Little Squish is 1 Month Old!

Little Squish is 1 Month Old!

Okay so I was feeling like the past few weeks have been going by slow but then I realized that it’s already been a month since we welcomed our Little Squish into the world!


In case you missed it, we nicknamed him Squish or Squishy because he loves to squish up into a little ball and sit on my chest.


He also squishes up his face quite a bit along with all his other facial expressions 🙂


Anyway, this little guy turned 1 month old on Saturday!!!!


Everyone says he looks just like his older brother.  What do you think?  We definitely think they look alike but there are some differences too.

IMG_3193 2

SO let’s talk about how he’s doing.

Sleeping –

Sleeping is actually going okay during the night.  I feed him around 8:30 or 9:00 then he goes to sleep, wakes around 12:00 to eat, then again at 3:00 until sleeping until 6:30 or 7:00.  In the mornings he takes quite a long time to wake up grunting, tooting and stretching for several minutes until he finally opens his eyes.  He’s currently sleeping in a Rock n’ play next to our bed which we all really love.  Sometimes in the mornings he’ll wake around 5:00 fussing a little and I’ll bring him to bed, nurse him and he’ll snooze with me until it’s time to get up.


During the day we aren’t on much of a schedule yet so he sleeps whenever and for however long he wants.  Some days that might be 3 hour stretches, and some days he’ll do more of 1-2 hour stretches.  As he gets older he’s having more wake time during the day which we are filling with making faces at each other and playing on his play mat.

Eating –

Currently Little Squish is breastfeeding and it’s going good!  I had a lot of struggles with The Love Nugget and looking back in his baby book I remember that we actually had to begin supplementing with formula around 2 months.  I never could produce enough milk for him so hoping this time around is going to be different.  I seem to be making enough to sustain him for now but there are defintiely some days where he’s eating nearly every hour rather than every 3ish hours.  although we’re not on any time of schedule at the moment I just feed him when he seems to be hungry.

IMG_3156 2

We tried a bottle around 3 weeks and he took it like a champ!  We’ve only done one a few times since then mainly because The Hubby really likes to be involved 🙂  Also because we’ve been giving him a little bit of a probiotic to see if that helps him with some tummy issues.  Kid toots and poops ALL THE TIME and seems to have gas pains quite often.  He screams and scrunches his legs into his tummy 🙁  Poor guy!  To try and rid the issue I’ve cut out all gluten and dairy from my diet as well as decreased my caffeine intake.  I also avoid sugar including chocolate as well as any other gas inducing foods.  I found this list on Pinterest from Healthful Mamma and was so bummed out about all the foods it says to try and avoid while breastfeeding.

Some of my favorites right now are on that list 🙁  BUT, trying to do whats going to make him the most comforatable and happy!

Playing –

Obviously there’s not too much playing going yet.  Although The Love Nugget has sure tried by putting some of his toys out for him.  The most we’ve done up to now is lay him on his play mat to look up at the bugs and lights.  We’ve also been doing tummy time but not for very long.  He doesn’t last long on his back nor on his tummy but we’ll get there.


Likes/Dislikes –

He really likes to be in the K’tan on my chest, he likes his wubbanub, the swing, the Rock’n play, being outside and bathtime.


He’s pretty partial to me right now since I’m the one with the grub 😉


He really dislikes having a dirty diaper, being swaddled, held certain ways, woken up or sometimes just waking up.

He’s been somewhat of a grumpy guy for the past few weeks as he becomes more aware of his surroundings.  Nothing unmanageable or colicky, just fussy.  Really hoping that begins to decrease as he gets older.  The Love Nugget was a horribly fussy baby and it stuck around for several months… Fingers crossed we don’t have the same problem this time!

IMG_3183 2

We’re already noticing a difference and he’s definitely better than The Love Nugget was at this point.  That or I’m just much more relaxed 🙂

Stay tuned for a post on how I’m approaching fitness and my 1 month postpartum update!


  • What were some likes and dislikes for your littles at 1 month.  
  • Did you have a food sensitive baby?  If so, what foods bothered them?  
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  1. So cute! I hope the fussiness calms down for you, as well as the gas pains. Annabelle has reflux and I think some intolerances that I tried cutting things out but ultimately gave in to formula and she was SO much happier and less pain. It was a hard decision but it is what it is!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thank you Heather! It does seem to be getting better so I’m thinking it might be something I was eating. Glad to hear things got better for you 🙂