My Labor and Delivery Story

My Labor and Delivery Story

Hi friends!

In case you missed it, we welcomed our new little guy into the world last Thursday!  We are pretty in love with him and just soaking it all up.  Even the sleepless nights.  I forgot how much fun those are…  Overall things are going pretty good and like most people said, the second one is a lot easier.  Labor included.  Which is what I thought I’d share with you all today.  This little guys birth story!


You may have read that I was waiting, patiently, impatiently, for his arrival the past few weeks.  After our 39/40 week check up on Friday the 17th there was little progress made towards labor or delivery.  So we decided to schedule an elective induction.  Some people felt I should be patient and just wait for my body to go into labor on its own.  However, I was having a feeling of deja vu as I had waited 2 extra weeks for The Love Nugget’s arrival and would have probably continued to wait even longer is I hadn’t been induced.  I was trying everything I could to get things going naturally this time but nothing was working….


So we decided to just induce since I had done it before and knew I could handle it.  We scheduled an induction for Tuesday morning at 6:00am.  This actually worked out better as we were able to arrange for my mom to come down to stay with The Love Nugget.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen…  We were called early the next morning and told there was no room.  We rescheduled for Wednesday at 6:00 and I spent the day doing all the natural labor inducing tricks.  I had my fingers crossed I would go into labor that night but no luck…. We were up early to head to the hospital but yet again were called and told to check back later.  Frustrated, yes but just used the time to work, hang out with The Love Nugget and try to stay busy.


Around 3:00 that afternoon we called back and they told us to come in!  Woo hoo!  Excited and a bit nervous we packed up and drove to the hospital.  I was so fearful that we’d get there and they’d turn us away again but was pleasantly surprised when we were checked right in and shown to our room.


After the nurse got us all settled in, the doctor came in to check me and discuss the path of treatment we would take.  I was hoping that after all the natural tricks, walking, stair climbing, exercise ball bouncing etc. that I would have some progress.  NOPE!  Nothing had changed since my appointment 5 days prior.  So I was prescribed a cervix softener and put on a monitor to track my braxton hicks contractions and the baby.  It took forever to get the medication which had to do its job for four hours.  I didn’t get it until 9:00pm then had to be on the monitors for 20 minutes then off for 40 minutes throughout.  So the nurse was in and out of our room which meant I got no sleep.  At 2:00am a doctor came in to check my progress and I was making some but not really dilating.  She decided to use a folly balloon which would help to dilate me.  After a very uncomfortable hour and a half with this in, it came out and she rechecked me to find that I was dilated to a 3 1/2 and ready for pitocin.


At this point it was around 5:30am and I knew things would get going pretty quickly after this.  I ate a little bit of a muffin and read a book while I waited for the pitocin to kick in.  With The Love Nugget the contractions came on really quickly but I think they started me at a higher dose.  This time they weren’t that bad and I kept thinking to myself that maybe I could do it without the epidural….  Ha!  I laugh now.  They gradually increased the pitocin level and by 9:30 the contractions were getting VERY intense.  The nurse asked if I wanted the anesthesiologist to come in to discuss the procedure.  I agreed but was still hopeful I could do it without.  BUT… about 10 minutes later as we waited, the contractions intensified by 10 and I decided there was no way I could do this without drugs.  Luckily soon after, they arrived with the epidural and got started right away.  At this point it was a little after 10:00 and by 10:45 the pain was subsiding.  The doctor came in right around 11:00 to check me and told me I was a 4.  What!?!  All that pain and I was only a 4!!!   Thankfully the pain was gone and I figured I’d take a nap.  Just as I was closing my eyes the nurses came back in and moved the monitors around telling me that his heart rate was dropping after each contraction.  I heard her call the doc and she said, “Okay well she could be ready to push.”  Yeah right I thought, it’s been 30 minutes.  The doc was there within just a few minutes, checked me and said, “Okay, you’re a 10, do you remember how to push?”  WHAT!?!


I started pushing shortly after that.  during that time the doctor told me that if we didn’t get him out fairly quickly that she might have to use the vacuum because there was a chance the cord was around his neck causing his heart rate to drop.  I thought to myself, “there is no way I’m letting that happen.”  Three more pushes and he was out!  Sunny side up which caused his head to be a little cone-shaped but he was absolutely perfect!  They kept him on my stomach waiting for the cord to stop pulsing before having The Hubby cut the cord.


Then he was handed to me and we did skin to skin contact for about an hour and a half.


It was perfect even if it didn’t happen exactly as I had hoped it would.  Yes I wanted a natural labor but I’m glad I didn’t wait.  My body just doesn’t like to go into labor on its own…


Regardless of how I went into labor, the goal was reached which was finally holding my little guy in my arms 🙂  And our little family is now complete 🙂


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my, I think it was so good you decided to be induced! If not, I’m sure you would still be pregnant! And just a few pushes? Lucky you! He is so darling and you are a champ!

  2. So happy that he is on the outside and things went roughly uneventful!! I swear those that say to wait for labor to happen, never ever ever had to wait over two weeks over their due date! They don’t know how uncomfortable it can get!!

  3. I was a little nervous to read this so close to my due date but I could not resist and actually it made me feel better!! I can’t believe you went from a 4-10 in 30 minutes LOL! I haven’t had my doctor check me at all because I don’t want to start playing that mental game with myself.