Candy Free Easter Basket

Candy Free Easter Basket

So I sort of forgot that Easter is on Sunday!  It seems early this year which I think is why it slipped my mind.  Well, that and the whole pregnancy brain thing….

Luckily my friends at Personalized Creations didn’t forget and sent me a personalized basket for The Love Nugget a few weeks ago.


Then yesterday while The Love Nugget was at soccer with The Hubby, I ran to Michaels and Target to fill his basket with all sorts of fun, non-candy goodies.


Not that he won’t have candy at all on Easter, I just choose to limit his sugar intake so avoid putting any into his basket.  Then I purchase some dye free candy options like sun drops or surf sweets to put into his eggs that he finds.

However, for his egg hunt he does at home, he’ll find money, pieces to a lego set and real, old fashioned, hard boiled eggs.

He definitely won’t be deprived without the over abundance of sugar that comes in some of those pre-made Easter baskets.  He’s getting tons of great stuff in his!


Markers, crayons, sidewalk chalk, movies, books, puzzles…


bubbles, Leap Frog writing pad,


A bug finding kit and bow and arrow.


So much fun stuff that will definitely keep him busier than candy would 🙂


  • What do you put in your kids Easter Baskets?  
  • Do you hide eggs for them?  If so, do you hide hard boiled eggs or candy filled?  Or both? 


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  1. my parents would put jelly beans or chocolate coins in our easter eggs to find. This is a great idea. my mom used to give us some chocolate but also books magazines and games!

  2. Jennifer Wear says:

    I did a candy free basket this year for my girls, but to say that is kind of cheating. They each got one bottle of their favorite “treat” drinks (Mt Dew and Raspberry Ice Tea), but they only get a bottle on holidays. Will all that sugar I wasn’t going to add candy. On kid got an “adult” coloring book and the other got a Pusheen Cat pillow and they each got an eye shadow quad.
    My mom hides candy and money filled eggs for them and then they also dip real eggs that we use to make hard boiled.