Olympics Fun with Hefty, Hefty, Hefty!

Olympics Fun with Hefty, Hefty, Hefty!

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Last week I had the opportunity to learn attend a fun event and learn about why the Hefty® brand and their Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.   After the event, I went home and stumbled upon these funny commercials featuring 

Haha!  I thought this commercial was pretty funny.  This one made me chuckle too.

Hee hee 🙂  Anyway, back to that party.  It was a blast!


The event was VERY kid friendly because let’s face it, kids make messes that need ULTRA STRONG supplies to clean up 🙂

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Art projects, spills, food, and in my case, dirty diapers need garbage bags that can uphold those messes.

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Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags feature can do this plus more as they are:

    • ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer
    • Active tear resistant technology for better puncture-resistance
    • Fresh, invigorating scents, including Clean Burst™, Tropical Paradise™, Lavender & Sweet Vanilla™, White Pine Breeze™, Crisp Orchard Apple™, Citrus Twist™, Pomegranate Mist™ and Scent Free
    • Break resistant grip drawstring that prevents the bag from falling inside the can.

We tested out that odor neutralizer at the party by sniffing a few unpleasant kitchen items through the Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.  It was definitly hard to smell the garbage, pickles, and spices that were stuffed inside.

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I loved that while we were learning about Hefty® , the kids were getting to do fun Olympic, Hefty® themed activities.


Like making slime,


enjoying a yummy lunch,

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and a fun, “pick up the garbage” relay race!

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I think The Love Nugget was the most serious about his job to pick up the trash.  He went back two times to make sure it was all cleaned up.  He’s very passionate about littering  😉

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Luckily he had a big, strong, pleasantly scented garbage bag to put all his trash in!

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At the end of the party we went home with a few boxes of Hefty® Ultra Strong™  bags to use at home.  I know I’ll be putting mine to good use with a few more summer crafts planned and LOTS of dirty diapers!!!!!


Here’s a little video we made while at the party that shows some of the fun we had!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.

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  1. What a fun little event! Looks like they really did a great job organizing it!