DIY Vegetable Egg Dye + a few other Easter ideas!

DIY Vegetable Egg Dye + a few other Easter ideas!

Hi friends!

As Easter approaches, I’m reposting this fun, natural Easter Egg Dye activity to do with your kiddos.  We will be dying eggs later this week!


We made our own easter egg dye!

It was pretty simple and The Love Nugget loved getting really involved in every aspect of the process.

We started with a trip to Whole Foods to pick up the veggies and eggs we needed to make the dye.

Purple cabbage, yellow onions and beets.  Oh and of course eggs for dyeing.  Unfortunately the free range, brown eggs don’t work as well with the natural dyes so we had to get a pack of pasture raised white eggs.


We returned home and got to work making our dyes.


The Love Nugget had fun peeling the onions and cabbage.


Getting kids involved in the kitchen can have surpriseing results.  I was shocked when he picked up a piece of the purple cabbage and began chowing down.


He continued to eat a few leafs and asked to save some for later 🙂

For the beets I just washed them, removed the stems/leaves, cut them into quarters and placed them in a pot of boiling water.

The onion and cabbage leaves went into pots with water as well then were stirred by The Love Nugget.


I placed them all on the stovetop and brought the water to a boil then let them simmer for about 45 minutes.  Then I strained the water into jars and set them aside to cool.


Meanwhile, we steamed our eggs for 10 minutes, rinsed them with cold water then popped them into the fridge to cool as well.

Once both had cooled, we plopped our eggs into the jars of dye.


We tested them after a few hours but decided we’d leave them in over night.

Of course first thing in the morning this guy was asking about his eggs!


Voila!  The onion dyed the eggs orange, the cabbage changed the color to blue and the beets dyed the eggs more of a brown than a red but close.


It was a little more of a process than using the tablets that you can purchase in the store but so much safer since we were avoiding any contact with the harsh dye’s included in those.  To me it was worth the little extra effort and so much fun since The Love Nugget and I got to spend some bonding time in the kitchen!

In case you’re looking for anymore fun Easter ideas and recieps, here’s a few 🙂

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Stay tuned for a may-free pesto deviled egg recipe tomorrow along with some last minute Easter Basket ideas!


  • Have you ever made your own dye using vegetables?  
  • What are your plans for Easter?  


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  1. What a great idea–ive never seen t his homemade idea! I’ll have to use it when i dye easter eggs with my niece 🙂