Exercise During the Third Trimester

Exercise During the Third Trimester

Hi guys!

I’m half-way through the third trimester now which means we’ll be meeting our little guy soon!   Hopefully sooner than later but don’t we all wish for that.  I’ve mentioned before that The Love Nugget was two weeks late.   My doctor has already said they won’t let me go that long over due since there is now way we are off on our dates as far as being later.  However, my doctor took a leave of absence due to some family emergency so I meet with a new doc in a week.  At this point I’m fine with it since typically a midwife delivers anyway but part of me is a little annoyed because I really like my doctor.  He is the head of perinatology at the hospital and as I see other doctors I learn more about the route he took with me wasn’t what everyone else would have done.

Most of my miscarriages happened around 4-5 weeks of pregnancy with the exception of one being at 8 weeks.  From all the research I did and tests I had, I linked this mostly to my MTHFR.  I tried taking the baby aspirin which was recommended by doctors and made sure I was taking the correct form of folate (methylfolate for those that have MTHFR) however, I continued to have miscarriages.  I read a lot about cases where women with MTHFR were put on a blood thinner during pregnancy to keep them from having any clotting issues which is what is thought to possibly cause the miscarriages.   So as soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, I called and requested to be put on blood thinner.  My doctor was a bit hesitant at first as there are some associated risks to the mom but none to the baby.  They usually wait until after 7 weeks to put a patient on this particular treatment because there’s a chance of having a tubal pregnancy and major complications could arise from being on this drug…  However, since we had tried everything else and I was okay with these associated risks, he went ahead and put me on a low dose of Lovenox.  Which I am still currently on.  Injections everyday!  Yay!

Even though giving myself a shot everyday isn’t fun, I think it’s a lot of what has kept me pregnant this time.  As I’ve met with other doctors while my doc has been out, they’ve expressed their concerns they had with this route of treatment and mentioned they may have done it differently.  At this point I’m 100% confident in the decision that my doctor and I made and so thankful that he took that risk.  I’m sad he won’t be seeing me through to the end of my pregnancy but glad to have been his patient as he’s an amazing doctor!

Another thing he did through this pregnancy was support my level of exercise even though I was high risk and even when I had placenta previa.  I had seen a different doctor when they found the placenta previa and he told me the most I could do was walk or yoga.  I was pretty bummed out as I’m pretty active and had just gotten back in my groove after a rough first trimester.  My doctor called a few days later to discuss the issue and ensured me that I was okay to still exercise at a moderate level since I’d been doing so before with no complications.  This made me feel so much better and while I kept things mellow, I was pleased to be able to continue working out.  

Speaking of exercise, today I thought I’d share a little of what my fitness has been looking like as I near the end of my pregnancy.  Things are definitely starting to slow down at 34 weeks pregnant.  I have some days where I feel amazing and can join my clients at the gym for a modified HIIT workout.  Then I have days where I can barely bring myself to do a prenatal yoga video.  Right now I’m focusing on getting in some form of physical activity 6-7 days a week.  Whether this is a short, modified video, a quick workout at the gym or a 20 minute walk I know it’s helping to prepare my body for labor and post-birth recovery.

Here’s a peak at what my week looked like last week,

Monday – Felt great so joined my 6:00 am client for a 45 minute interval workout which included pull-ups, burpees, push-ups, squats, lunges etc.

Tuesday – 20 minute walk and 21 Day Fix Upper Body Workout

Wednesday – Lower body and jogging workout at the gym

Thursday – Rested

Friday – This 30 minute workout at the gym

Pregnant or Not Workout

Saturday – 30 minute prenatal yoga and guided mediation

Sunday – Bike ride and rest

Like I said, some days I feel great some days I feel like all I want to do is lay on the couch…  Most days are good though 🙂  I am starting to feel a lot more pressure down in the pelvic area as the baby drops lower preparing for delivery.  I was telling my husband the other day I felt like he was going to fall out anytime!  BUT I’ve still got a few more weeks to go before we get to that point 🙂

Some people ask why I continue to exercise the way I do.  Why not just walk or do yoga?  I’m a big believer in doing what you feel good doing.  I’m not pushing myself out of my limits during these workouts or trying to set some crazy new goal.  I enjoy exercising in this manner and as long as I’m feeling good doing so figure, why not?  To be honest, I’ve always been more into faster paced workouts.  So to completely quite doing workouts where my heart rate increases a little is hard for me.  I ask at every appointment if what I’m doing is still okay and the answer is always the same.  As long as I’m feeling good and not doing anything crazy or that I wasn’t doing before and there’s no risk to the baby, I’m fine.

I’m sure in the next few weeks things will start to slow down even more.  I’m planning to incorporate more walking and yoga as I near the end.  The key is to just listen to your body and do what feels good for your body.  Some days that might be pull-ups and squats, some days that’s a short walk or stretching, but the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are huge so continuing to do something is top on my list 🙂



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  1. You’re doing amazing, Giselle!! I am so happy you’ve been able to continue working out. I remember the pelvic pain. I had to stop running because of it. Oddly enough lunges also hurt it. But just like you, I stayed active. Last week or two there were more walks than anything else but that’s ok! You totally know how to listen to your body so I have no doubt you’ll continue through to the delivery!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thanks Heather! Yes, pelvic pain on lunges for sure! Reverse lunges not as bad but front lunges are a definite no go 🙁 Lots of goblet squats! Running is getting harder but I still manage to do some good run/walks each week which feels good. Hoping to continue up until the end!

  2. It’s great that you are able to continue working out and that your doctor approved! I always ask at my appointments too to make sure everything I’m doing is okay. To be honest I feel like when I start an exercise and it feels uncomfortable I know to stop and that’s probably the best thing a pregnant lady can do is to listen to her body right??

    I bet your are getting excited as you near your due date!! It’s such an exciting time!

  3. Wow thats awesome that you’re able to keep up with workouts! Total props to you! Listening to your body is the best thing anyone could do…pregnant or not. You go for it if you feel you can do it, lady! <3 I love the "Pregnant or Not" title—haha so cute!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Thank you! Some days are harder than others but yes, listening to my body seems to be working so I’m going to keep at it until I can’t 🙂

  4. Jennifer Wear says:

    I’ve always been super active but due to a lot of tendon issues I’ve never been able to do any running or jumping so I just stuck with weights, biking, walking, yoga and pilates during both pregnancies. If I’m lucky enough to have a third I’ll also do barre, which I’ve been doing for two years now and love so much.