hard!  I know that my little muffin will be just fine  with his dad but I’m already having anxiety about leaving him.  Which also makes me think it’s a good thing that I’m doing  it now before I get even more attached.  Plus, it’s much needed!  My husband went on his annual hunting trip a few weeks ago for 10 days!  I quickly realized that being a single mom is absolutely the toughest job in the world.  Both boys got a cold and we had several days of rain which meant muddy dogs, cooped up kids, sleepless nights, and one exhausted mama!


We survived but I’m in desperate need of a break lately.  After that stint as a single mom, my little muffin went from sleeping through the night or only having one to two wakings, to waking every two hours or less!  Not sure if it was the cold or the immunizations but it’s been draining to say the least.


Still, I’m absolutely loving my little man and having a second child.  The Love Nugget is a great big brother but we’ve definitely been working on some kinks getting him adjusted.  Since he’s 5, we haven’t dealt with the tantrums or fits as you might see with a younger kid when adding to your family.  What we have noticed is a bit of acting out to get attention.  Making poor choices and acting, as he says, crazy in an effort to get more attention.  So we’re working on being a bit more present in his life while also teaching him that he can’t have as much attention from us as he used to.


I know as our little muffin gets older things will get much easier.  The Love Nugget is already talking about when he can crawl, walk and play with him.  Which I’m sure will happen sooner than later!


Let’s see what else has been going on… I’ve been back at the gym teaching a few days a week and sometimes have the boys with me.  I’m lucky that the studio is family friendly and the owner allows me to bring them in when I need to.  I’ve even had to wear my little muffin during class for a short amount of time.


Usually just until he falls asleep or until my hubby comes and picks them up.  It’s not ideal but it works 🙂

On top of being at the gym, I’m still coaching with Beachbody and running my monthly bootcamp groups.  I absolutely love seeing the results people are getting from the programs and are pretty pleased with my own results!  I just finished The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and aim to give you all a full recap of my 60 days soon!

That’s it for now!  I’m off for some family fun but I promise I’ll be back soon!



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