Breastfeeding ups and downs

Breastfeeding ups and downs

Hi there!

Sorry for the absence again.  It’s definitely much more challenging finding time to blog these days with a newborn that doesn’t want to be put down…


Speaking of said newborn, things are going pretty good.  This week The Love Nugget has been at my mom’s house spending time with his cousins.  So we’ve had some one on one time which has been nice.  Don’t get me wrong I miss our little Love Nugget but it’s good that he’s there having fun.  Since he’s been gone we’ve been spending more time at home, working on building my milk supply and bonding.


Breastfeeding has been going pretty good.  You alway hear horror stories about breastfeeding but things have been pretty decent around here so far.  At least compared to what it was with The Love Nugget.  With him I was so uptight, so stressed and didn’t pay attention to what I should be doing to build a good supply.  I could never produce enough milk for him which left him screaming most the time and me in tears.  For months I struggled through it and ultimately started supplementing with formula.  Then around 6 months I just quit completely.

I’m really hoping to make it longer than that with our new little guy but I have to admit there have been time’s I’ve wanted to throw in the towel already.  Even though it’s been going okay… Breastfeeding is hard.

Our little squish seemed to be having some stomach issues last week.  Lots of gas, crying, pulling his knees in, poops every 30-45 minutes and a little diaper rash.  I figured it could be something I was eating so I cut out most caffeine (I’ll have a small cup some mornings), dairy, gluten, sugar (I needed to do this anyway), and anything anywhere remotely spicy. I also cut back on gassy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, etc. 🙁  A friend also recommended we try a probiotic so I found a great one from my favorite supplement company, Seeking Health, and we started him on that last Thursday.  After a week of having none of the above mentioned foods, and a few days with the probiotic, he seemed to be doing much better.  So I quit tracking my food but still haven’t been eating any of those foods.  Then the past few days have been a little tough.  He’s been much fussier especially in the evenings.  Sometimes he acts like he’s hungry then as soon as the milk lets down he pulls off screaming.  I don’t believe I have a fast let down and I know I don’t have an over abundance so that shouldn’t be the issue.  I think he just wants to be attached to my breast for comfort…  So it’s been a challenging week so far.  Hoping we can pinpoint the issue so things get better.


Luckily he sleeps pretty well at night only waking twice to eat then goes right back to sleep.  Which means I’ve been getting enough sleep at night to where I can function during the day without being over tired and at my wits end when he’s crying.


He also likes to be worn all the time so I’m trying to get used to carrying around a 9 pound baby on my chest.  Went from carrying him in my belly to carrying him on my chest :-/  I’m just trying to soak it all up and remain as relaxed as possible.  I know first hand how stress can affect your milk supply…


On top of keeping stress at bay, I’ve been making sure to eat lots of lactation supporting foods.  Like those Oat Mamma bars I mentioned the other day.  I’ve also been pumping at least once a day in the mornings to attempt to stimulate another feeding.  He’ll go a longer stretch in the mornings so I can get in one pumping session.  If I do too many more during the day though, I don’t have enough milk to keep him full and he ends up even fussier.


Although we have been able to get him to take a bottle which is great since there’s always the fear that won’t happen.  Which means I can pump and have The Hubby feed him so I can have a break 🙂  While we’ve had a few ups and downs so far, overall I feel like it’s going pretty good.  I haven’t had any pain or bleeding like some moms say they experience so that’s good.  To avoid that I make sure to put on my baby safe nipple balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby and massage while breastfeeding or pumping to help avoid mastitis.  So far so good!

This weekend will mark Little Squish’s 1 month birthday so I’ll give you all a full update then.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear you!

Did your little one have stomach issues?  

Did you have to cut out certain foods?  



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  1. Congratulations! The last time I commented it was about mthfr and fertility treatments at CCRM. I’m so glad that that’s all in the past and you have your sweet newborn

    Just wanted to comment on the feeding thing as although I pumped/nursed my last baby for 9 months, I always had to supplement because I had a breast reduction at age 19 and didn’t make a full milk supply. Anyway, we supplemented with HIPP organic formula from the UK. It’s such a well made formula (if you ever have to go down that route) as Europe has much stricter standards for their food. Plus it doesn’t smell or stain like US formulas and the poop is like that of a breast fed baby. Sorry if you’ve alteady researched this, but in case you haven’t, I wanted to pass it along. The organic US formulas pale in comparison to the European ones (and yes, breastmilk is fantastic if it works and I felt fortunate to feed my youngest BM until 9 months–but couldn’t do that with my first daughter but didn’t know about the other formulas then as she’s six.)

    Enjoy sweet baby cuddles. It goes TOO FAST!!!!