How my Diet has Changed

Let me ask you a question.  Do you still eat the exact same foods you did when you were a kid?  In college?  Or even last year?  The answer is probably no right?  I mean, sure you may eat some of the same foods but I doubt you’re eating cocoa puffs, Mc Donalds Happy meals or frozen Lean Cuisines right?  Our diets were constantly changing as we grew and changed.  Even though we are now adults, we are still constantly evolving.  We might find a new food we like or dislike, a new fitness program we enjoy, or a new diet that works for us in that moment.

Which is 100% okay!

I’ve always been a firm believer in finding what works for you.

A few years ago I began eating a Paleo diet.  I enjoyed the way I felt, the foods I was eating and how my body reacted to not having processed foods.  It worked for quite some time.  However, as we struggled to get pregnant and I had MANY tests ran on me, I discovered that by eating little to no carbs for some time and working out as much as I was, I drove myself into hypothyroidism.

So I began adding in some more carbs and started taking supplements to rebuild those nutrients I was lacking.  I noticed a change in the way I felt and also noticed my cycle becoming more consistent.  I continued eating a mostly primal diet with the exception of some gluten free oats from time to time.  Finally, after years of trying, I found out I was pregnant!  I had high hopes of continuing to eat a mostly primal diet while pregnant and nurturing my baby with the healthiest foods possible but guess what, pregnancy doesn’t always allow you to do what you want to do….


Pizza for breakfast, sure!  

My first trimester all I wanted was carbs, carbs, and more carbs.  I tried to fill those carb cravings with gluten-free pizzas, breads or crackers but my body knew what it wanted and it wanted the real deal.  So I eventually gave in to my cravings.  I definitely noticed a few changes in the way I felt after not really having those types of carbs for quite some time.  Mostly I noticed I gained a LOT of weight in that first trimester probably from those carbs but I also noticed the morning sickness wasn’t as bad.


Toast with peanut butter and banana was a daily snack 

Once I got into my second trimester, the morning sickness went away and I could eat some of my normal foods, I went back to using foods like sweet potatoes, gluten-free oats, winter squash, bananas and plantains as most of my carb sources.  HOWEVER, if I find I’m craving some toast or crackers, I’ll go with it!  Right now my body is okay with it and I’m okay with that for now.


Apple Pie Slow Cooker Oats

Can I say I’ll go back to 100% paleo once I give birth?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I plan to eat healthy and if that means that I’m eating some grains, and dairy, that’s fine by me 🙂


  • Did your diet change during pregnancy?  
  • If you’ve never been pregnant, do you think you’ll try to stick to a certain way of eating once you are pregnant? 
  • How has your diet changed over the years? 



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  1. Jennifer Wear says:

    Okay, so when I got pregnant with my first I was a carb loving vegetarian (I know!!!!) and my baby wanted beef and lots of it! I went with that craving and ate pretty much a SAD, but healthier, ie, not a lot of fast food, but meat, fruit, veggies and whole grains and dairy. I gained 30 pounds, worked out through the whole pregnancy and felt great the entire time. Second pregnancy was pretty much the same story, vegetarian, then got pregnant and wanted meat again. Gained 25 pounds and was active until the day I had her. Now I’ve been paleo for a few years, but I eat a lot of fruit to keep my carbs up, as well as sweet potatoes and dark chocolate. I’m trying my 3rd and I do hope to stay paleo all the way through. If I need to give in to crackers, pretzels, toast, I will, but I don’t see myself just going wild on fast food and ice cream. I think of it as building a person and while I think it is okay to do that once in awhile, I will stick to what I know is the healthiest things to eat all the way through.

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      That’s a great outlook! I tried so hard to avoid the carbs but ultimately my body won over. Not sure what I’ll go back to after but am definitely going to focus on fueling my body to support good milk production!