Crabs Galore and Rain for Days

Crabs Galore and Rain for Days

Hi friends!

How was your weekend?  Ours went by way too fast as usual even though we didn’t really do all that much.  The next few weekends we are home getting things done around the house.  I feel like I’m starting to nest as I’m planning the nursery, cleaning things out and begging The Hubby to get the patio done.  Unfortunately the rain has put a dent in our backyard landscaping plans.  We managed to get the grass and most the plants in then the rain came.  AND it won’t be stopping anytime soon 🙁


When I was teaching second grade every year right around now we would read this poem about March.  The basis was that when March began roaring (storming) like a lion, it would end calm like a lamb.  So hopefully the lamb will be making it’s appearance more towards the middle of the month rather than just the end!

Despite the soggy weather, we managed to have a fairly productive, fun and relaxing weekend.

We started on Friday with a crab feed fundraiser for the elementary school The Love Nugget will be going to next year.


Everyone wore the bibs and shortly after this pic we found out why!  

I had never been to one of these things but figured we should start supporting his school now since he’ll be there soon!  Our neighbors daughter goes there now so we went with them and had a great time.  I’ll admit, the whole crab cracking thing was a little much for me.


While it was fun, I started to get grossed out after a few helpings of the crab and had to stop eating it.  It was also cooked in such salty water that the next day I was extremely puffy and felt hungover!  Regardless it was a lot of fun and we’ll probably go again next year 🙂 

Saturday The Hubby had to work a little but wanted us to meet him for breakfast.  So The Love Nugget and I picked up some beverages and headed off to get some food!


You can see the puffiness from the night before in my face!  Crazy!

We had heard about a yummy restaurant in Folsom and The Hubby’s office is close by so we finally checked it out.  I had the house made granola with yogurt and fruit.  My go to these days and it was delicious!  We also shared a blackberry sour cream muffin that was amazing!  We ran a few errands then headed home just in time.  The rain came in as we pulled in so we parked it on the couch in our cozy’s and relaxed in front of the fire.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon 🙂  The Hubby went to a friends birthday party later that night so The Love Nugget and I had a low key dinner at home.  I had some avocado cucumber sushi and he had soup.  Well, he had soup and half of my sushi!  Little food thief!


We were both in bed early but wow, the storm was crazy so I was awake most the night.  It blew down one of our trees, some of our new plants, and tons more damage around the area.  I think the craziness of the storm and the lack of sleep caused me to have some intense braxton hicks contractions for part of the night which kept me up too.  I woke up at 5:45am still having a few so I skipped my workout and spent the morning relaxing before the boys woke up.  Then I whipped us up breakfast which resulted in left overs for the week.


Egg casseroles are always such a great breakfast too cook on Sundays because then there are left overs for the week!  This one had shredded sweet potatoes, wild boar sausage, baby greens, eggs and goat cheese.  I ran out of eggs so it wasn’t as puffy as usual but was still good!  We got to work cleaning, organizing and painting after breakfast and took a break a few hours later for a smoothie!


Butterfinger for the boys and kale, chocolate mint for me 🙂

The boys went to get hair cuts (as you can see they need in the above pic) so I ran a few errands then we all met back home for lunch.


My appetite has been funky lately.  I’m noticing more aversions coming back in particular, meats and veggies.  I try to get in my proteins daily with a smoothie, yogurt or eggs but sometimes veggies are tough.  I’ve been making more of an effort to have veggies that I do like on hand so I’ll eat those.  Like carrots, tomatoes, and snap peas which were on my snack plate for lunch.  Along with tahini dip, gluten free crackers, some olives and Kerrygold aged cheddar cheese.

The rest of our afternoon included more painting and organizing.  We sold several things we needed to get rid of and picked up a used table to paint.  I keep adding to my, “Need to paint” list.  Hopefully I get it all done before June!

This week is going to be crazy busy but I’m ready for it!  Hope you all have a great Monday!


  • Have you ever been to a crab feed?  
  • What’s your favorite smoothie lately? 
  • How did March start where you live? 


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  1. I hear you on the nesting thing. I have so much I want to get done before the spring & summer weather roll in because I know I’ll only want to be outside then!

    That casserole looks yummy, I need to do that for my family!! I am totally all about the eggs lately.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I didn’t expect it to happen so soon but it definitely has! I’m on a roll with cleaning things out and am finally starting to order some stuff for the babies room 🙂