Things I’m Loving Lately

Things I’m Loving Lately

I really want to start blogging more.  However, this is how most my afternoon is spent these days.


Well, some mornings too actually.  Mornings we tend to be busier and he actually naps pretty well in his carseat while we are on the go or in a bouncer, boppy or his swing.  Afternoons he wants to be on me.  So I’m either on the couch holding him or carrying him in the K’tan.  Which does allow me to get a little more done but not much.  Regardless I’m not complaining that’s just the main reason why you don’t see much of me around here lately.

BUT, like I said I would like to start blogging more often again just have to figure out our schedule right now.  I think once The Love Nugget starts school things will get much easier as we all function a little better with some sort of routine.

Anyway, today I thought I’d pop in and share a few things I’ve been loving lately.  I’ll try to not to make them all baby related but lets face it, I’m all baby right now!

Five Things I’m Loving Lately

1.  I mean, it’s kind of hard for my number on to not be my little guy 🙂


I mean, come on!!!  He’s so cute!

2.  Gripe Water!  Yep, we give it to our little guy quite often actually.  Mostly because he gets hiccups ALL THE TIME and HATES them.  A little bit of this natural soothing tummy water and they are gone!  Our doc said they are completely safe and while they don’t work for everyone, seem to be working great for us!

3. These Skinny and Co. Coconut oil products.


I LOVE coconut oil.   It’s not just for cooking.  There are so many awesome ways to incorporate coconut oil into your life.  Cleansing your skin, moisturizing your skin, whitening your teeth, detoxing, and more!  With Coconut oil increasing in popularity, more producers are stepping onto the market.  The problem is that a lot of those companies don’t put much thought or care into creating a good product.  Skinny and Co. is not one of these companies.  They are a small, family owned company that was created out of pure love and passion towards creating natural products.  Their coconut oil products (which range from facial oil to sugar scrubs), are created using an exclusive cooling method to release the oil.  NO HEATING which can alter the oil itself.

The Love Nugget had some crazy dry skin after two weeks of swim lessons.  Skinny and Co. coconut oil cleared it up right away!  I’ve also been using it to take off my make-up and moisturize.  Not only does it make my skin crazy soft, but it smells so good!

4. My Fitness Pal is again my pal.

IMG_3668 2

I used to log all my food all the time trying to eat as little amount of calories as possible.  Obviously I learned that is not the way to #1 lose weight and #2 be healthy.  I haven’t logged my daily intake in years but now that I’m breastfeeding and working out I need to make sure I’m eating enough calories.  I also want to make sure I’m eating the right ratios of carbs, fats and proteins to fulfill my daily caloric intake.  Sure I could eat a lot of fat to make up the bulk of my calories.  However, I’ve learned that my body needs carbs and most importantly proteins in order to function properly let alone produce milk.  I’ve been tracking my food for the past week and it is so hard to eat the amount of calories my body needs right now.  I’ve really been loving the ease of my fitness pal in finding common foods and/or adding in recipes that I create.  It has been so helpful in making sure I’m on track!

5.  Amazon Fresh.

IMG_3756 2

I had a feeling Amazon would be releasing fresh grocery delivery service soon and I was right!  I tried it out the other day and it was pretty good.  I didn’t order a ton and some of the produce (blueberries, raspberries) went bad pretty fast but that’s also to be expected with organic.  I was surprised by how much organic stuff they did offer including fresh meats and cheeses.  They even have a local section where they feature local grocery items.  Being that we live somewhat close to San Francisco, they offer fresh fish!  I’ll be trying that out for sure!

That’s it for today!  I’d love to hear some things you’re loving lately 🙂

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  1. My local grocery store chain has a great delivery service that i love. Although their produce is not always as good as i would get. Thats the down side with not picking your own produce! Awesome for convenience though!