What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy humpday!

I’ve been loving Wednesday’s lately.  Half-way through another week of pregnancy!  Definitely on the count down these days.  Just about 4 weeks left!  Crazy right!?!  For some reason I have a feeling he’ll be arriving a week before but knowing my luck that won’t happen….  I’m keeping my fingers crossed though!

Anyway, since it’s Wednesday I thought I’d share a day of eats for a WIAW round-up.  I don’t do these all that often these days but they are fun to do every once in awhile.  So here’s a look of eats from the other day 🙂

Breakfast – The Hubby was home so made some eggs and sausage but all I wanted was a smoothie bowl.


In this mix was 1/2 a frozen banana, frozen blackberries, plain organic yogurt, spinach, ice and water.  Topped with granola, strawberries and bananas.  Yum!

Before I left to take The Love Nugget to school I had 1/2 a piece of banana bread.

I coached the 9:15 class then was starving when I left at 10:30 so had an Epic Bison Bar.

Lunch – The Love Nugget and I met a friend for lunch at The Green Boheme.


I had the “BLT” which is made with zucchini bacon.  Yep that’s right, bacon made out of zucchini!  It was delicious.

After a few birthday errands, we headed home to rest.  Pretty much every afternoon we both take a “rest”.  He sometimes falls asleep and I get to sleep for at least 20 minutes 🙂  It’s glorious!

We had a snack after rest which was some carrots, sunbutter and a bunch of cherries.  Obsessed with cherries lately!


I was scheduled to coach at 4:15 but no one came to class so I got in a 3 mile walk/jog.  Then came home to make dinner.

FullSizeRender 33

Tilapia topped with a hearts of palm cucumber kiwi salsa and kale salad.

Before bed I tend to want a little something and this night it was two of these date stuffed with coconut butter as well as a few bites of The Hubby’s ice cream.


Evidently dates are supposed to help make the duration of labor shorter so I’ve been eating around 6 a day.  Can’t hurt to try it right???

That’s it for a day of my eats!  I find that I’m able to eat much more in the mornings than in the afternoon/evenings.  Even though I have full plates for lunch and dinner, I was only able to eat about 1/2 of those meals.  I get so full and uncomfortable if I eat too much.  Pregnancy perks….



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  1. 4 weeks… wow!! You are so close. I’ll pray for an early arrival for you.

    I have never heard of zucchini bacon but I’m all about anything bacon these days so I would definitely eat it.

    Do the dates in larabars count?? haha I’m always up for a shorter labor!

  2. Yum! Ive never tried or seen zucchini bacon i bet I would love it!