Maternity Photo Shoot and Self Love

Maternity Photo Shoot and Self Love

Hi friends!

You might have seen my post a few of my maternity pics on my Facebook page recently.  You might have also seen a post about my previous pregnancy and how I avoided maternity pictures.  I actually avoided taking any pictures at all during my first pregnancy.


I was ashamed of the weight I had gained, felt insecure, ugly, disgusted, you name it, I felt it…


I know ridiculous right?  I mean, I was growing a tiny human!  A blessing that I would love more than anything on this planet and I knew that but yet I still hated what was happening to my body.


So I avoided pictures and definitely turned my nose up when asked about having a maternity shoot.  No way was I going to want anything that would make me look back and remember how big I was!


However, this time was different.  Even though I’ve gained more weight than I did in my first pregnancy, I looked forward to a maternity photo shoot.


I stood in front of a mirror almost weekly and snapped a pic of my growing body (much more grew than just my belly this time) and proudly posted it on Instagram.


I exercised, ate healthy when I felt like it, gave into cravings when I felt like it and embraced my new fuller figure for the time being.


I feel like I was able to appreciate these bodily changes this time around more because of the mental changes I’ve made in the past few years.  Through finding a healthy balance with diet and exercise, I’ve been able to appreciate my body for all it does for me rather than bash it for its flaws.


Does this just come with age?  Maybe….  I think for me it’s been a combination of experiences I’ve been through, research I’ve done and finding a healthy way to stay fit without being obsessive.


Which has resulted in self love and some great maternity pictures 😉


Am I 100% happy with my body all the time?  No, I don’t think most of us are but I appreciate what my body does for me, love it for what it is even when it’s nearly 50 pounds heavier than normal, and cherish this time growing this tiny human.


A truly amazing thing 🙂

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  1. Kara Lemmon says:


  2. I think you are beautiful on the inside and out! It’s definitely hard seeing your body change during pregnancy, but I’ve learned to love my bigger self too. It’s amazing that we are growing tiny humans and I think it’s awesome that you shared your pictures this time. It’s so fun to look back at the pictures and one day show your new little one!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You look amazing <3

    Edye |

  4. Jennifer Wear says:

    Your pics are amazing! I took bump pics and put them in my pregnancy journals with my two daughters. It’s nice to have them with the weeks marked so that when my friends are pregnant we can look at them and compare and so when I have baby #3 I can look back and see and compare. I’m glad you did the photoshoot, such an exciting time for you!