Helping to Get Labor Started Naturally

Helping to Get Labor Started Naturally

42 weeks.


In the hospital waiting to be induced 🙁

That’s how long I was pregnant with The Love Nugget.  It felt like forever!   Even at 42 weeks I didn’t naturally go into labor.  I was induced and am keeping my fingers triple crossed that we avoid that this time around.

Which is why I’ve been doing a few things on my own to hopefully get things moving naturally by my due date.  Sure it would be nice to be a little early but I’m mostly just trying to avoid being overdue or induced again.  I’ve read all sorts of stories out there about what helped others and last week started implementing a few things I’ve learned.


1 . Drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and eating pineapple and dates.

From what I’ve read, pineapple, especially the core, includes bromelain which is a natural enzyme that helps to soften the cervix.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea containsl  fragrine, which can help tone the uterus by strengthening the ligaments and muscle fibers in the pelvis.  There is more research showing that it helps to shorten the duration of labor but some women swear that drinking it helped them get labor started.

Dates are one that I hadn’t heard of until recently.  I read an article on Wellness Mama about how dates can help shorten labor.  Since then I’ve also read that women who ate dates during the last few weeks of pregnancy had a higher rate of spontaneous labor, a higher cervical dilation upon hospital admission and shorter labors.

So I figure, why not?

2. Evening Primrose Oil is one that I’ve been a bit weary of.  I’ve read some mixed reviews about how women who took it during pregnancy actually had longer labors.  However, there is a lot of research and testimonials that say it can help to ripen the cervix preparing for labor.

I’ve talked to a few women who swear by Evening Primrose oil but I’m going to discuss it with my doctor this week at my appointment before starting anything.


3. Exercise has been a constant staple throughout my pregnancy and while I’m slowing down, I’m still going!  I’m now focusing more on walking, yoga, squats, and bike riding.  Walking and squats in particular are two things that help the baby move down in the birth canal so I’m making sure to include those almost daily!  Although I’ll admit walking isn’t ever as long as I’d like it since I tend to have to pee about 10 minutes into it!


4. Hypnobirthing and fear free child birth are two methods I’ve been reading about to help with labor.  While I’m mostly focusing on them for getting me through delivery, I notice they are also helping to keep me very relaxed about the whole labor process.  I’ve read a few articles about how fear can prolong labor and I definitely agree since I was VERY scared about going into labor with The Love Nugget.  So this time around I’m focusing on the end result and on having a fear free childbirth.  I’m hoping this will help to get things moving!

None of these methods are proven to make you go into labor.  However, if they can help the process of labor along or get things started a little sooner, I’ll take it!  Of course you should check with your doctor before beginning any of these natural methods.


  • What natural methods did you use to get baby moving on out?  
  • If you’ve had a baby, did you have them naturally or medicated?
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  1. I’m gestating #3 right now. With both of my others, the first was induced at 42, the second induced at 41+1. I think had I waited maybe a few more days with #2 I may have gone into labor naturally but I didn’t mind being induced when I was. I have no tips for you! Everything I tried did nothing. I talked with my doctor about the chances of having to be induced again with this one and the answer was “although each pregnancy is different, there is a high chance of induction” I know this isn’t what you want to hear as like she said, you just never know!

    For me though, the first induction was a long process with stalling with a posterior presenting baby so with the second I progressed super fast but so wanted the epidural as I was afraid. Lucky? for me when the anethetisologist came in I was at the 10 mark so couldn’t get it. Active labor with the first was ‘only’ 8.5 hours and was just shy of 3.5 with the second. You are right, mind set is everything!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Congrats on number 3! I’m hoping it’s a natural birth but also open to induction if it doesn’t happen naturally. Since I’ve done it once I figure I can do it again 🙂

  2. Jennifer Wear says:

    Im kind of convinced that it is just each person is different. I didn’t do anything except walk a lot (which I would have done no matter what) and both labors started right up on their own at exactly 39 weeks and progressed fairly quickly. Then you hear about people who do everything under the sun and go 42 weeks and still have to be induced!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I agree. From what I’ve heard, some people have a stubborn cervix, like me, and end up being induced. I’m praying I go into labor on my own but know either way I’ll meet him soon!

  3. Oh please keep me posted!! I tried most of these (except primrose oil) with my first son and he was still 10 days late and I was induced. I am crossing my fingers it’s a different time around with this pregnancy!!! Good luck girlfriend!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m keeping my fingers triple crossed! So far no luck 🙁 Hopefully it won’t be the same for you!