We Have a Graduate!

We Have a Graduate!

They say it over and over again but you  never know how true it is until you are living it.  Time really does go by so fast when you have little ones.


The Love Nugget just a few days old 🙂 

It wasn’t all that long ago that this little guy was just starting preschool.  Now we have a graduate!

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He’s been anticipating this day for quite some time now.  I think he thought it was going to be a big hoorah because his babysitter and our neighbor just graduated high school.  Of course she had a grad party which we went to and got gifts etc.  So he felt he should be getting the same.  We however, weren’t on that same page as him.  We did celebrate but not with the party he had expected.  Sorry bud, it’s preschool!


His graduation was super cute though complete with awards, songs and cupcakes of course 🙂


His teacher said he was most likely to be a secret agent when he grew up because he is very observant and inquisitive.  Which is so true!


After his graduation we had to rush downtown to get to my 38 (almost 39) week doctors appointment.  Which I’m sure was so fun for him.   Well, and me for that matter.  I received the disappointing news that I was only 1 centimeter dilated and what she referred to as a cervix of steel.  It brought back memories from when I was pregnant with The Love Nugget and enduring those last final weeks hoping to hear good news at each appointment.  Only to be disappointed at each one… She was able to slightly sweep my membranes which could initiate something happening but at this point I’m beginning to think my body just doesn’t like to go into labor on it’s own.  We discussed inducing and while I really want to do everything naturally, at this point, I’m going to do what I need to do.

I know I’ve technically still got a week until my actual due date but with not much progress I’m open to options.   The past week has been pretty uncomfortable and painful.  I’m having a ton of pelvic pain from his head sitting low and my pelvic splitting.  It’s so hard to walk, get up from sitting, roll over in bed or anything else for that matter.  I hate complaining because obviously we are so blessed to even be in this situation but I didn’t feel like this with The Love Nugget and have honestly been pretty miserable….

So like I said, I’m open to options.   The plan right now is to continue walking, eating my labor inducing foods, bouncing on my stability ball and then go back in Friday to see where I’m at.  If there is still no progress we may go ahead and schedule an induction right around my due date.  I really want to do this naturally but have also read about lots of women who have a stubborn cervix like I do and just don’t progress on their own.   As frustrating as it is I know I can handle an induction and since I didn’t have a c-section with my first my chances of having one this time are MUCH lower.  Fingers crossed my stubborn cervix starts doing what it’s supposed to do!

On another note, after a draining day Friday, I had a pretty great day Saturday that really boosted my mood 🙂  A trip to a local farmers market with my cousin and some shopping made for a great morning!


I was in much better spirits after my morning and had a relaxing Saturday afternoon hanging in the backyard, reading magazines, sipping on watermelon lemonade from the farmers market and watching The Love Nugget on the Slip n Slide.


He had been dying for one after our neighbors told him they had one so we picked one up yesterday and he spent hours playing on it.

We had family pizza and movie night which is always fun.


Sunday was a busy day of nesting!   I swear I have dreams about what I could organize and clean.  We aren’t very big on clutter or holding on to things so there’s not a ton to go through or clean.  But I keep finding things I can do 🙂  Sunday I re-organized my shoes, transferred summer dresses from the guest room closet to our closet, packed up some maternity clothes and re-organized the closet in the guest room.  Which ended up with us needed to make a Goodwill run.  After lunch I made blackberry jam, plum jam and plum apple sauce.


I was on a roll and wanted to make another batch of plum jam but my feet were aching and the exhaustion caught up with me.  So to the couch I went to rest until The Hubby was finished making dinner.  A productive and relaxing weekend again.  It won’t be long until we don’t have those anymore!


  • What was the highlight of your weekend? 
  • If you’ve been pregnant, did you deliver naturally?  
  • Do you like to can food?  
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  1. Jessica says:

    Dr. Cherry in Roseville is amazing for acupuncture. I had several treatments the week before my due date..she arrived a day late 🙂 If nothing else, you’ll feel great after treatment!

  2. Yayy!! Congrats to him! That’s exciting for him to graduate 🙂 I really hope the babe comes soon and you don’t have to be induced, or if so, you’re not waiting around 10 days -2 weeks after your due date!!

  3. aw man so sorry to hear you werent progressing like you wanted..so frustrating! Youre almost there!! The highlight of my weekend was a sister and niece trip to the zoo!