Catching up

Catching up

Yesterday morning I woke up at 4:00am wide awake.  My mom was staying with us and had to be dropped off at the airport early but The Hubby was taking her.  So even though I didn’t have to get up to take her, I was still wide awake.  Some of that was probably the little early morning dancer I have living in my belly 🙂  He likes to party between 4:00 and 5:00 these days.  Anyway, I laid there awake and started thinking about this great blog post I was going to write.  I had an awesome title and nearly the whole post written out in my brain.  I thought, “I should get up and write this down!”  I did get up, and went to the garage to workout since I was up and before I knew it, that blog post was gone.  By the time I sat down to write a few hours later, I had nothing.  Couldn’t even remember what it was about.  Blame it on my pregnancy brain or the lack of sleep but it was gone.  That’s actually been happening a lot these days which is why I’ve been a little absent around here.  Not because I don’t want to blog, but because I just don’t have much to say.  Then when I do, I forget it before I get a chance to write it down.  So basically, I’m still here but please excuse my lack of posts lately.


Exhausted!  I feel like I always look this way lately, just wiped out! 

On top of that we’ve just been busy.  Busy finishing up the backyard, busy enjoying the springtime weather, busy with coaching and just life in general.  Which is good because it’s making the time go by faster which means baby will be here before we know it!  This hit me the other day so I ventured out to Hobby Lobby to look for a few decor pieces for the nursery.  Which everyone keeps asking me about.  Truth is, we haven’t really done much in there.  Well, I take that back.  The walls are painted and I did finish painting the dresser and crib but that’s about it.  So, like I said I figured I should start decorating a little since life is about to get crazy here starting next month.

Everyone keeps asking, “what’s the theme?”  “What colors are you doing?”  BUT, I’m being a little hush, hush.  I don’t know why really.  I think it’s my obsessive controlling nature that wants to make sure everything is exactly as I want it.  What better way to control things than not tell anyone what you’re doing?  Still, I figured I’d give you guys a sneak peek just because I love you all 🙂


A little grey, a little navy, maybe some orange added in and tribal accents to start with.  That’s all you get for now 🙂

Speaking of baby, I have an appointment next week to check on him before we fly to Seattle on Thursday.  The plus side of being high risk is that I get to see him every four weeks on an ultrasound so that’s been kind of fun.  Not like my previous pregnancy where we would just hear the heartbeat at each visit.

I’m curious to see if he’s flipped.  Some days it feels like his feet are up as I feel jabs in my ribs, then others I feel kicks on my bladder.  So who knows!  I will say he’s been quite a bit more active the past few days and I’m beginning to feel more limbs than just tiny pokes on my hand.  The other day The Love Nugget got to feel him pushing against my belly with a knee or an elbow and he thought it was so cool!


He’s getting excited too but also more curious as to how this is all going to go down.  We’re getting those questions like, “How exactly is the baby going to get out of your belly?”  He seems to be 100% unaware that there will be a good amount of time that the baby will not be playing with him as he tells everyone that soon the baby is going to run around in the backyard with him.  Not for a long time buddy!  While we haven’t picked out a name yet, he has a few in mind.  When people ask him if we have a name he says, “Yes, Collin.”  Not sure where he got that but it was a nice change from his original choices of Superman, Batman and Spiderman.  Which are still in the running 😉

As the exhaustion of the third trimester is sneaking up and life has been so busy, I’ve noticed I’ve been a bit more irritable and impatient with him.  There are many days where I feel like I’ve failed as a mom because we haven’t done anything fun or I’ve spent half the day annoyed with him.  So I’ve been really making an effort to focus on having fun and being more present when we do have time together.  Going to the park, playing in the backyard, riding bikes, just doing fun things that I know we won’t get to do as much of once baby arrives.  Even though we’ve still got a few months to go, I want to make sure to cherish this time I have with him as it will be our last few months with just him.


Even on days when I just want to turn on a movie and crash!  Although, I will be doing that some days as the exhaustion increases and I know I won’t get to as often when little man arrives.

On another note, I did want to mention to you all that I have an upcoming online accountability group that starts April 11th and I’d love for you to join!  3 weeks of daily 30 minute workouts, meal planning, portion control assistance, recipes, workout tips, meal guides and TONS of support!  I’ve had amazing results from my clients and would love for you to join!

Here’s a few testimonials from past clients,

“When I decided to do this program my intentions were just to do the clean eating part because I honestly don’t have good eating habits and I rely on my metabolism and cardio so I can eat bad! Giselle was my motivation to start exercising when she taught my middle daughter in second grade, which was 7 years ago, and she still motivates me! She always knows the latest and greatest exercising trends and I loved her passion for fitness then and I still love her passion for it now!

So, when I received my kit I started doing the workouts right away but didn’t start the nutritional part because I was a bit scared to change the way I cook and eat and with my three girls involved in so many different activities we all eat at different times so I just wasn’t sure it was going to work. I didn’t even weigh or measure myself the first week because I told myself I wasn’t in this to lose anything, just to change my eating habits! Then everyone started posting and it brought me out of my shell, I started cooking some of the recipes, my family liked the food and my kids were really interested in what I was doing. I’m 44 years old and I don’t do change very good, but I love this change and I’m so glad I did it! I can say that I honestly don’t know my measurements but I’ve lost 4-5 pounds, and I consider that a bonus because my goal was healthier eating and I can say that we definitely are eating healthier! Even though 21 days are over, I’m still in it as if it’s still going! Thank you for checking in with me Giselle when you thought I probably had checked out! I need that reminder every once in a while! You have a great way with words and you are such an inspiration! I can’t wait to order the next 21 day fix extreme once I feel like I’ve conquered this one! I especially can’t wait until my cookbook comes in either!!!” 


“I will be honest, I was a skeptic at first. I am like that by nature so I wasn’t COMPLETELY sold on this idea. How can anyone really change in 21 days??? Is this just another gimmick? Will this really change my eating habits?…..And, workout videos???! Ugh. (Not my thing).

Well, I am still here! And, obviously I opened my mind to the possibilities…..and guess what? I am thrilled with this program. Here’s why: My goal from the very beginning was to clean up our eating habits, to live an overall healthier lifestyle, and, hey, who doesn’t want to tone up in the process and maybe shed a few pounds? I opened up my mind to the workout videos and resisted the urge to press the fast forward button (more than a few times)! I actually have grown to enjoy my daily 30 minute videos (minus the yoga, sorry Yogi’s) and love the incorporation of weights. I should add that I am a runner (not one of those “serious” types of runners, but I do run 3-4 days a week), and I was able to still keep my running schedule going. I just followed a different order when it came to the workout videos.

But, the biggest change of all has been my family. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Fixate cookbook. We have used a recipe from it almost daily. My husband and I have been in the kitchen cooking together, almost nightly. He has been sticking to the diet as well, which has lead him to living a more active lifestyle. Our girls are watching, helping, and most importantly, eating the same foods we are! We are gathered at the table nightly, trying new things together. This has been HUGE. The Sunday meal preps have turned into a family gathering in the kitchen, with everyone helping. The girls love this.

Thank you all for the support and thank you Giselle for helping my family lead a healthier lifestyle. You are the reason why we were so successful!” 

Challenge starts April 11th and the last day to sign up is April 2nd so message me at or comment below for details.


  • What’s new with you?  
  • If you’ve been pregnant, did you get more tired in the third trimester?  
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  1. I’m not in the third trimester yet but all of a sudden exhausted and having trouble doing my regular workouts!!! I’ve been kind of hush hush about my nursery too. I don’t want any corny theme type stuff so I’m just telling people gray and white. Love your decor!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I was just thinking about you and wondering how your pregnancy was going. Hope everything is going good!

  2. Aw those nursery items look so cute!!! 🙂 Cant wait to see it later when its done!

  3. I can totally relate on having great blog post ideas and then forgetting to jot them down. I feel like all my posts are somehow linked to my pregnancy and I haven’t been writing that much because my workouts aren’t anything special.

    I think it’s great that you are spending lots of quality time with the love nugget. I’m sure he will adjust great to your new addition!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      Pregnancy brain! I don’t want to overload with pregnancy posts so I just haven’t been posting. Which is fine for now with me 🙂