Currently in April…

Currently in April…

Hi there!

Hope you’re all having a great week!  We’ve had a very busy week so far between working, school, packing, soccer, and doctor’s appointments I feel like we’ve been going non-stop!  Luckily we have a little vacation coming up that we are all looking forward to.  Speaking of doctor’s appointments, I had a check up yesterday and our little dude flipped!  He’s head down the way he’s supposed to be so hopefully he stays that way 🙂  He’s growing just great and I’ve been feeling good (besides some crazy braxton hicks the past week) so doc was happy with how things are going.  Which is always good to hear!

I was scrolling through some old posts and saw a currently post and realized it’s been awhile since I’ve done one.  They are fun ways to catch up with life etc.


Current Book(s): I’ve been trying to dive into this book for a few months. Since I’m nearing the end figure I better pick it up and actually start reading it instead of flip through it.  I’ve heard good things so hopefully it’s helpful 🙂

Current Music:

I’ve really been enjoying Amos Lee when I’m home relaxing or cooking dinner.

Other than that I listen to a lot of workout music while teaching classes at the gym.  Speaking of, I need to create a new playlist!  Think that might be on my travel to do list 🙂

Current Guilty Pleasure

Food!  Ha!  I’ve sort of given in to a lot of pregnancy cravings lately.  Cookies, chocolate, frozen yogurt.  My top guilty pleasure has been these dark chocolate covered almonds I can’t get enough of.  They are from this co-op in downtown sac and have natural ingredients so they aren’t overly sweet or waxy.  They are so good!


Current Nail Color:

Blah, none.  Hoping to paint them or go get a gel manicure this weekend 🙂

Current Drink: 

This iced tea that I’ve been obsessed with lately!

FullSizeRender 28

Current Food:

Smoothies and granola or yogurt and granola.  Can’t get enough!


Current Favorite Show:

I really don’t watch much T.V. these days… The only show I seem to watch is Scandal once a week on DVR.  So that would be my favorite show 🙂

Current Wish List:

  1. A healthy baby
  2. A healthy baby that is not overdue (The Love Nugget was two weeks late)
  3. An easy labor.  Ha!  Like that ever happens!

Current Needs:

Everyone keeps asking what we need for the baby.  I know we need stuff but haven’t given much thought to exactly what we need.  Plus I haven’t gotten all of The Love Nugget’s baby stuff out.  I started to get some of his old clothes out and know that we definitely need to update some of those.  It’s been a five years to some are pretty outdated…  So I’m starting to look for a few cute outfits, bibs (loving these) and other newborn essentials.  Recommendations?

Current Bane of my Existence:

Braxton Hicks.  If you’ve been pregnant, you know what I mean 🙁 #practicecontractions #nofun #annoying

Current Celebrity Crush:

Can’t say that I have one right now….

Current Indulgence:

Oh my pregnancy cravings for sugar have been out of control lately!  So indulging I’ve definitely been doing… Cookies are a big one and I try to keep it some what healthy by making these almost weekly.


BUT, I still indulge on a good, soft, bakery cookie from time to time 🙂

Current Blessing:

I think this one is a given. After years of trying and multiple miscarriages, we’re having a baby!!!!

Current Slang:

Slang… I don’t really think I have any current slangs.

Current Outfit: 

Now that the weather is warming up I’m all about dresess.  I have a feeling I’ll be sporting them (when I’m not in my workout clothes) up until delivery 🙂

Current Excitement:

That we have 2 1/2 months until we get to meet our little dude!!!!

Current Mood:

Exhausted.  Pretty much all the time but especially tonight.  A sleepless night followed by a VERY long day.  It’s 8:30 and I’m about to hit the sack!

Current Link:

Etsy to order baby gear!!!!


  • Your turn!  What are some of your currents?  
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  1. I’m so happy to hear your baby boy is heads down, you must be SO excited. That’s fabulous.

    I’m totally craving chocolate and sweets too. I have been indulging in too many brownies & cookies. Some days I’m good and then other days I’m BAD. 🙂

  2. i currently cant get enough of baked oatmeal…soo good!

  3. I don’t know if I’ve had Braxton hicks…. I had cramping last week but I don’t think that’s the same thing. And round ligament pain, which I also think is different. What do they feel like?