At Home Date Night with Datebox

At Home Date Night with Datebox

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all having a marvelous week so far.  We’ve got another busy one which is a trend these days.  April/May are always pretty busy months for us and this year is no different.  In just 5 weeks we have 1 bridal shower, 2 baby showers, 7 birthday’s (including The Love Nugget’s) and Mother’s Day.  I need to start an April/May celebration fund!

It’s all fun stuff though and great since it makes the time go by faster.  This past weekend we were supposed to go out of town for my Dad’s birthday but something came up and we couldn’t make it.  So we took advantage of a night at home and had a little date night using a fun new monthly service called Datebox!


If you’re like us, you might not get out for date nights as much as you’d like to.  In fact, ours have been pretty minimal lately with everything we have going on.  With the new baby coming, now is an even more important time for us to be having some alone time.  Even if that means we put aside a few hours one night for some quality time.


So Saturday evening after a yummy dinner of halibut, sautéed swiss chard and veggies,


We put a movie on for The Love Nugget and opened up our Datebox!


Each month you’re sent a themed box filled with all sorts of goodies for a fun evening with your love.  This past month (we actually got it in March but haven’t had time to do it),  was all about getting creative and included all the ingredients to make cake pops,


Confession, I don’t like cake much or cake pops.  So this one was strictly for The Hubby.  Well, The Love Nugget enjoyed one too 🙂

While our cakepops chilled before frosting, we got in touch with our inner artists and painted a few things for the baby’s nursery.


Again all the materials were included (minus the paper plates), including a link for inspiration and a romantic playlist.


We actually went through two of their playlists and enjoyed them both 🙂

At first I wasn’t really looking forward to painting and I think The Hubby felt the same.  But once we got started, we both found it so relaxing and enjoyable!


Like I said, we used the Baby’s room for our inspiration with me doing an abstract teepee painting and The Hubby doing an arrow.


They turned out pretty good!  We enjoyed it so much that we decided after the baby is born we’d go do one of those wine and painting nights at a local studio.

We also decided that we would sign up for Datebox to continue these fun at home date nights!  We figure we’ll probably get great use out of them when the baby comes and not being able to actually go out too much for a few months.   Can’t wait until our next one arrives!

If you’re in the need for some fun, alone time with your significant other, definitely check out Datebox!


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  1. wow I’ve never heard of this subscription–what a great idea. I’ll have to check it out!