The Love Nugget’s Birth Story

The Love Nugget’s Birth Story

Since I didn’t start writing this blog until after The Love Nugget was born I never really shared his birth story with you.  Or maybe I did years ago and have forgotten.  In either case, I figured I’d relive those days by posting about it since I’ll be once again going through it all again at some point in the near future 🙂

The Love Nugget was due on May 12th, 2011.


We had been through all the labor and delivery classes, new parent classes, had all his clothes washed, hospital bags packed and were ready to go.  However, he had different plans…


40 weeks and 12 days later we checked into the hospital like we were checking into a hotel ready to be induced… Not exactly the way we had planned things but he wasn’t budging.

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Around 7:00pm I was given something to help soften my cervix and hopefully speed up things moving along.  I was feeling no pain, no movement, no nothing.  Well, besides hunger because I was too nervous to eat!  We spent the evening watching tv, reading magazines and trying to sleep.  Around 4:00 in the morning I felt like I needed to pee so got up to go to the bathroom.  I noticed something dripping down my leg and figured my water had broke.  I paged the nurse who said someone would come in to check soon.  I remember it being quite sometime later before that happened and sure enough it had broken.  From here on out there was no sleeping since I was so uncomfortable and had to keep changing the bedding etc. under me.  Around 6:00am a doctor came in and said they would start giving me pitocin around 7:00 since I still wasn’t’ contracting and was only a few centimeters dilated.  Again, not the route I had wanted but was willing to do it to get him moving!  Here’s where things got ugly….

Within 30 minutes my pain level went from a 0 to a 10.  It was insane!  Every contraction was crazy intense and very close together.  I remember trying to get on the exercise ball or rocking chair but nothing helped.  I don’t remember how long I went on like that but I don’t think it was too long before I was begging for the epidural.

Once that happened, everything got better.  We rested, and prayed things kept progressing.  They did!  Around 2:30 they came in and said I was about ready to start pushing and that my doctor was on her way.  Then about an hour later I started pushing and not too long after at 4:19, he was born!

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Weighing 8 pounds 6.6 ounces.  They cleaned him up then handed him to me but told me he had a marking on his bottom they were concerned about so he was pretty quickly taken to this small room in our room for the Nicu people to look at him.  Then they told us that while he scored perfect on his APGAR test, they’d be taking him up to the Nicu to do some further testing for that marking….  The Hubby went with him as they cleaned me up.   Then there was this really strange time that I was alone, just waiting.  It was really the most surreal experience.  I was so scared and confused but also relieved to have it all over.  I remember them telling me I needed to eat then bringing me in a hamburger.  I didn’t eat meat….  I just sat there staring at the clock feeling so confused until finally they took me up to my recovery room.  I was thrilled to see my mom and MIL were there.  Even though we had said we wanted family to wait until later it was nice to have them there to keep me company while I waited to see my baby.  After about an hour or more, they finally took me to the Nicu so that I could see him and attempt to breast feed.  It was so sad to see him there in the room attached to all the cords.  They were trying to confirm it was some form of a birth mark with a doctor but he was out of town and couldn’t see the marking.  Finally, my husband suggested they face time the doctor who said it was most likely a birth mark.  After 5 hours very long, he was brought down to our room and we were able to snuggle him!

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We spent just another day in the hospital then were released to go home with our little man 🙂

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Who was just perfect!

It’s crazy to think we’ll be doing it all again soon!  Hopefully in a different way though 🙂



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  1. I’m sorry your first birth was so hard. I felt very helpless too. There was nothing any of us could do. I don’t believe that mom’s ever forget giving birth, I can still remember each one of you. I hope and pray for you to have a natural birth this time. I think you are so much healthier, more educated and ready this time will be different.

  2. A lot like my first! He wouldn’t go anywhere, so had the long induction process at exactly the same time as you. With my second, I was also expecting to go late again (but secretly hoping I would start naturally) but that didn’t happen so we decided to induce at 41+1. It was a much faster process the second time around – everything overall, only had to break my water and what seemed just like hours later, baby was born. I hope you get to go into labor naturally but if not, usually the second time around goes faster.

    Although one is glad the nursing staff took such extra precaution for the mark on nugget’s butt, but also so strange that when the doc saw it, he was like “nope nothing to worry about”. It’s like man, couldn’t I have just help him while you were waiting anyways! Oh well, he is now very healthy and happy!

    • Giselle Schroer says:

      I’m hoping for a natural delivery but at least I know I can handle being induced if that’s what happens. Since I’m on a blood thinner they might just schedule an induction anyways so we’ll see…

      I agree, I was glad they took the precautions but it was SO frustrating!