A Fun Easter Weekend

A Fun Easter Weekend

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and fabulous weekend!

Friday we had some friends over to decorate cookies and eggs for the weekend.


We all had so much fun especially when they got to eat the cookies 🙂


Later I got to sneak off and get a pedicure while The Hubby cooked dinner.  Grilled Elk, a yummy salad and sweet potatoes enjoyed outdoors in the gorgeous weather.  Yum!


Saturday I taught the morning classes then came home to get The Love Nugget so we could rush to an Easter event at The Flower Farm.


It was a small scavenger hunt held around their nursery and cafe.  Even though it didn’t last long, The Love Nugget had fun and I was pleased it didn’t end with a TON of candy.


We enjoyed lunch on their patio then headed home to rest.  The rest of the day we lounged around out back while The Hubby worked in the yard.  He mowed our new lawn and the dogs ended up with green feet from running around in the freshly cut grass.


Haha!  The Hubby and I rented to watch after The Love Nugget went to bed.  We watched the Intern and thought it was pretty cute!  Not as funny as I expected but good.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early to get in a workout and make sure The Easter Bunny came!


He was so excited about his Easter Basket and then had fun finding all his hidden eggs.


It was nice to be home for the morning and enjoy a yummy, healthy breakfast before the festivities began.


We drove up to The Hubby’s grandma’s house to spend the day with his family.  On our way we made a pit stop to show The Love Nugget where we went to school.  We drive through Chico whenever we go to his visit his family but haven’t stopped at the campus in many, many years.


He enjoyed walking around listening to us talk about the good ol’ days 🙂 Then we headed to Grandma’s house for some fun!


There was a bounce house so shirt and tie were immediately stripped off.  We ate lots of food (way too much sugar), played outside, and of course, hunted eggs!


Cousins in order of age 🙂

We were all wiped out and I may have crashed in the car on the way home.  So tired but such a fun weekend!  The Love Nugget is still off school today for a recovery day.  Which I actually need more than him!  Ha!

I know I’ll definitely be focusing on eating lots of clean, healthy foods and getting in a nice workout at some point today.  I’m thinking of making this refreshing smoothie for breakfast,

I’ll probably be doing a light treadmill and strength workout but if you’re looking for a good sweat to burn off some of your splurges, try this at home workout!

Hope you have a great Monday!


  • What is the last time you went back to your college?  
  • Are you enjoying meals outdoors yet?  
  • How was your Easter?  


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  1. Ive been doing some outdoor meals lately but mostly still inside. PA has really violent ups and downs this time of year (random days in the 70’s then nights below freezing and then 50’s and rainy!) hopefully it will become more regular soon.

    Looks like a great weekend! Love that cute family photo of all of you!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I haven’t eaten outside yet this year, but am really looking forward to it. Just waiting for it to get a little bit warmer 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee